Torn bicep?

  • So, anyone torn a bicep before? I think I have, to be confirmed tomorrow morning. Elbow end, not good, 6-0 months recovery, looks like a season ender. I will though still see if I can compete this coming weekend! Stay tuned.

  • Awwwwww shit!!

    That is NOT good news Bart and really sorry to hear if it is the case.

    6 months recovery? You will have some MASSIVE legs come the end of that 6 months!

    How did it all happen?

  • A team mate a third of the way through the season at the elbow end. Season ender.

  • pushing a car! Sliding in the horse paddock so jump out and get the old under bumperlift / push grip happening. POP. electric shock, ultimate pain, , now 2.48 am can't sleep, sucks!

  • Fuk no good buddy!

  • aw shit mate that is terrible news : (

    Hope you make a super quick recovery whatever the outcome is!

  • Fingers crossed for you pal, hope the worst isn't confirmed.

  • well been to physio this morning for about five minutes just to confirm. And yes, torn, right off or not, they don't know and you can't know until you scan. Regardless, to get it back to where it should be (not starting about an inch and a half higer than the other one), it'ss require an operation. I dare say I could just 'box on' with this as it is, but not keen, want to get it right. Went to trainer today and nutritionist, and all, like me and Ness very philosophical, ït happens'. And what else can you be, you can't think back or forward and thing 'what if'all the time! It happened, move forward.

    My weight though is 85kg at just over 6% BF. So for NABBA comps, where I would have to be 80.5, fark knows how I'd get there, Mind you, maybe I could move into masters physique. Not that it will have to be thought about now for the next 12 or so months until I am ready to compete at NABBA again.

    Soooo, I can and will still compete this weekend, and then wait and see when an operation will happen. I hope fast, and will pull out all the ;ohh it hurts' lines to facalitate that. As I won't be able to train upper body properly I won't be able to keep competing until I go under the knife, but then we'll see just HOW much I can train until the operation or how it unfolds.

    Go to see the doc this afternoon to get sorted with a specialist appointment.

    Hell, has only been 20 hours since the tear, so there is PLENTY of time to work out the upcom,ing months

    One thing I know, this now won't be my last year of BB, which it MAY have been. Don't want to go out on a bum note like this injury. And that my friends, is all - for now.

  • Shit, sorry to hear this. Hope you can get an operation soon and make a full recovery-long term health and complete mobility is more important than a few BB comps. Good luck for this weekend, maybe some long hikes are in order to lose the last few Ks?

    My archilles had a tear, but it has healed up mostly, not fully strong yet-after 3 months. Minor compared to yours.

  • Yeah bugger Bart, shit news. Kea is dead right though, think long term as you are gonna want to be able to bicep curl your grandkids down the line with a functional, healthy arm.

    Chin up dude and hope it all gets sorted ASAP.

  • Great attitude Bart. Keep the focus!

  • yep, it's all about the glass half full approach, some would let a setback like this get you dowen, and it could be a life changer (negative) for some I expect!

  • Quality attitude mate. Big ups.

    So how does competing work this weekend mate? Can you even strike a double bicep or are you just gonna see how things go closer to the time?

  • That sucks mate. I fully symphasise. As every one has told me, what done is done. Do what work you can do to strengthen before the op, get it fixed then get into the rehab. use the rehab as a challenge.

  • [size=3][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]EDIT: deleted the attempt at humour, I have no wish to make light of this, it's terrbile for ya.

    [b]You've been a bloody great inspiration for most of us here, and I hope it's not too sore, and all works out. Maybe some mentoring of young athletes for a while? Good luck.[/b][/font][/size]

  • Thanks guys, amazing as it is, this forum helps out, a support network that has grown and I think most of us have never even met in the flesh, and in most cases probably never will.

    Yes, was tough for the first few hours mentally, those 'if onlys' can really bite. But shit happened - look ahead.

    So progress. Went to Docs, and is torn. Next to zero pain, as the tendon torn off the bone, along with pain receptors, so that's a plus! Doc said that normally she would say, in essence, 'tough' when it came to an injuruy like this, as you regain strength with the underlying muscles etc, and the buggered one too 'gets better' to an extent. but as I am a champion BB, she wants to fix me up. Phew. So scheduled for a scan and referral to specialist sorted right off the bat, hopfully scan on Wednesday.

    This morning at gym me cardio again, and then had a little play with the weights. Happy to report that there is no pain when I wide grip pulldown, tricep pushdowns, machine bench press and machine shoulder press, smith machine shrug, dumbell press. Lat raises a slight pain. Did not even attempt a curl!! So tomorrow will cobble together a little upper body circuit. Don't need to at this stage out from a comp, physically, but mentally it was good for me.

    Yes JK, can flex no worries, and it is not really noticeable, perhaps a bit on front double biceps, rear is fine. Cannnotice more when you do the side chest, but lucky that INBA only makes you do a side of your choice, as opposed to NABBA whcih is both sides. So will be able to knockm through one comp this year at least. And depending on the training and scheduling for operations, perhaps more. If I can keep training upper body bar biceps, I might be able to box on.

