• Lots of different styles of workout on here, from many different points of view. While it's very interesting to read all the threads, sometimes the stats and workout details obscure what your actually trying to get at. Also, goals change as our bodies change, or new challenges present themselves over time, or old challenges fade as the hurdles get cleared.

    So what are you really after? We all have as long-term goal in our minds, but have we thought about what happens when (not if) we get there?

    Why don't we put them all here in a barrel, and see where we got over time. The aim is for this to be the chart by which you plot your course, so no commenting our quoting to mess it up please. Feel free to "Like" anything thing all the same.

  • Long-term: I honestly thought I'd be happy to stop once I got under 100 kg, and in some ways I am; far better to be on this side of triple figures. But what I want is to be lean and hard. Body fat somewhere in the 10-12% range. Decent muscle, but not bulging. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine style, perhaps...

    Medium-term: there is an annual (August) event in Sydney called City 2 Surf, a 14 km run from the CBD across to Bondi Beach, featuring a big fucking hill and some other stuff, that I'd like to be able to clear inside 60 minutes. That would be a fair old pace for a bloke who has only run 10km once in his life so far, but attainable if I start working on a good program of preparation, and the weight keeps coming off. In my Vibram fivefingers!

    Short-term: for now, the focus is on breaking 90kg before the year is out, and hopefully by December 1. I will use almost any means to get there, even though it is going to cost me in terms of clothes (again) which always seen to be falling off a bloke as he ramps up the exercise.

  • You're really getting into this Nick. Awesome to see.

    Short-term: My PT keeps talking about me being a "spartan warrior by Halloween". Seems like as good a goal as any. Thats not far off though.

    Long-term: I guess to maintain that if possible but generally to remain fit, strong and healthy. I want to be a good role model for my sons and I don't see how I can push them to acheive at sport and stay healthy if I don't put in the effort myself.

  • My goals have changed as I have achieved them, to state the bloody obvious.

    The overriding motivator for me was to ensure I was able to take an active part in my children's lives and at 116kgs that wasn't going to happen.

    First goal - Lose weight (below 100kg), strengthen core and get fit
    Current goal - having achieved a constant weight of 95kg, my current 'weight' goal is to maintain and gradually drop to 90kgs. I am doing this through eating cleaner, although it could be better and maintaining a minimum of 3 gym sessions a week.

    I have found that my strength has not improved and in some cases is worse (due to a shoulder problem). So I have set some strength goals
    Squat 2 x Bodyweight = 190-200kg (Current 100kg)
    Bench = 100kg (best ever bench was 80kg) (Current 50Kg)
    Deadlift 2 x Bodyweight (Current 115Kg)

    I would also like to be able to complete all my exercises with good form.

  • Long term goal is to be as fit as I can and around 80kg with 10% or lower body fat.

    But to get there though I am gonna have to put on a whole lot of muscle because based on where I am at right now, then 10% bodyfat is gonna be sub 75kg lol. So that's going to be a real focus for next year and I will try do it without putting on too much excess fat etc from where I end up by this Christmas.

    Lifting goals are as follows:

    Squat - 2 x body weight (currently can do around 1.6 times)
    Bench - 100kg (currently 1RM at 85kg - always been my weak point)
    Deadlift - 200kg or 2.5 x target body weight (currently 1RM at 170kg so around 2.2 x current body weight).

  • Damn right Nick, your enthusiasm is infectious.

    Goals - Weight in the late 90's to early 100's. Still technically overweight even at my height but this is by the outdated BMI bullshit.

    Some of these max lifts may be a bit far fetched but ya gotta have goals......

    Deadlift - 250kg ( currently 220 or so on a good day )
    Bench - 150kg ( currently 130 or so )
    Squat - Well actually do some squats full stop
    Chin/pull ups - Maybe 10 with 30kg round the waist.

    More definition around the stomach. I have a strong core so know the abs are there, it's just a case of seeing them a bit better, don't get me wrong I don't want to be a 90's Peter Andre but more definition would be nice. I know this comes down 100% to diet and booze which has always been a bit of a bugbear.

    Fitness wise ? I'm no runner and have sort of plateaued as someone who can walk up and down hills all day but I guess do a shitload of burpees in a row without keeling over. Three figures perhaps ? Also do a bit more skipping as I kind of stopped over winter and it isn't an option indoors with my ceilings being so low.

    .....and to keep going with a monotonous but farkin important theme. Be active and fit for my kids. Rancid you've said it in a nutshell. Im not sitting by the phone expecting an All Black, or even a Black Cap call up but that's no reason that I shouldn't be in top condition as an example for my lads.

  • mine is/was always weight oriented (103kg down to 95kg IIRC) however this got amended to 93kg, which I managed to hit inside 7 weeks.

    I have plateaued at 95kg in the past 2 months, and have been looking to re-invigorate by setting some targets, so will have a think on some and re-post.

  • Mine is a mixture of weight and fitness goals. Like others above, I wanted to get fit to keep up with the kids but also my father died at 45 and I want a longer innings than that, with 40 on the horizon for me.

    I'm trying to maintain the weight at around 80kg, current 2kg over that. Over November I'll be attacking the diet and longer cardio again to get rid of that, target for that is 79kg.

    The fitness goals are just a way of keeping motivated. I've had huge strength gains over the past few years but these are starting to flatten out now I've shed the couch potato-ness from the body.

