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  • TSF Wiki

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    @Duluth said in TSF Wiki:


    No, not MN5 stuck in a loop and repeating the same list every few months

    Someone made a bunch of polls and it was voted on. I just can’t find the results

    I’ve had to rethink my openers. Hopefully someone can find it and I can change it.

  • TSF Super Tipping is LIVE

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  • All Blacks 2024 - looking forward

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    Looks like the AB halfbacks 1 and 2 may be a Hurricane this year.
    Genuinely excited this year apart from giving Silverlake a look in.

  • Wags retires

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    @canefan said in Wags retires:

    What does he mean feel like a Kiwi? He is a Kiwi, he's one of us. I'll always loves Wags, such an understated part of our GOAT bowling attack. Like the postman he rarely failed to deliver I'm his prime. Bowled his guts out with the old ball on unhelpful wickets, just an absolute workhorse

    Um, these are his words, not some sad journalists.

    He's obviously a true blue South African underneath the skin, but is saying that the way he's been treated & welcomed, makes him feel like a Kiwi. It's the same way I'll feel when England comes a calling for me to represent them at ... ummm ... errr ...

    It's a very complimentary thing to say. And yes, it's a two way street as I feel exactly the same as you.

    What an innings.

  • Super Rugby 2024

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    Jezus, bloody amateurs

  • 2024 Super Rugby U20s

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    Watching a bit of the Fiji-Tonga game, the Fijian pack has a 76 kg weight advantage. I can't remember a game where there has been such a big difference. No surprise that Fiji is dominating the scrums.

  • Other Cricket

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    @KiwiPie said in Other Cricket:

    I started watching after 4 down and to be honest, the pitch seemed to be behaving pretty well and the batters never looked in much trouble. Stokes deserves a lot of credit for his captaincy and the way he has handled his young spinners - he's shown faith in them and not been scared off by the odd bad ball. The trouble is that they may not get a look in for the home tests, somewhat like the NZ spinners.

    Root should have stuck at number 3 a few years ago like Kane did instead of running scared to number 4. He's the best batsman and that batsman should be at 3.

    Not always the case. Lara often batted four and Tendulkar always did ( Root doesn’t have a Dravid equivalent in the team though )

  • Black Caps v Australia

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    They also toured in 2016 and we went there at the end of 2015 and they beat us 2-0 in both series, effectively losing the 5 tests that we played them in 2015/16 4-0.

  • NPC 2024

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    @Duluth said in NPC 2024:

    The link to club rugby is almost non existent

    bit sad really

  • Chiefs 2024

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    @Bovidae said in Chiefs 2024:

    And Tupaea out with concussion. If Poihipi is available there will be enough midfield cover.

    The smart mouth guard got the wrong midfielder it seems.

    Feel sorry for Tupaea, he just can't get a break.

    And very glad that Dmac is still in one piece!

  • EPL 2023/2024

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    @Bovidae said in EPL 2023/2024:

    Everton gain 4 pts after their appeal, so jump from 17th to 15th.

    There is still their potential penalty for the second breach (although will that be next season) and the same for Forest. They should have the appeal decisions announced during the final round of fixtures to increase the drama.

  • 2023-2024 World Sevens Series

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    Highlights of Dupont’s first tournament

  • Crusaders 2024

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    Reihana having scans for an AC shoulder joint problem, out for this week at least.

  • NH club rugby

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  • Hurricanes 2024

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    @sparky good start, will need to back it up against the Reds on Sunday to truely make it a successful trip to Aus.

  • NBA Season - now 23/24

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    @gt12 said in NBA Season - now 23/24:



    My god, why not the sign and trade then, at least?

    Luka says he saw his class too....

    alt text


  • Highlanders 2024

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    Harmon was immense, saw him fold the MP no8 at least 3-4 times

  • NH International Rugby

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    Looking at the U20 results, France lost to Italy in this round and have only won one of their three games (they also lost to Ireland). They were the dominant team at last year's WC.

  • Quality of rugby media - TV Shows etc

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    I hope Sky is paying him well as he was meant to be playing for NY in MLR before they folded.

  • Blues 2024

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    Good technique Rieko