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  • Well, it seems the Northland and Hawkes Bay forums have been active of late and theres been plenty of media releases about signings and preseason games in those provinces etc etc. The Bop Mafia, The BOPRU and the local press have been very quiet however but I'm sure things will "warm up" closer to the season.

    I'm sure the high performance squad has been training, new recruits have been locked and those in the know will already have an idea of the makeup of this years team but I have no idea.

    The only recruit that I know of is this one :-

    Apparently he originally came from Mount Maunganui and played three games (off the bench) for Waikato in 2016 and played in Japan last year. Do any from the Waikato know much about him ?

  • Whoops. This is the video I meant to post

  • Tom McHugh another signing from Auckland playing for WHaka.

  • @trooa What position? How is he going?

  • 0_1529534164886_4e7cba23-4eb8-4b7f-9933-e949abf839a1-image.png

  • Looks like we will be having three pre season games. Two weeks before the above game there is the Manawatu/Wanganui/BOP game in Taihape. I'm assuming there will be another in the intervening week.

    Incidentally did anyone get to the BOP-Waikato Wasps/Harliquins game at Matamata a few weeks back? The BOP side featured several current Steamers, a few new contracted players and many from the Academy . I hear The Bay team won.

  • I see that the squad will be announced on the 20th of July.

  • Liam Polwart hasn't only re-signed with the Chiefs until the end of 2020, but also with BOP.

  • Okay, this image was posted on the BOP Rugby facebook page a couple of days back. I assume these guys will be in this years Steamers team. I'm pretty sure I can name them all apart from the guy in the front left. Any body know his name ?

    ![0_1531268774489_55bdcd7b-fa1c-4d67-9e69-a5aec9f76890-image.png](Uploading 100%)

  • Whoops. It seems the image isn't posting. Can anyone post it correctly ?

  • @snollygoster Maybe the file was too large? Try resizing it before posting.

    Is it the photo from the F45 gym?

  • @snollygoster said in Steamers 2018:

    Whoops. It seems the image isn't posting. Can anyone post it correctly ?

    Was this it?
    alt text

  • Yes, Thanks for that

  • Its been bought to my attention that the unknown guy may have been an instructor and not a Steamer. As a side note check out the size of their arms...good to see the gym work paying dividends.

  • And Lats is back.


    3 seasons will be enough for him to get past the 100 - always hoped he would come back to the Bay.

  • Okay the Bay team is announced this week and I'm sure the details of it are already known in rugby circles. Given what has been posted on social media and some guess work, here is my selection. Remember... it is only my guess and I'm more often than not wrong..

    Hookers :- Harris, Polwart, Siataga and Meachen.

    Props :- Ross, Thwaites, Sakalia, McHugh, Mafileo and Frost.

    Locks :- Wardlow, Leaupepe and Morris.

    Loose forwards :- Cane, Latimer, Mua, Blake, Karpik, Ardron and Axtens

    Halfbacks :- Judd and Campbell.

    First Five :- Delany, Robertson and Trask.

    Midfield :- Hepetema, Fuatai and Steel,

    Outside backs :- Garland, Simonson, Webber, Collier and Te Aute

    I'm not sure what the injury situation is with Ross and Webber or the availability of Parete and Tiatia and possibly one more lock is needed. Do any Mafia members have any inside knowledge of selections?

    Anyway I look forward to seeing who is actually selected. Does anyone know of the availability of players for club finals given the Steamers pre season camp and games ?

  • @snollygoster I don't have as much insight as you so I cannot comment on who's being picked - but appreciate you laying that squad out.

    With comparative riches in the loose forwards and the dearth of experienced locks, what about moving Ardron there permanently - he's certainly done a job for the Chiefs and his mobility will be handy.

  • @kiwipie Thanks Kiwipie. Your comments about me having more "insight" were hilarious. Many of my selections were based purely on the people in that photo I posted earlier in this thread and and the makeup of the team which played against that Waikato selection. I don't know (or pretend to know ) anymore about whats going on than you guys.

    My selections for lock are based on part logic and part bias.....Wardlow is presently involved with the Chiefs and Leaupepe and Morris both play for my home team (Te Puke). Having said that , Leaupepe played for Wellington a couple of seasons back and Morris was contracted to the Steamers two years ago but missed the entire season with injury. I haven't seen Ardron play since last year but I hear he has been playing well so maybe should get a permanent locking position.

    Its nice to see someone else commenting on this forum.

  • Ardron has looked like a different player for the Chiefs (dynamic) than for the Steamers (mundane)

  • I was... very surprised... when Ardron was picked at lock for the Chiefs, but he's done a great job there for them this season. I'm thinking he's a definite for the Steamers at lock with Franklin gone plus the other options that we have in the loose forwards.

    It's a shame Parete is showing up as Taranaki, he has a lot of promise.

  • @donsteppa said in Steamers 2018:

    It's a shame Parete is showing up as Taranaki, he has a lot of promise.

