Auckland vs. Northland

  • 15 Jordan Trainor (Ponsonby, 1 Auckland cap)
    14 Vince Aso (Ponsonby, 29)
    13 Malakai Fekitoa (Pakuranga, 24)
    12 George Moala (Grammar TEC, 46)
    11 Caleb Clarke (Suburbs, 1)
    10 Daniel Bowden (Ponsonby, 😎
    9 Jono Hickey (Grammar TEC, 23)
    8 Blake Gibson (Ponsonby, 13)
    7 Sinclair Dominikovich-Murray (University, 2)
    6 Samuel Slade (Ponsonby, 1)
    5 Scott Scrafton (Grammar TEC, 24)
    4 Patrick Tuipulotu (Ponsonby, 15, c)
    3 Marcel Renata (University, 12)
    2 Greg Pleasants-Tate (Ponsonby, 17)
    1 Sam Prattley (Pakuranga, 35)


    16 Kurt Eklund (University, 23)
    17 Isi Tu’ungafasi (Suburbs, 13)
    18 Dexter Fa’amoana (College Rifles, 1)
    19 Ben Nee-Nee (Pakuranga, 6)
    20 Josh Kaifa (Manukau, 5)
    21 Leon Fukofuka (Marist, 18)
    22 TJ Faiane (Pakuranga, 😎
    23 Otumaka Mausia (College Rifles, 0) +

    +Potential debut

    Injured/unavailable: Tom McHugh (season), Jamason Fa’anana-Shultz (season), Dalton Papali’i, Taleni Seu, Michael Fatialofa, Tumua Manu, Melani Nanai

  • No Akira - interesting.

    The Aussie loose forward last week broke his ankle and is out for the year.

    Same poor midfield. Same garbage front rowers (more the bench than the starters, though Prattley sucks).

    Northland should be licking their lips here.

  • 1 positional change in pack with Douglas going from 6 to lock, where Josh Goodhue drops to bench and Jack Ram starts, then a few changes in the backs, most notably, Jack Goodhue to make his debut.

    3 sets of brothers in the 23.

    1.Howard Sililoto
    2.Matt Moulds
    3.Namatahi Waa
    4.Tim Bond
    5.Murray Douglas
    6.Jack Ram

    7.Kara Pryor
    8.Dan Pryor
    9.Sam Nock
    10.Peter Breen

    11.Solomon Alaimalo
    12.Tamati Tua
    13.Jack Goodhue
    14.Rene Ranger

    15.Matt Wright

    16.Jordan Olsen
    17.Ross Wright
    18.Ropate Rinakama
    19.Joshua Goodhue
    20.Matt Matich
    21.Malcolm MacLeod
    22.Dan Hawkins
    23.Jone Macilai

  • @KiwiMurph ABs obviously aren't releasing anyone this weekend.

  • Could be an upset on the cards here. Northland on a high after last week and Auckland missing Ioane which makes our pack look a lot weaker.

  • @African-Monkey big mental hurdle to get over...2 wins over Auckland this century, last one was witj Gus and Holwell on the park, admittedly both wins were in Auckland but still gonna take some effort for them to get one over Auckland.

    I just want more of what we saw in the second 40 where we played the footy unlike the first half where BOP dictated things and we couldn't get into the game.

  • I think the biggest thing for us is the mental aspect as TR said. The notion of Auckland always seems to psych us out. We usually have a scrap for a while, but then drop the lollies..

    Hopefully we can just see them as 15 blokes in blue and white hoops this time.

    Our best chance ever albeit a massive challenge.

    Would love to actually play them in Whangarei for once though!! How many years since we got them at home?

  • @J77 pretty sure the Kerikeri game was the last one up this way.

  • @taniwharugby shit, so 8 years ago. Maybe, just maybe we'll get them at home in the next 8 years or so...

  • I'm not a fan of the system for determining crossover matches because you can get locked into this lack of variety

    However, Northland could have picked Auckland for an Okara park match but opted for Waikato instead (see the round two picks in this article)

  • @Duluth yeah I know Auckland has picked us most years in this format but we haven't them which I find odd given the general dislike for Aucklanders 😉 up this way, always pulls in a few extra fans.

  • Not a terrible 1st half from us. Defence was good but need to improve our exit strategies.

  • @African-Monkey I reckon it's looking ominous for you guys, we lack any punch at moment, you guys will get some ball and score.

  • I'll pay some French club to sign Jono Hickey.

  • @African-Monkey Defence and forward play were good. Need to tidy up areas like restarts.

  • Bowden missed a big overlap there.

  • And our accuracy at breakdown.... 😞

  • Awful decision from Trainor to take that quick throw.

  • This ref has missed a lot of knock-ons.

    Moala and Fekitoa have kept the Northland midfield very quiet.

  • @Tim and vice versa....

    Yay, Hawkins on to save the day

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