    Some of these are Crossfit specific;

    1 x Muscle Up. I want to get my first muscle up, opens up some interesting workouts. Am strong enough to do it, just need the skill work
    2 x bodyweight Deadlift. Current at 155kg, so 9kg to go. Losing weight will make this easier
    100kg Clean and Jerk. Have a 95kg Jerk, but only a 90kg Clean, have been struggling to squat clean that properly lately too, completely fine at 85kg.
    70kg Snatch. I've been stuck on 60kg for ages, need to again to work on my skills

    The rest of them is to continually improve my times for the names workouts. I record those on a Crossfit website, so I can see improvement. I want to get up to three figures on as many of my lifts as possible.

  • Yeah add a muscle up to my list of goals too, ripping one of those out would be cool. Weird how the body works, I can scale a high fence no probs but a muscle up ? beyond me at the moment.......

    Also a big power clean would be decent. Might help if I actually did them regularly haha.

    Kirwan you're kicking ass from where you started, this crossfit lark obviously agrees with you.

  • good thread.

    Goals - win Mr New Zealand Athletic twice more - in consecutive years. And off the back of that second one aim for the Natural Mr Olympia or such like, can't remember what it is called, but usually in Germany.

    Why I train, I LOVE it, and having goals help, that is for sure, otherwise you do drop off quickly.

    Over summer with the Ness will be doing a ton of cycling - in a couple of weeks doing the around Rotorua cycle, and then will do in relay with Ness the Taupo one also. A good way to maybe lean down the legs a little so I can add some poundage to the upper bod for BB comps.

    Weight targets for lifting don't really come into it, as when weight goes up and down and carbs come and go the weight of my max effort lift can change by a good 20kg or more for the big lifts!

    MN5 - your abs are there if you work them or not - just got to remove BF% to see them. Ness and I train abs probably in one 4 week block out of every 3. Your core should be getting enough work everywhere else, and if you train them too much, they will grow, and then you get a chunky waist. Not a good look in the BB world!

    I have just started a netfit PT paper too, so that is a goal, so I can be qualified to pass on what I already know. Look out for BartFit coming to you soon - bah ha ha ha!!!

  • Bartfit........I'm in!!!

    Abs also are a goal for me. Like Bart says they are there. Just gotta lean down to get them to show!

  • and another thing on ABs, don't know how factual, just heard from a mate who 'read somehwere' that the Abs are the only muscle in the body that won't shrink if you don't use em - unlike the rest of the body and the 'use it or lose it' mantra. Because they are covering your vital organs apparantly. Sounds logical to me, but factual, anyone else heard anything like that...??

  • [quote name='BartMan' timestamp='1350950130' post='319806']
    and another thing on ABs, don't know how factual, just heard from a mate who 'read somehwere' that the Abs are the only muscle in the body that won't shrink if you don't use em - unlike the rest of the body and the 'use it or lose it' mantra. Because they are covering your vital organs apparantly. Sounds logical to me, but factual, anyone else heard anything like that...??

    Naa but makes sense doesn't it ?

    I hear ya though, some dudes have abs but yet their stomachs stick way out, not a good look.

  • Lost about 10 kg as a result of not training/ playing due to injury and a focus on losing a couple of inches off the waist. The lost weight has certainly helped with the mountain biking, but the amount of muscle mass and strength I've dropped is very noticeable so my goal for this year is to add five kilograms of lean muscle to get me back around 92 kg.

  • so re-visited my measurements, and havent really moved much at all since I stopped recording it back in March.

    Chest 116cm
    round belly (over belly button) 96cm
    Bicep 37.5cm (left is 37.0)
    Quads 63.5cm (left is 62.5cm)

    I guess my goals are probably still weight oriented as I know the other things will follow.

    Would like to hit 92kg (currently 95kg, started on 01/01/12 at 103) and would like the main male vanity requirement; abs, I currently have what I like to call a 3 pack, but still alot of room for improvement to be had.

    On my mountain run, I'd like to break 25 mins (on the longer direction which I did for the first time on Saturday at a little over 30 mins) I managed ot get 28 mins on the other direction which is a bit easier.

    DOnt really have any weight goals, given I have only had enough weight in the past 2 months to push myself, I have been beating most of my PB's from 15 years ago (last time I was doing weights regularly enough) so will re-assess once I reach weight and fitness goals, have learnt in my worklife that having too many thngs to work on is a sure fire way to go backwards!

  • Goals at this stage is purely weight related - and probably not 100% specific, except I do want to get below 100kg and then perhaps to 96kg (my weight when I was at my peak fitness ... mind you that was also with a significant lack of body fat but it's a number that has pleasant connotations) - but will see how I go with the first target.

    Similar to dK and Kirwan I hit 114kg and was becoming less active and not doing as much with my daughter.

    114kg at 44 just smelled of heart attack too - after so many years convincing myself I was reasonably fit (even though I wasn't as fit as I'd have liked to be).

    No other goal at this point in time - I don't envisage becoming an elite masters athlete or anything so as I said elsehwere I don't have the motivation to thrash myself (at the moment) and just want to feel healthier for my family and feel better about how I look (i.e., so I'm not embarrassed when I catch my reflection in a shop window!! ).

    Whilst I really used to love doing weight training back in the day and squats in particular (I think I got up to doing 3 sets x 12 at 160-ish - have no idea what I'd have done on a single rep), and dead lifts (similar type weights) I don't enjoy how my knees feel when I'm doing them now - so I don't. (Was always hopeless at bench press).

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