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  • Trying to survive shingles. At age 50 its hit me hard - I've put on 2 kilos in the last 3 weeks since I haven't exercised due to lack of energy, and general nerve pain in my leg.

    Trying something new - signed up for a 3 month subscription to DDP Yoga. Will post some updates as I progress to share my experiences

  • @Stockcar86 I had shingles when I was a kid, so I know your pain!

    I've also thought about doing yoga, primarily because of the young ladies I see carrying their yoga mats...

  • Shingles survivor here too. It's not nice at all and knowing it can come back at anytime means you are more conscious about managing stress and general health.

    Have done a bit of yoga over the years and it's harder than it looks that is for sure. What is DDP? Downward Dog??

  • There is a shingles vaccine.
    Might be a good idea to get it.

  • @Baron-Silas-Greenback said in DDP Yoga:

    There is a shingles vaccine.
    Might be a good idea to get it.

    Yeah its recommended for those over 50 but guess could get it younger.

    Also, if you already had/got shingles I'm not sure if the vacinne works

  • ha! my folks just got it. Apparently it's 66% effective or something. Certainly better than not getting it, but not a magic bullet... Mum gave dad some shit about that piece of info... but not sure if it was painful or there were some side effects that had Ma Paekakboyz in a grumpy mood!

  • the vaccine as opposed to shingles :

  • 0_1489466157984_enhanced-9623-1462901205-2.png

  • @Baron-Silas-Greenback said in DDP Yoga:

    There is a shingles vaccine.
    Might be a good idea to get it.

    Yeah, you can't get the vaccine till you turn 50. I got hit by shingles 7 days after my 50th when on holiday in Japan, when I already had an appointment to see my doctor the week I got back. Timing is everything

  • Finally got started. The shingles has fucked me up a bit - can only do 1/2 days at work, and even after that I need to come home and sleep for a few hours. It seems a lot like when I got mono in my 20's.

    Anyway, as history I have a bad back from 10 years of stockcar racing (imagine getting multiple whiplash injuries every Saturday night for 6 months out of the year), and a bad knee (4 operations to try and stop the kneecap dislocating following a bad injury as a teenager.

    The above paragraph was something to explain why I'm just starting on the beginner beginner exercises (pre-beginnner).

    Just did the first 6 exercises
    Touchdown into Diamond Cutter
    Touchdown side Bends
    Lunge with knee droppers
    Knee droppers
    One Legged position

    Was a bit funny with the standard exercises given the DDP touch - doing the diamond cutter, and the Hulk Hogan flex. After a while it seems normal. I can imagine going into a standard yoga class and doing all their moves wrong.

    Anyway, after all that I was sweating like I'd been masturbating for a month. Will try the other 6 intro exercises tomorrow

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