Matt Johnson - heart surgery

  • @Duluth Yeah, I saw that on Taylah Hodson-Tomokino's instagram, the last few days. She's keeping everyone informed of his health situation that way.

  • I don't recall this guy at all. Geez hope he recovers well, brutal stuff.

  • Don’t remember him playing for the Blues only recall him at the Stags.

    Hopefully he can get through this.

  • From memory he was signed to the Blues squad but due to the heart issue had to withdraw during preseason and never played a game.

  • Sounds like really positive news today - he is awake.

    Great stuff.

  • From instagram:

    taylahtomokino: OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! πŸ–€πŸ€ After six days in ICU, Matty is now awake and can begin his long journey to recovery. It’s going to be a difficult path to navigate, but with the love and support he has received from his friends, family and strangers, absolutely anything is possible.
    To know he was on the brink of death on Tuesday and is now lying here awake is nothing short of a miracle. No amount of thanks will ever be enough to show the staff here at Auckland Hospital how appreciative I am of their tireless efforts to heal Matty.
    Understandably, Matt is exhausted and in a lot of pain, so I kindly ask that you refrain from attempting to visit him within the next few days. He may be awake, but he is extremely weak. He has to get some decent movement in his joints after being immobile for a prolonged period of time, so effectively teach his body how to walk again.
    We are so grateful and humbled to have received so much support, well wishes and prayers from everyone. I can truly say Matty would not have pulled through if it was not for the overwhelming love he received and the way he was constantly uplifted in prayer throughout his ordeal.

    In due course, I am sure you will all hear from Matty himself. But for now, I thank you all on his behalf for caring so much about our boy and his recovery.

    Meitaki Maata πŸ’šπŸ’›

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