    It was always likely to happen - he only came to us because he couldn't get a sniff in the Naki. Getting Super game time means he'll be in demand

  • @snollygoster Add Hoani Matenga in to the locks.

  • @trooa Thanks for that. There have been a few recent pictures of the Steamers on instagram and I was wondering who he was. It seems that several of my selections earlier were wrong (predictably). The full team (minus those involved in the super semis and club finals ) are presently in camp in Waiuru ahead of Fridays preseason against Wanganui and Manawatu.

  • Here's my updated picks for what its worth. I'm not 100% sure on Axtens or who Mr X and Mr Y are....there are a few options.

    Hookers :- Harris, Polwart, Siataga and Meachen.
    Props :- Ross, Thwaites, Sakalia, McHugh, Mafileo and Lay.
    Locks :- Wardlow, Leaupepe and Matenga.
    Loose forwards :- Cane, Latimer, Mua, Blake, Karpik, Ardron and Axtens
    Halfbacks :- Judd and Campbell.
    First Five :- Delany, Robertson and Trask.
    Midfield :- Hepetema, Fuatai and Steel.
    Outside backs :- Garland, Simonson, Mr X, Mr Y and Joass.

    Whoever gets picked it looks like a fairly capable team...plenty of experience (especially in the forwards), a few new faces and some emerging talent. Whether we have enough x factor in the backs is yet to be seen.

  • Bay of Plenty XV v Wanganui:

    1. Solomona Sakalia
    2. Miracle Lalofi
    3. Josh Davey
    4. Baden Wardlaw
    5. Stan Van Den Hoven
    6. Matt Axtens
    7. Kaipo Brown
    8. Ajay Mua
    9. Leroy Carter
    10. Kaleb Trask
    11. Pryor Collier
    12. Matt Garland
    13. Dennon Robinson
    14. Josh Honey
    15. Bailey Simonsson

    Bay of Plenty XV v Manawatu:

    1. Tom McHugh
    2. Valentine Meachen
    3. James Lay
    4. Baden Wardlaw
    5. Aaron Carroll
    6. Tanerau Latimer
    7. Hugh Blake
    8. Hoani Matenga
    9. Leroy Carter
    10. Kaleb Trask
    11. Matt Garland
    12. Terrence Hepetema
    13. Liam Steele
    14. Faasiu Fuatai
    15. Bailey Simonsson

  • I don't think it will surprise anyone after the news that Ross has re-signed with the Chiefs, but it is now also confirmed that he has re-signed with Bay of Plenty until 2021.

  • I'm not sure what you can read into that Taihape game. With probably 10 or 12 Steamers who played in club finals and Super rugby not included in those teams the results may be meaningless. Having said that Manawatu were probably in the same situation. This Fridays game against Harbour at Ngarawahia may be more interesting and will see more of the full squad playing. Interesting to see the TAB already making us third favourite behind Otago and Waikato which is odd considering that our team isn't even announced and we have only played one preseason game.

  • Bay of Plenty: 1. Solomona Sakalia, 2. Valentine Meachen, 3. James Lay, 4. Baden Wardlaw, 5. Kane Le'aupepe, 6. Hoani Matenga, 7. Hugh Blake, 8. Ajay Mua, 9. Luke Campbell, 10. Jason Robertson, 11. Matt Garland, 12. Terrence Hepetema, 13. Liam Steel, 14. Fa'asiu Fuatai, 15. Bailey Simonsson. Reserves: 16. Angus MacDonald, 17. Tom McHugh, 18. Tevita Mafileo, 19. Lars Morrice, 20. Zane Kapeli, 21. Isaac Te Aute, 22. Elijah Nicholas, 23. Kaleb Trask

    Fixture Details:
    Bay of Plenty v North Harbour
    Date: Friday August 3
    Location: Ngaruawhia High School, 56 Kent St, Ngaruawahia
    Time: 12.30pm kick-off

  • BOP 43 Harbour 26

  • According to the local paper the team is officially announced tomorrow.

    I see Te Aihe Toma is on the Counties team list which is odd because Judd hasn't fronted for any preseason games thus far and Issac Te Aute played at halfback for half of todays Harbour game. Good on Toma anyway.

    Hopefully tomorrow will reveal a bit more.

