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  • Done, just in time!

  • at least not many woulda picked the Bumbies over the canes, not many woulda got the margin on Chiefs/'landers (or those like me who tipped thinking the 'landers were at 'home')

    Be one of those rounds I think...

  • Got a good feeling about this round of tipping..

  • @taniwharugby Says the man who was the only one to top 40 points ....

  • Everything is live on the Google Drive. Pretty much carnage for most tippers - most managed to pick only 2 or 3 results correctly. No time right now for a report ....

    Play-offs Hurricanes Black 28 - 26 BOP Chiefs
    Barbarians 25 - 30 Blues B

    Plate Hurricanes Gold 24 - 22 South Island
    Blues A 20 - 29 SunJags

    Gunner 36 v 32 FarNthHayden
    Triple T 28 v 18 Virgil
    Richie 34 v 31 Unite
    Buck 19 v 26 Hydro11

    TaniwhaRugby 44
    Phooey 39
    Bruce Kenyon 37
    Gunner 36
    Richie 34
    Smudge 34
    Antipodean 33
    Cactus Jack 33
    Barbarian 32
    Broughie 32
    FarNthHayden 32
    Hurrycanes 31
    Sportboy 31
    Unite 31
    Bones 29
    Pauncefote 29
    Triple T 28
    Hydro11 26
    Langakali 26
    Victor 26
    No Quarter 26
    Donsteppa 25
    Mikedogz 25
    GT12 24
    Higgins 23
    Stockcar86 22
    Plastered Peni 21
    Crucial 21
    Corkscrew 21
    JK 20
    Rico#1 20
    KP 19
    Hooroo 19
    Dogmeat 19
    Buck 19
    Virgil 18
    Winger 17
    Joan and Mary 17
    DK 14
    Waynes World 10
    Paj 9
    Skudderstep 9
    Justin77 9
    ACT Crusader 9
    Fiamacho 9
    Tim 9
    KiwiMurph 9
    Handsome Ray 9

  • @kiwipie thats why it was one of those weeks!

  • Busy day for me yesterday so no score updates yet - final week of tipping is next weekend and the form is live at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FwamO4mVv9HACBOnXvswRrkHT58TOMoR60X-HZ3uho4/edit?usp=sharing

  • All updated now. With just one week left, the individual champion is still not decided. Hydro11 leads Winger by 11 points which is a handy lead but not conclusive. Broughie moved up to 3rd with the best score of the weekend but he's probably too far back to win.

    Broughie and Unite were the only ones to pick 7/7, most of us stumbling on the Reds v Rebels, Bulls v Jags or Stormers v Sharks (or in some cases all 3).

    In the team finals, the last weekend was the first leg, the second leg is this weekend. Canes Black beat Blues B 43-41 with a 49 from Hydro and solid scoring from everyone else. Blues B had Broughie and Dogmeat over 50 but were let down by a pair of 24s from Hayden and DK, crumbling under the pressure of a final.

    In the 3rd/4th playoff, BOP Chiefs hold a one point lead over Barbarians. The Plate is no contest with Canes Gold already 15 ahead of the woeful SunJags and Blues A look like avoiding the wooden spoon against South Island despite only 3 of them turning up.

    Finally the Cup Final is between Hydro 11 and Richie next weekend.

    Hurricanes Black 43 - 41 Blues B
    Barbarians 43 - 44 BOP Chiefs
    Hurricanes Gold 41 - 26 SunJags
    Blues A 34 - 29 South Island

    Gunner 41 v 49 Hydro11
    Triple T 26 v 32 Richie

    Broughie 57
    Dogmeat 51
    TaniwhaRugby 50
    Langakali 50
    Unite 50
    Hydro11 49
    Hooroo 49
    Winger 47
    Plastered Peni 46
    Waynes World 46
    Virgil 43
    Stockcar86 43
    Paj 43
    Sportboy 43
    Justin77 43
    No Quarter 42
    Gunner 41
    Donsteppa 41
    Cactus Jack 41
    Higgins 40
    KP 39
    Victor 39
    Rico#1 39
    Mikedogz 39
    Corkscrew 39
    Hurrycanes 38
    Bruce Kenyon 36
    Antipodean 36
    Buck 36
    Bones 34
    ACT Crusader 33
    Richie 32
    Crucial 31
    Pauncefote 31
    Smudge 31
    Triple T 26
    Barbarian 24
    Phooey 24
    DK 24
    FarNthHayden 24
    Joan and Mary 22
    JK 17
    GT12 17
    Skudderstep 17
    Fiamacho 17
    Tim 17
    KiwiMurph 17
    Handsome Ray 17

  • Make sure you're in for the final week of tipping for the Super Rugby season.


    Questions that will be answered this weekend.

    Can Hydro11 hold onto his 11 point lead and win the title he win in 2016 having been runner-up last season? Or can 2015 champion Winger surge past?

    Can Hurricanes Black hold onto their 2 point lead from the first leg against Blues B to win their first title since 2011 or can Blues B finally win their first title having never finished higher than 6th before?

    Can Hydro beat Richie in the TSF Sequel Cup as well as take the title to become only the second tipper to win the league and a cup in the same season (after Justin77 in 2009)?

