• 12 week block starts next week. Been just getting the body use to some higher volume.

    Last week got 2x8 @90 2x8 @100 for bench. This week was 4x10 @90 which felt good. Gonna try for 4x8 @100 today.

    Good to get some squats under the belt with no flare ups of anything. only 4x10 @100 but good progress to getting back to full strength or at least training properly for upcoming program.

    Got some deadlifts tomorrow. This week has been a bit more than last but not hell for leather which will start next week.

    Getting on the creatine buzz for the 12 weeks as well see if that makes any difference!

  • Did deadlifts on Saturday last of the getting us ready before program started. Was pretty killer. 4x10 @140kg

    Started program today:
    Bench 4x12 @80kg
    Assisted pullsup 3x10 (was meant to be four but ran out of time)
    Incline DB Row 4x10 @20kg (25-30kg probably more reasonable weight but didn't have time and arms gassed after pullsups kind of super setted)
    Incline DB Bench 4x10 @30kg
    3x10 sitsup

  • 4x12 @100kg squats (was meant to be 107kg but easing back in from injury....although was fucking hard first thing this morning), 4x8 RDL's, 4x10 bicep curls @20kg, 3x10 pallof press with green band

  • Today is scheduled rest day today but we are going to the big bash tomorrow so did thursdays today. Monday/Thursday are both chest days atm in this program. Body is feeling strong and no soreness from Mondays session. Dont know if its the creatine or just lucky but was high volume on monday.

    4x10 @90kg bench
    Incline rows 4x10 20kg (will do 25kg next week if its in there)
    Curls 4x8 @20kg
    Banded tricep extensions 4x10
    Flappy birds with 2kg weights in each hand. 3x20
    pullovers 4x10

  • Flappy birds 😂 pretty sure I know exactly what you mean.

    Good to hear the work earlier in the week didn't trigger doms. Always pretty cool when you notice your body can handle more weight/volume and you get that strong buzz!

  • Yeah bro the gym owner just calls them that flappy birds and flappy angels. Bit differnt to fapping guy.

    Yeah feeling strong with the bench which is good have been pretty weak in there the last year (started with a 105kg 1RM). Want to get somewhere in the 135+ (at 125kg 1rm atm) range at the end of this program.

    Squats coming back from injury so if I can get around my 177.5 PB or ideally 180 would be happy. Deadlift would like that up from 215 to 225-230kg.

    Probably going to get a nutritionist to optimize eating for powerlifting so get it all tied in.

    Ideally try and do a novice powerlifting comp for the experience mid year after this 12 week block and one more. Currently im a bit weak for my weight to compete. So need to get a bit lights 110kg to sub 100kg and a bit stronger.

  • 2x12 wide grip deads @100kg
    2x12 normal DL @130
    3laps of single arm db farmers carry 35kg
    3laps single arm overhead walk 17kg
    4x8 strict press 55kg

  • Yesterday: 4x10 Pause bench @90kg
    Pendlay Rows 4x10 @40 or 50kg
    Close grip (shoulder width) bench 4x8 @80kg
    Palov Press 3x10
    Single arm row 3x10 @35kg

    1x8 Tempo squat @105
    4x10 Squats @110kg
    3x10 lunges
    GHD hpyer extensions 3x10
    SIngle leg DL with Kettle bell 3x10 @20kg

  • Bench 4x8 @95kg
    Tricep pulls downs 4x10
    Pullovers 4x5
    Reverse Curls 4x10
    Bicep Curls 4x8

    Not too bad a session.

    Got Deads today

  • shit haven't been around for a few weeks.

    Went away for 9 days got one of four gym session in due to being all over hte place.

    When we got back it was a scheduled deload week (last week) So I caught up by doing the prior weeks which was heavy.

    Heavy weeks was
    Bench: 5 x 8 Paused @95kg
    Chins 4x8
    Incline DB Row 4x8
    Situps 3x12
    Facepulls 3x12

    Squats: 1x8 tempo @60% so 106.5 then
    4x8 squats @125
    RDL's 4x8
    Add holds 3 x 30sec
    GHD sit up holds 3x30sec

    Chest session 2:
    4x6 @95
    Chins 4x8
    Flappy birds 3x30
    Dips 4x10
    Hammer curls 4x10

    DL:2x8 @60% paused
    DL 3x8 @70%
    strict press 4x6 @72.5%
    Bulg S/S 3x8
    Farmers carry 3 rounds each arm

    Didnt do the D/L one above as had a pretty sore back from all the sitting and driving/flying the week before I did the deload DL session which was

    DL1x5 @75% 160 1x5 @175
    strict press 3x6
    lateral raises 3x10
    sit ups 3x10

    Also did the first chest session while I was away so got one of the deload sessions in too.