  • 2018 Bay of Plenty Steamers Squad:
    Nathan Harris – Te Puke Sports (29), Liam Polwart – Greerton Marist (14), Sabastian Siataga – Mount Maunganui (13)

    Ross Geldenhyus – Papamoa (0), James Lay – Whakarewarewa (10), Tevita Mafileo – Tauranga Sports (0), Tom McHugh – Whakarewarewa (0), Aidan Ross – Te Puke Sports (24), Solomona Sakalia – Mount Maunganui (33), Jeff Thwaites – Te Puna (21)

    Tyler Ardron – Papamoa (7), Kane Le’aupepe – Te Puke Sports (0), Baden Wardlaw – Rotoiti (1)

    Loose Forwards:
    Hugh Blake – Te Puke Sports (15), Sam Cane – Tauranga Sports (19), Mitchell Karpik – Rangataua (6), Tanerau Latimer – Rangiuru (79)

    Number 8’s:
    Aileone Junior Lafaele-Mua (AJ) – Tauranga Sports (1), Hoani Matenga – Rangiuru (0)

    Half backs:
    Luke Campbell – Te Puke Sports (16), Richard Judd – Mount Maunganui (10)

    First five-eights:
    Mike Delaney – Mount Maunganui (72), Jason Robertson – Te Puke Sports (0)

    Midfield backs:
    Lalakai Foketi – Rangataua (30), Terrence Hepetema – Te Puna (19), Liam Steel – Mount Maunganui (4), Trael Joass – Mount Maunganui (0)

    Outside backs:
    Matthew Garland – Whakarewarewa (3), Fa’asui Fuatai – Rangataua (0), Kaleb Trask – Tauranga Sports (0), Bailey Simonsson – Greerton Marist (0), Chase Tiatia – Rangataua (26)

    A few surprises...The return of Foketi and Tiatia and the inclusion of the South African prop Ross Geldenhyus,

  • Gosh, a lot of players with zero appearances to their names. I guess that is just a sign of the times these days.

  • @snollygoster where is Parete?

  • @taniwharugby No one seems to know what has happened to him. Was playing club rugby in Taranaki and then the Chiefs but haven't seen him listed any any of the Taranaki teams yet. Someone will know.

  • @taniwharugby

    I heard he Wasn’t resigned because he enjoyed being too social drink wise and after being told to slow down he chose to continue enjoying himself too much........

  • Okay, its raining and I have nothing better to do....

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a few comments on the team selections...on who should or should not have made the team or how bad (or good) they will perform. No doubt they will come as the season progresses...

    From my point of view I'm pretty happy with the team on paper but, as usual, won't get to excited till I see them in the competition. There hasn't been a mass exodus from last year and the core of last years team, including the management staff, are still about. Preseason games can be misleading but can, I suppose, give an indication of impending disasters. Thus far we can only say that we will be at least competitive (given what little we have seen of them).

    Hookers:- The past couple of years they have gone with four hookers and six props. This year we have three hookers and seven props for some reason. I see Siataga is already out with a buggered leg so with Harris in the AB mix, we start the comp with one available hooker.

    Props:- I'm not sure what the story is with Ross's injury but I'm pretty sure McHugh was carried off with a foot injury on the Harbour game so we may start a little light on props. Google tells me Ross Geldenhyus is a 120kg 35 year old from South African who has previously played for Tasman and the Highlanders.

    Locks:- We will miss Franklon and Mewett but the three replacements should be a fine. You guys tell me Ardron has been a revelation for the Chiefs, Le'aupepe has been a stand out at club level and I could never understand how Wardlaw was never picked previously. Having said that lineouts have been shaky in preseason games. The scrums however have been pretty solid.

    Loose forwards :- A pretty classy group. Blake had a great game against Harbour and even played a bit on the right wing near the end.

    Number 8's :- Two totally contrasting people. Mua..the shortish nuggety combative player and Matenga...the tallish rangey type.

    Halfbacks :- Campbell captained on the last game so I expect him to be co captain. Im one of the few who prefer him ahead of Judd..He seems to be a better organiser and is incredibly fast off the mark.

    First five-eights :- Delaney has hardly played since last season so, at least, will be fresh if not a little rusty. Robertson has had a good club season, is fiesty and fearless and a reasonable kicker so should at least be better than Haimana. I'm surprised Trask is classified as an outside back as I think he has played most of his rugby at first 5.

    Midfield backs :- I'm pleased Foketi is back. He seems to combine best with Hepetema and will probably be better after a season of Super rugby. Don't know much about Joass apart from his time with the NZ sevens and Tasman.

    Outside backs :- Tiatia's inclusion is welcome. On form he is dangerous. Hopefully we haven't seen the best of Bailey..he missed a few glaring tackles against Harbour and his "skipping and jumping" gets annoying. At speed and running the right lines he looks good. Fuatai hasn't really had the opportunities yet to show what he's made of but was rated in Otago so I'm hopeful.

    This Fridays Auckland game will be telling as the top team is usually tested in the final preseason and Auckland played well against Wellington so they should be a test.

    What do you guys think ? Good team ? Bad team

  • I agree - hard to say at this point. Too many new players and until they play at this level, you never really know how they will stand up. Geldenhyus had a fantastic mullet when I last saw him play and he likes to be "aggressive". Lock and wing is where we have lost good players from last season so that is the most worrying area that I can see.

  • @taniwharugby said in Steamers 2018:

    @snollygoster where is Parete?

    He's been named in the Taranaki squad that I posted in the main Mitre 10 Cup thread.

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