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    These are the matches included:

    • First Division results from 1976-2005 (not including relegation playoffs)
    • 14 team competition results from 2006-2020
    • Placeholder dates are used for some matches in 1992, 1993 & 1994

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    So basically the same as the SR results page. I might improve it one day (date range search, url variables so you can link to particular search results etc)

    There's probably a couple of errors in the data. Let me know if you spot any.

  • Also, if anyone feels like correcting the dates for 1992, 1993 & 1994 post in this thread

    Pretty sure those dates aren't online anywhere. It's only in rugby almanacks I guess

  • @Duluth

    Do you want to include the promotion/relegation results? I have those from 1976-96.

    I can give you the missing dates of the Waikato games from 1992-94.

  • @Bovidae said in NPC results archive:

    Do you want to include the promotion/relegation results? I have those from 1976-96.

    I have the promotion relegation results too. It was a bit more complicated if to include matches like them

    @Bovidae said in NPC results archive:

    I can give you the missing dates of the Waikato games from 1992-94.

    Yes please. Just post it in here when you can be bothered. No rush

  • @Duluth

    Here is the information I have. The dates and scores of the Waikato games are correct, and from another book, I have included dates for other games if provided. It is possible one of the Saturday games was played on Sunday as that is not always clear. There were much more midweek games in those years than I remember.

    Waikato vs Auckland, 13 June in Hamilton, 13-20
    Waikato vs Canterbury, 12 August in Hamilton, 22-17
    Waikato vs North Harbour, 22 August in Hamilton, 17-30
    Waikato vs North Auckland, 29 August in Whangarei, 63-22
    Waikato vs Wellington, 2 September in Wellington, 39-10
    Waikato vs King Country, 5 September in Hamilton, 52-10
    Waikato vs Otago, 12 September in Dunedin, 18-34
    Waikato vs Hawke’s Bay, 19 September in Napier, 44-10

    Final result was 40-5 not 40-15.

    North Harbour vs King Country, 1 June in Takapuna (played under the old 4-pt try system)
    There was ~2 month break for the AB tour of Australia and SA
    Hawke’s Bay vs Wellington in Napier, 8 August
    North Auckland vs Otago in Whangarei, 12 August
    North Auckland vs Canterbury, North Harbour vs Otago, King Country vs Hawke’s Bay, Wellington vs Auckland, all played on 15 August
    Auckland vs Otago, Hawke’s Bay vs North Auckland, Canterbury vs King Country, all played on 22 August
    King Country vs North Auckland in Te Kuiti on 25 August
    Canterbury vs North Harbour on 26 August
    North Harbour vs Wellington (Takapuna), Hawke’s Bay vs Auckland (Napier), Canterbury vs Otago, all played on 29 August
    King Country vs Auckland (Taupo), 2 September
    Auckland vs North Auckland, Canterbury vs Hawke’s Bay, Otago vs Wellington, all played on 5 September
    Otago vs Hawke’s Bay, North Auckland vs North Harbour, 9 September
    Auckland vs Canterbury, King Country vs Wellington (Te Kuiti), played on 12 September
    North Harbour vs Hawke’s Bay (Takapuna), 13 September
    Wellington vs North Auckland, 16 September
    Wellington vs Canterbury, Auckland vs North Harbour, played on 19 September

    Waikato vs Canterbury, 15 August in Christchurch, 18-9
    Waikato vs Wellington, 21 August in Hamilton, 18-24
    Waikato vs King Country, 28 August in Taumarunui, 36-11
    Waikato vs North Harbour, 4 September in Takapuna, 14-18
    Waikato vs Hawke’s Bay, 8 September in Hamilton, 29-22
    Waikato vs Taranaki, 11 September in Hamilton, 59-5
    Waikato vs Auckland, 18 September in Auckland, 17-6
    Waikato vs Otago, 26 September in Hamilton, 28-11 - change score
    Waikato vs Otago, 2 October in Dunedin, 22-36

    Taranaki vs Wellington, 25 May
    Auckland vs Hawke’s Bay, King Country vs North Harbour, Queen’s Birthday (Sat?)
    Taranaki vs Auckland, Hawke’s Bay vs Otago (Napier), Wellington vs King Country, 14 August
    King Country vs Otago, 18 August
    King Country vs Canterbury, Hawke’s Bay vs Taranaki, North Harbour vs Auckland (Takapuna), 21 August
    Otago vs Auckland, Wellington vs Hawke’s Bay, North Harbour vs Canterbury, 28 August
    Canterbury vs Auckland, Taranaki vs King Country, Wellington vs Otago, 4 September
    Auckland vs Wellington, Otago vs Canterbury, North Harbour vs Hawke’s Bay, 11 September
    Otago vs North Harbour, 15 September
    Wellington vs North Harbour, Canterbury vs Taranaki, 18 September
    Hawke’s Bay vs King Country, 19 September
    Canterbury vs Wellington, Auckland vs King Country, North Harbour vs Taranaki, 26 September

    SFs played on 2 and 3 October

    Waikato vs King Country, 13 August in Hamilton, 45-10
    Waikato vs Otago, 20 August in Dunedin, 25-38
    Waikato vs Wellington, 27 August in Wellington, 23-30
    Waikato vs Canterbury, 3 September in Hamilton, 26-29
    Waikato vs Counties, 10 September in Pukekohe, 15-8
    Waikato vs North Harbour, 17 September in Hamilton, 23-35
    Waikato vs Taranaki, 24 September in New Plymouth, 19-15
    Waikato vs Auckland, 1 October in Auckland, 15-37

    Dates of all other games seem to match.
    King Country vs Taranaki was played in Te Kuiti.

    SFs played on 8 (Takapuna) and 9 October (Dunedin). Final on 15 October.

  • @Bovidae

    Brilliant. Thanks for making the effort

    I'll update it in the next few days

  • I hate to be that guy, but Northland only became Northland after 1994. Before that they were North Auckland.

  • Meant to say though, @Duluth , that is an amazing effort.

  • @JC said in NPC results archive:

    I hate to be that guy, but Northland only became Northland in 1994. Before that they were North Auckland.

    Yeah I dislike that name so I fixed it 🙂

    Also the results are linked by team name.. one name was easier

  • A couple of changes

    • Some data updates that @Bovidae provided
    • Team results can be searched within a date range
    • The url updates as you search. That means you can link to particular results

    For example, here's the link for Waikato vs Wellington in Hamilton over the last 10 years:

    I have tested these changes for approx 2mins. I'm sure everything works great.

  • Great work, @Duluth! 👍

  • @Stargazer said in NPC results archive:

    Great work, @Duluth! 👍

    Absolutely, fascinating diving into past results.

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