And if Jack Goodhue ...

  • Fingers crossed it won't happen, but who would be your choice for the 13 jersey if Jack Goodhue was injured before or during the RWC ?

    • Ryan Crotty ? He has played there before but he is primarily a second five.
    • ALB ? Same thing.
    • Jordie ? Was far from convincing when Plumtree set him there this year.
    • Rieko ? Has not played there for a while and most people see him as an exclusive left wing.
    • Matt Proctor ? Has played one test with the ABs but is untested against big oppositions.
    • Ben Smith ? Has not played there for a while either but his natural qualities and technical attributes make him look like Conrad.
    • SBW ? Definitively nooooo.
    • TJ Faiane ? Too green.
    • Braydon Ennor ? Untested at the highest level.
    • Rob Thompson ? Not in great form this year.
    • Ma'a Nonu ? His defence was cruelly exposed when he played there for the Blues.

    Did I forget another option ?

  • If he gets hurt now, I'm going to ask @Kirwan for your IP address and I'll drop by on my next trip to France (or wherever the hell you are!).

    The answer though, is ALB. Hopefully either SBW or Crotty would stay healthy enough to fill the 12 jersey.

  • @cgrant in terms of people who have slotted in there for the ABs there's also Naholo.

    Crotty stands out on that list.

  • @Bones he's gonna be our back up 10!

    Crotty & ALB.

    but yeah @cgrant watch your 6 bro, watch your 6!

  • Can Ardie play 2nd five and center or just second five?

  • Based on the form book this season

    Crotty at 12, ALB at 13

  • Leon.

    Or Cullen.

    We'll convert a fullback. What could go wrong.

  • Crotty and ALB.

  • Banned

    ALB because Crotty will probably be injured himself.

    As an aside how farking good is Goodhue though? Horn inducing that bloke.

  • Conrad Smith

  • ALB.

  • Crotty for 13 by miles with ALB staying at 12. We're a bit thin at 13 - I wouldn't want SBW or Nonu there due to a lack of pace, and I'd be worried about Laumape's defense in that position too.

  • Without wanting to appear to be advocating for him to be in the RWC squad, but in the spirit of this thread we could do worse than including Brayden Ennor in the squad. He's a quality young centre, a position where we lack depth, and can cover either wing or fullback as a utility squad member.

  • Has everyone already forgotten 2016? The year that the ABs played better than in 2017 and 2018? The midfield combo was Crotty at 12, and ALB at 13.

  • In terms of the World Cup squad for the midfield, if they are fit, Goodhue, Crotty, ALB. All three can play 12 or 13 and are menance in attack and defence.

    SBW, Nonu and Laumape are all competing for one spot. None would be able to play 13 or wing in a RWC knockout. Laumape hasn't really kicked on this year.

    JB and Reiko Ioane will be picked in the squad for their ability in the Back Three. They might do some game time in the midfield in pool play or in games after a couple of injuries.

    Brayden Ennor is the potential bolter for the midfield. Doing really well for the Crusaders this season. Can play wing and fullback too. But how would he go behind a less dominant pack? Are we happy taking a guy with so little international experience to RWC World Cup?

  • @sparky I think Havili has more chance to be picked than Ennor. Is in great form and is already capped. Fullback who can play 12. Has a great boot and can probably play wing if needed.

  • Havili in the mix too, but I have always rated him more at fullback than 12. I read somewhere he can play 10 too. Versatility is going to be a massive effort for whoever gets the nod for the last couple of places in the backline for the RWC.

  • @Stargazer said in And if Jack Goodhue ...:

    Has everyone already forgotten 2016? The year that the ABs played better than in 2017 and 2018? The midfield combo was Crotty at 12, and ALB at 13.

    This should be allowed to be upvoted more than once per person.
    I'm hoping SBW isn't good to go. Because I think Crotty outside Beaudy is the answer. Maybe Hansen already knows this, but has put it away because let the rest of the world think SBW is the answer and plan for that, and then fuck them at RWC when we don't select him.
    I also think how we played the Lions in Test #1 is our template, and we've just shelved it since.

    We've got the 3-peat easy as pie.

  • Tony woodcock can play center? Clutches up in World Cup finals too

  • Johnny Fauli can be thrown in the mix too

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