Hammie Injury

  • At a blimmin cold Boot Camp this morning we were doing sprints.

    I was going great guns to the point where I was as quick as I have been in years. The younger fullas couldn't keep up, much to mine and their surprise. Boot Colonel even asked where I had found new found gas.

    Anyways, adfter feeling pretty high and full of energy I was halfway through a sprint and I felt my Hammie go. Not a snap just a really good tweak where it was sore and I couldn't sprint (I could keep jogging though)

    What is best for it? I want ot go to boot camp Friday morning.

    I can walk and jog on it OK so it isn't a bad 'pull'

    Any tips apart from rest?

  • REST, ICE, COMPRESSION and I can't remember the D - doctor?

    not too bad though if you can job, and then only start feeling it when you start trying to force a bit more pace?

    so just let the pain control you - nothing that hurts.

    In a couple of days, start massaging it too as you watch TV or whatever. Stops scar tissue forming.

    NO HEAT until what is it, at least 48 hours I think. Or more. It's all about limitation of the injury at the moment, then repair once the damage stops.

    I think the real injury though is called age.... no tratment for that one bud!!

  • I don't think there was a D Bart, think it was E (ie RICE) for elevation

  • forgot the E, but the new one is 'riced' - or was from my last season with the local rugby team. In my day it was just rice. D for diagnose or doctor - I'll have to stop by the physio and ask today@!!

  • haha yeah I guess if RICE doesnt work then D is the logical next move!

  • Better to come back a week too late than a week too early bro! Esp as you've been improving a lot recently. Maybe a bit of overtraining??

  • Def not over-training! I had an Asthma attack (idiot smoker I was.... WAS being the operative word as I have never had an Asthma attack before and it was enough for me never to crave a cig again) two weeks ago and had 10 days off. It was my first session back and I had SOOOOOOOOOO much energy.

  • lol, yeah I know that feeling (having a lot of energy not the asthma part!) of just wanting to crank into it 100%. Must have been going super hardout after that break : (

    Really does suck - it takes a while to really get confidence to stretch out for sprints after a tweak. Until you aren't thinking about it you tend to hold yourself back a bit. Hope you make a fast recovery! I won't ask to be excused for that pun

  • It feels a truck load better today but still a bit tender.

    Will go to boot camp tomorrow morning and just nurse it through. He is pretty good at giviving you alternatives if you are carrying an injury

  • man these boot camps are everywhere!!

    Seen them setting up at the Kamo rec while there for my sons rugby training both nights this week, I see them down at Mair Park for my run there is another lot as well on week days and weekends (was even a 'letter to the editor' complaining about them from some numpty....) both different companies

  • Can kind of concur with what Hooroo is saying from an elbow point of view, I'm probably stronger than I've ever been in my life but have some nasty tennis elbow that I can't seem to get rid of and perhaps given that I turned 35 yesterday things don't farkin go away as quickly

    To annoyingly painful to do any sort of lifting at the moment, skipping and hill walks still going ok and best of all it is not my darts arm that is effected.....

  • Shet mate thats not cool - mine was like that about a month ago and its almost good as gold now.

    Do a couple of things from that vid I posted mate - working the tennis ball on the area is great. The old retard stretch seems to be worthwhile too. Warming it up well using bands also seems to help.

    I also got one of those compressions/support bandage thingys from the $2 shop and wear that on my elbow under my suit when its giving me jip but havent needed it this week.

  • that is one of the things the doc said to Ness - old age. Or rather, the older we get the longer it does take to repair things. Very sucky!

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