1 day to go...

  • 'Game Day' tomorrow. Travel to Auckland today, stop into see trainer on way to get final 24 hour eating plan, and then Saturday from 12 it is game on.

    Vanessa looking superb, feeling terrible. Is 1.3 kg uner her target weight, so will be carbed up until game time. Weight in at 10 on Saturday, so Ness will get in asap so she can then start getting some sugars and more carbs on board so she can blow this cimpetition away.

    I am weighing in 7-8 kilos heavier than at Nationals, intentionally, having gone up to the physique class, which is not weight restricted. However, weighing in this morning at 85.7, I will be butting heads with guys weighing in at 100kg. Can just hope for the best!

    Over and out - will post results asap after the weekend.

    Bart, over and out.

  • Good Luck Bart and to Mrs Bart as well

  • Kick ass guys!! Enjoy the comp and those reward treats coming your way afterwards!!

  • Good luck mate, awesome effort again. You guys are machines!

  • not over and out - packed and ready to go - you would not believe the amount of shit you avhe to take!! Now waiting for Ness to come back from the nail lady, and we'll be hitting the road. So time for some space invaders and pacman I think...!!

  • News!! updates!! how did it go? hope you swept all before ya!

  • [quote name='Paekakboyz']News!! updates!! how did it go? hope you swept all before ya![/QUOTE]

    Probably won't get a comment from the big fella for a couple of days, probably still downing whoppers at Hungry Jacks.....

  • and the results are in (photos to follow)...

    Ness first over 35s, ripped to shreads and looking wicked.

    Bart 2nd open physique, much softer than last time out, but pretty happy - lost to a giant, but if I can keep size up, while getting super lean as per last nationals, I could knock this bastard off come nationals time - make it hard on theb judges anyway!

    and some more exciting news on a new thread...

  • Well done Bart and Ness

    Looking forward to the ripped pics mate!

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