    Oh, and facebook friends, at the moment I have not said anything on FB, want to see if judges mention anything, and obviously don't want competitors to know! But if judges don't see and notice, I might be in a good place to carry on a little longer before a knife goes into flesh. Although the quicker the op the better by all accounts!

  • Sorry to hear this mate, something similar happened to Pat Barber two days before his Regional for Crossfit - had to get his appendix out. Counts him out for Crossfit Games in July too.

    I thought of him because he adjusted mentally as fast as you seem to have, a great attitude to injury for what must be pretty disappointing. I'd still be sulking.

  • I think I'm a bit of a weirdo! It's done, and I'm almost excited about the recovery and doing the rehab. Talk about goal setting, can't get better than that! It's like in my first or second year BB when I got my hernia, just worked around it, and eight weeks after the op, when I was meant to have started training again, I won the 2010 Asia Pacific title...

    I think this is a bit of a far out target this time around though!

  • Banned

    Getting an injury like that would be a pain in the årse for your average couch potato let alone a gym junky and active body builder. The freakish nature of the incident must also be a wee bit unsettling.

    But awesome and amazing to see how you're handling this.

    [gay] You are an inspiration both in triumph and adversity [/gay]

  • thanks my gay friend

    I think though the body is more susceptible to this sort of thing in the last week before a comp =- carb depleting, low energy levels. Last year at one stage a jumped down from a deck to the lawn, as I have done 1000 times before, only about 2 feet, and my calf muscle 'popped', but only a slight strain. Just the body running on empty and me paying for it!!

    Great news on the gym front today though, managed to do some more weights with no pain, and last night doing our pairs routine with a lift still managed to lift Ness above my head with no pain. It's only the curling motion that has me a bit buggered and week, but in saying that today managed some reverse curls, olympic bar, no weights, but it was not painful or uncomfortable.

    So with all this experimenting, and just 3 days after injnury, I am quietly optimistic about the rehab, there are a ton of exercises that I will be able to do without straining the biceps.

  • what spun me out was the doc's response! so if you were an 'average joe' and ripped your bicep off they'd avoid surgery and focus on strengthing the surrounding muscles!!? If it has been [i]ripped off[/i] isn't it kind of farking broken!!? Maybe I'm just reading that wrong.

    In any case your attitude is fantastic mate, you didn't happen to have a pre-game chat with Inu the other night did you!? Lots of people could do with a slice of your attitude toward adversity!

    Keep us posted on the rehab goals bro, we'll cheer you along.... until you start curling more with a ripped bicep than we can manage with a non-busted arm, lol!

  • I think that the fact that there is zero pain, or next to zero pain, it is really just a cosmetic injury as such! AS my sport is cosmetic though, she is sympathetic to the cause! I dare say I have lost strength too, but too scared to really push it yet to find out!!

    Basically it has not stopped me from doing anything yet that I would normally do, so I can see why her response was as such!!

    Yes, think I might do a journal on this one, as I could find fark all on the net when I was looking. Might help other punters down the track!

  • Didn't Lillyman at the warriors have the same injury? For some reason I just can't get around how you can rip your bicep and it doesn't seem to cause that many functional issues!!

    A blog/journal sounds like a good idea - easier to read compared to threads about recovery etc.

  • A mate of mine just had his re attached - did it last rugby season, came back playing about 5 weeks later. Strapped to buggery and bugger all tackle strength on his right side, otherwise as good as gold for him. He's coming along fine, bhut probably won't be playing code again now - he is 36 though!! Just the no strength thing was the main issue for him. Have appointment for ultra sound on Tuesday next, and have form in with specialist now for appointment. Hope that wait not too long!

  • So what are the details for Sat mate? I know I always say this but since its local I should try come for a look and say howsit.

  • Could be an idea to increase your protein a bit since the body will be in repair mode.

  • AT the moment body is in carb deplete mode! But there's not a lot or repair work that can be done until the tendon is re attached unfortunatly.

    JK -0 0275069513

  • SO scan scheduled for this coming Tuesday, and then appointment with surgeon to check me out on the 25th of June.. Same one that is going to chop Ness up. Am on the cancellation list though, so if someone pulls pin before then, I'll be winging to Tauranga quicker than a quick thing.

    Was funny, his receptionist asked if I was in any pain from the injury when she was booking me in. While there is now a dull throb at times, the truthful answer was no, so I told a fib saying that yes, hurting quite a bit when I do stuff etc. Mainly when I lift my wife above my head in our pairs routine...

  • Good luck for Sunday mate. Im off fishing all day tomorrow so will try catch ya Sunday and come for a look if I can.

  • wasnt this also what Phil Waugh did last year and he carried on playing?

  • come to think of it yeah. You just lose a lot of strength, and in my case symetry, which is more important!! So will just go with the flow and see how it goes, operate when it comes along, and keep on keeping on until then. Training as per usual, just lighter weights for curls and probably pull down type things!

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