    Pause bench 1x8 @100 1x5 @108
    Pendlay Row:3x6 @60
    Close Grip Bench:3x6 @ 70kg
    Single arm DB Row3x6
    pallof press 3x10

    back into normal training now week 4/12
    chest yesterday 4x6 paused bench @104
    1x2 @114kg Paused (went up pretty easy particularly after the first 4 sets.
    chins meant to be 4x6 but I did with no band. Got 1x 6 1x5 1x 4 1x3 haha
    Tricep Pushdowns 3x10
    Banded facepulls 3x12
    Curls 3x10

    Got legs today:
    4x6 @136
    RDL 4x8 @110
    hyperext GHD 3x10
    lateral raises 3x10

  • Legs went surprisingly well the other day. Only did the squats as it was 500% humidity in the gym and hot as fuck but was the main workout aspect anyway.

    Rest of the week was
    2nd chest session:
    5x5 @100kg
    Floor press 3x10 @35kg i think
    Couple other exercises

    Friday: DL's 4x6 @160
    1x2 @172
    Goblet squats
    and something else.

    Also played 18 this morning and got two games of comp b ball (one tonight).

    Program is now less volume more load.

    Misses wants me to run with her once a week as she wants to do another half marathon.

    The more I power lift the shitter running sounds.

  • chest today 1x2 @120kg (previous1RM was 125 and this felt easy ish)
    108 4x5
    French press 3x10
    Curls 3x10
    reservse flys
    Seal pulls 4x10

    Squats 1x2 @156kg
    4x5 @142
    Front Raises 3x10 10kg
    Was meant to do some kettle bell swings and light RDLs but was short on time but meh.

    Rest/basketball day tomorrow

  • nice work bro! a tip I've picked up recently from one of @JK's mates (Don - powerlifter and good dude) is pointing your toes outward after you're set up. It instantly activates quads and glutes and really helps with transferring power through the legs.

    I'm still chasing an improved rom for the bar, trying to keep elbows directly under it so I don't load everything through my shoulders etc.

  • Had another chest session I think was 4x5 or something @ about 100kg with some incline bench and single arm rows and honestly can't remember what else.

    Had DL session. 1x2 @190kg 4x5 @170kg body felt it after that. Was some shoulder press, curls and couple other little things.

    This week started with
    1x1 @125 kg (my old 1RM) bench followed by 5x5 @110kg
    5x5 pulls ups (got 3 with just body weight)
    Tricep pulls downs 3x12
    Banded facepulls.

  • Ooh face pulls are good!

  • Squats today
    1x1 @165
    5x5 @142kg ....dead
    Did some palov press, lat raises and left (didn't do light RDLs and hyper extensions)

    Glad I survived was hard esp at 6am

  • Still scathing from squats.
    Had basketball yesterday tweaked my ankle which is annoying but isn't too bad.

    Second bench session of the week.

    5x7 @100kg felt shit so only did 4
    Floor DB bench 30kg 3x10
    5x7 only did 4 pendlay row
    Couple other smaller ones.

    Body was feeling average and was bit crook yesterday lacked energy which made me feel like a bigger pussy as I am currently reading (listening to 'You can't hurt me')

  • @Magpie_in_aus yeah sometimes you think you have to push that to one side and just shift the weight. I think the tipping point is where your form really starts to fade. Sure you can get past that with light weight but if you are lifting 70%+ I'm not so sure on the 'suck it up' approach.

    Hope the ankle comes right asap!

  • Deadlifts on Friday
    1x1 @200kg failed first attempt. Felt weak.
    5x5 @172kg
    Ran out of time to do anything else.

    This week is deload week thank god body needs a rest
    Chest today:
    2x1 @90% 125kg working on technique underload
    Seal rows 4x8 20kg
    Incline Bench 4x10 @30kg DB
    Rear delt flys prone3x10 10kg
    Curls 3x10 @20kg

    Taking it easy this week body is feeling the last few weeks. Focus on actually doing some rehab on a niggly achilles so I can get a bit of running in to benefit basketball as well (3-5km type runs and some sprints)

  • Squats today 1x1 @90% RM. Mentally pscyd myself out and failed at the bottom. A bit disheartening. As I got it last week @93%

    Kettle bell swings 3x15@24kg
    Glute banded bridges 3x15
    RDL's 4x6 @90kg (these suck as im super immobile)
    Front Raises 3x10 @10kg

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