  • As it's the last week I'll post an interim update

    Top 10 overall
    Hydro11 651
    Winger 638
    Broughie 629
    Hurrycanes 619
    Virgil 614
    TaniwhaRugby 611
    Higgins 609
    KP 601
    Bruce Kenyon 597
    Langakali 596

    Hurricanes Black 11 - 12 Blues B (Canes Black lead by 1)
    Barbarians 11 - 14 BOP Chiefs (BOP Chiefs lead by 4)
    Hurricanes Gold 11 - 10 SunJags (Canes Gold lead by 16)
    Blues A 4 - 6 South Island (Blues A lead by 3)

    Hydro11 12 v 7 Richie

  • And the results are in and processed.

    Canes Black take the title - well done team, Hydro11 and Hurrycanes the consistent performers to bring them the title. Unlucky Blues B, after 7 seasons of finishing 6th or lower.

    Hydro11 takes the individual title but by just 3 points from Winger who had a late surge but it wasn't quite enough. Hydro has been 1st, 2nd, 1st in the past 3 seasons so maybe he knows what he's doing.

    The Sequel Cup is shared by Hydro and Richie, they could not be separated with 39 each.

    Everything on the website is updated

    Final Hurricanes Black 44 - 38 Blues B
    3rd Barbarians 46 - 41 BOP Chiefs
    Plate Hurricanes Gold 42 - 39 SunJags
    7th Blues A 27 - 33 South Island

    Final Hurricanes Black 87 - 79 Blues B
    3rd Barbarians 89 - 85 BOP Chiefs
    Plate Hurricanes Gold 83 - 65 SunJags
    7th Blues A 61 - 62 South Island

    Hydro11 39 v 39 Richie

    Broughie 51
    Victor 51
    Smudge 50
    Langakali 49
    Paj 49
    Cactus Jack 49
    Winger 47
    Higgins 46
    Plastered Peni 46
    Buck 46
    Virgil 44
    Dogmeat 44
    Stockcar86 44
    Unite 44
    Waynes World 44
    No Quarter 44
    Hooroo 42
    Mikedogz 42
    GT12 42
    Hurrycanes 41
    Triple T 41
    Joan and Mary 41
    Hydro11 39
    KP 39
    Barbarian 39
    Richie 39
    Corkscrew 39
    Donsteppa 37
    Sportboy 37
    Bruce Kenyon 36
    DK 32
    TaniwhaRugby 31
    Gunner 31
    Pauncefote 31
    ACT Crusader 31
    FarNthHayden 30
    Bones 29
    Crucial 29
    Rico#1 27
    Phooey 25
    Antipodean 20
    JK 20
    Justin77 20
    Skudderstep 20
    Fiamacho 20
    Tim 20
    KiwiMurph 20
    Handsome Ray 20

  • Clearly myself and @taniwharugby are the Ioane brothers of Blues A with the rest been a bit shit and not turning up

  • @kiwipie said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2018 http://bit.do/tsf18:

    Tim 20
    KiwiMurph 20
    Handsome Ray 20*

    no idea what's going on in this thread but let me guess, two of these dopes in the wooden spoon zone kept picking the Blues to win every week...

  • @rocky-rockbottom said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2018 http://bit.do/tsf18:

    @kiwipie said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2018 http://bit.do/tsf18:

    Tim 20
    KiwiMurph 20
    Handsome Ray 20*

    no idea what's going on in this thread but let me guess, two of these dopes in the wooden spoon zone kept picking the Blues to win every week...

    Worse, they quit the team to join Toulon in France, left in the middle of the night too

  • Congrats to Hydro. Blues B made a good fist of things this year. Way to go team mates. Thanks KiwiPie for all the work you do. Great job.

  • So next season should we rename them as Blues Not A or maybe True Blues given they seem to mirror Tana's Tossers?

  • @virgil plus we also dont have a coach!

  • Another top competition Kiwipie! Well done to Blues B for not sucking as bad as our beloved team!

  • and yes congrats to all the winners and thanks once again to KP for all his work - at the same time as his World Cup one too!!

    As I'm sure KP's way too busy I have crunched some numbers for him.

    Only eight tippers have stayed the course and entered all 13 Super Tipping comps - poor old KP disqualified himself for first two seasons.

    Of these 4; Donsteppa, Crucial, Winger, Hooroo have won it while Paj, Joan and Mary, DK and myself have only mustered 6 top tens between us.

    Of the 65 tipsters who have participated in at least five years Donsteppa is the most consistent - only twice finishing outside the top 15 for an average finish of 10th. If you drop his outlier of 42nd in 2010 Don's average drops to 7.4

    However Hydro makes a strong argument for being our best tipster (despite having only competed in the last 4 editions). After an inauspicious 42nd placing in 2015 Hydro has gone 1st, 2nd, 1st to be our only repeat champion. Note - Donsteppa and Winger have NPC titles to go with their Super ones and TR has two NPC's.

    Others to average better than 15th are: Winger, Langakali and Cactus Jack - all past winners.

    In total 113 have tipped at least one season including three previous Champions Bullethole (2007), RugbyGal (2010) and Quo Vadis (2011) who no longer tip.

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