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  • @Steven-Harris said in Blues 2019:

    If Plummer is injured,I would love the Blues to think outside the square, I rate Kaleb Trask from BOP as a brilliant prospect..
    Brilliantly balanced runner who can kick goals as well Daniel Kirkpatrick does not do it for me..another Canes reject who is no more than a journeyman .

    Trask wasn't considered for the NZ U20s due to injury.

  • @Stargazer thanks for the update..I close that door..!

  • @Duluth said in Blues 2019:

    Did Willy Havili get much game time during the NPC?

    No - and the game he played in he struggled a bit.

    He's a different build to David - similar but possibly lighter than Otere Black, I'd say.

    If the Blues need a Tasman first five, I reckon they'd be better with Tim O'Malley.

  • Do we pick someone from club rugby like D'Angelo Leiula?

  • @African-Monkey I was going to mention him, but since he wasn't in the development team, I doubt he's in the mix.

  • You can see Havili training with the Blues in one of the latest pictures posted by the Blues.

    The pictures posted seem to be of a training game of the 1st XV vs the 2nd XV. You can clearly see Pulu playing halfback with the 1sts, while Ruru is playing halfback for the 2nds. Hopefully that doesn't mean Pulu is starting this weekend if Nock is out.

  • A friend of mine was at the St Kents vs Sacred Heart game on Saturday and he saw Nock there with Faiane. He said that Nock had a little bit of tape around two of his fingers. He said it didn't look that serious, but who knows.

    It honestly didn't look that serious when he came off last week, as he was going to play on and he wasn't showing much pain from it, but he got called to come off anyway. I hope he plays, because I can't stand Pulu.

  • @Dice Any news on Plummer?

  • @Tim said in Blues 2019:

    @Dice Any news on Plummer?

    Given the scale of the knock, I'd be very surprised if we see him this week. He was in a really bad way on the field

  • @Dice said in Blues 2019:

    A friend of mine was at the St Kents vs Sacred Heart game on Saturday and he saw Nock there with Faiane.

    Hell, I hope they weren't invited there so a scholarship offer could be dangled in front of them!!!!!!!

  • @Tim I've got nothing, but like nzzp, I'd be surprised if he played this week. He was doing the chicken dance when he tried to get up - it didn't look good at all.

  • @Tim Nocks out, having surgery on his fingers.

  • @Dice I was there too. Also spotted Tele'a and Blake Gibson. All SKC alumni. They regularly attend SKC games

  • @Nogusta That sucks. Just when he was starting to show some form. I'm assuming that's the end of his Super Rugby season?

    Has he done enough to get another Blues contract? He might need to play for another one in the M10.

  • Our priority (like it has been for ages) is to find a good quality 9/10 combo. We seem to have taken the shotgun approach of quantity over quality, and just hoped one pops out fully formed. Mind you, Leon knows a bit about quality 10s, and should be able to see the attributes we need to get a combination that will get us to upper mid table.

    Overall, though, our big headache is our lack of rugby nous. WE lost the Canes game because we played dumb rugby

    Edit: and if you swapped the 9/10 combos, Blues win that game by 30 points.

  • @Dice said in Blues 2019:

    I'm assuming that's the end of his Super Rugby season?

    It's was confirmed in an article that Nock is gone for the rest of the season.

    They'll need three halfbacks.. Does anyone know who has taken his place? They might as well get a run ahead of Pulu at some stage. It's a good chance to evaluate a potential 2020 squad member.

  • @Duluth Time for some Insta-stalking.

  • I gues it'll be Lewis Gjaltema/Harrison Levien?

  • @nzzp said in Blues 2019:

    Edit: and if you swapped the 9/10 combos, Blues win that game by 30 points.

    Haha you could say the same in a Crusaders vs Canes game aswell. Give the Canes Franks and Whitelock for Blackwell and Toomaga Allen and the Canes win easy. But they don't have them so those sort of statements are pointless.

    The one big thing the Blues lack is game smarts but I don't think they need a Perenara or Barrett to get to that level. They have the experience across the park to compete with any team. I mean for one they should have given the Canes more respect and taken the points when they were on offer. They could have been 13 points up, instead they risked it and found themselves tied 7 all.

    It's also guys like Parsons that prevent the Blues from reaching that next level IMO. He just has no impact whatsoever and it's things like his laboured pass that are preventing the Blues from taking those little half gaps, thus stopping them from asserting pressure on the opposition.

    Don't get me wrong I think the Blues are nearly there but they just need a couple more impactful players that bring that energy and special skillset, especially at hooker I.e a Taylor or Coles type.

  • @African-Monkey said in Blues 2019:

    I gues it'll be Lewis Gjaltema/Harrison Levien?

    According to my sauces there's a halfback from Tasman who'll be getting a call...

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