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  • RWC match threads & Tipping

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  • NFL Season 2020/21/22/23

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    @barbarian Seattle too. The NFC West is strong again

  • NPC 2023

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    I can't believe I'm agreeing with @Nepia here but I also think McClutchie has been the best 10 in the comp. Fergus Burke has been okay but I feel McClutchie has guided HB to some important wins and he just looks to have matured into a quality general. I'd prefer the Canes sign him over Morgan, but Morgan is already signed for 2024 unfortunately.

    @frugby I agree with most of your line-up but I would have Caleb Delany in there as one of the locks. He's arguably been Wellington's best this year and he was very impressive against the Magpies the other day winning three line-outs against the throw.

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    @ploughboy said in Who will earn a first Super Rugby 2024 contract ?:

    i would be surprised if last years new outside backs were all signed on multi year contracts

    My thought as well, though it does seem like the majority of players, particularly younger ones are offered two-year deals. Seems to be very few one and done players.

  • Road Cycling

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    @Chester-Draws said in Road Cycling:

    @gt12 said in Road Cycling:

    And, Roglic announces that he is leaving TJV.
    I wonder whether it was on the cards and that's why they let Sepp win?

    Vingegaard was going to beat Roglic anyway in the Giro, and in every Tour. He's the threat, not Sepp.

    Really? I didn't realise he was a good cyclist.

  • Auckland Rugby 2023

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    Oct 3 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck admits drink driving Roger Tuivasa-Sheck admits drink driving

    The multi-code sports star failed a breath alcohol test at a checkpoint, the morning after he had been drinking with teammates.

  • Sports Memes

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  • NRL 2023

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    of all people, The Cheese actually made a very pertinent point about Sunday.

    The Broncos were dealing with the Panthers' shape on Sunday, they had done their homework, knew what was coming, and were comfortable.
    Then what happened?
    The Panthers lost Luai and most importantly Yeo. Suddenly Cleary is at first receiver and Cogger is playing 6, and playing straight, and the Panthers offence changes, and the Broncos didn't know what to do about it.

  • Tennis

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    @pakman said in Tennis:

    Check this out:

    The top players are like supermen these days. Great win for Dinner, because Alcaraz is a freak who is so tough to beat

  • Super Rugby 2024

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    @SouthernMann he'll always be a disappointment (not personally as i know he had issues) just the opportunity missed, could have been just what we needed

  • Jason Wynyard

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    I used to enjoy watching the woodchopping on TVNZ back in the 1980s, it would have been Jason's Dad then though that I remember watching. Once a year televised at the Royal Easter show, I think.

    The sport's visibility a victim of the sad decline of TVNZ in the 1990s when they totally gave up on everything sport once Sky got the rugby. The Ashely Forest Rally Sprint would be similar thing, not something I'd want to watch every week, but once a year. The sorts of thing TVNZ should have kept going as a 'cultural heritage', but ..... that wasn't their remit.

  • EPL 2023/2024

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    @KiwiPie yep, that difference was stark. But then there’s a lot more pressure to get on with the game in football circles I guess. Seemed like it was done in a hurry. Can imagine how sick the VAR guy felt when he realised what happened

    Ps thanks for the welcome back!

  • 2023 NZ Schools

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    @cgrant said in 2023 NZ Schools:

    Is he the eleventh starting from the right ?

    Mathis is first left, next to James Cameron, the VC and centre.

    I like the look of Wallace, the tight head prop. Big and mobile.

    Yeah, he was good. The two Auckland props really struggled in the scrums.

  • Rugby World Cup general discussion

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    The Boks and NZ could I imagine not be focussed on a game and already be thinking a game ahead and get a nasty shock, but this Ireland team? They seem too disciplined. Prove me wrong, Scotland!

  • Aussie Rugby

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    well that didn't last long ...

    Michael Chammas, Iain Payten  /  Oct 3  /  NRL ‘Bad business’: Angus Crichton’s manager slams Rugby Australia over botched deal ‘Bad business’: Angus Crichton’s manager slams Rugby Australia over botched deal

    Crichton’s manager David Rawlings has shed light on the negotiations which fell over on Sunday after two-and-a-half months of back and forth between the two parties.

  • MLB thread

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    Longtime baseball fans will remember him as knuckleballers were very rare in the modern era.

    Oct 1  /  01:07 Ex-Red Sox knuckleballer Wakefield dies at 57 Ex-Red Sox knuckleballer Wakefield dies at 57

    Tim Wakefield, the first baseman-turned-knuckleballer who helped the Red Sox win two World Series titles, has died at the age of 57.

  • Boxing Thread

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    i Cant believe the money Fury is allegedly going to be earning to fight Usyk ,

    And i Cant believe how sharp Bob still is at 91 years of age 🙂

  • All Blacks Sevens 2023

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    I'd take Murray at the Chiefs ahead of Punivai.

  • Northland 2023

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    @Steven-Harris edited

    according to Wiki, Dan is on 80, Matich 65.

  • Golf

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    I like Rory. Has the stones to put himself out there, and has been hung out to dry by Jay Monahan and the PGA tour brass.

    I'll take the ups and downs of Rory ahead of the bland nothingness brought by Cantlay, Schauffele and Scheffler any day of the week.