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  • Throughout the 2019 season, there has been a lot of discussion about which players did well, and which players did not so well; about the positions in the squad that need strenghtening via good recruitment, and where departing players need to be replaced. Looking ahead, the Blues don't seem as much affected by the big player exodus as other franchises, but quite a few players have not re-signed, yet. Or, at least, their re-commitment hasn't been announced, yet.

    Just like last year, I have written a blog post with the current player list, re-signed players and players heading offshore etc. to help the discussion about the Blues 2020 squad. I will update this list when further signings or departures are announced.

    • In which positions do the Blues need to recruit more players?
    • Who of the players of the initial 2019 squad would you like to see signed for 2020 (or longer)?
    • Who of the players that played in 2019, but weren't in the initial squad, would you like to see signed for 2020 (or longer)?
    • Which other player, who hasn't played for the Blues in 2019 and hasn't signed with another franchise (yet), would be on your wish list?
    • Which player, who hasn't been signed yet, but played for the Blues in 2019, don't you want to be signed for 2020?

    Blog post:

  • I think the biggest need is a dynamic hooker - Parsons and Apisai are barely Super level.
    They need to chase someone like Keruru-Symes or the backup hooker at the Chiefs this year.

    You could probably say they need more depth in every position especially lock, centre and outsides backs.

    Locks: the loss of Scrafton is massive so they will need to plug that hole. Whetton might return from the Highlanders.

    Centres: Tana might use his Uncle card and entice PUJ up from the Canes, him and Faine could be a really effective combo. They could also try and get Manu to return from the Chiefs.

    Fullback: the loss of Nanai will mean someone like Trainor will need to step up.

  • @Canes4life none of that really matters if the 9-10 axis is as pants as it has been since, well, fuckin ages ago

  • @taniwharugby very true. Don’t think it will tbh.

  • @taniwharugby That's why I don't understand the signing of Christie. He is so erratic and he doesn't have the physicality of Ruru, which - despite all the criticism of the player - has been one of Ruru's positive points.

  • @Stargazer Yeah Christie is poor, the Canes would have been stoked to offload him.

  • The only positive with Christie is MacDonald has worked with him before so he knows what he is getting.

    Blues definitely need help at hooker - Parsons is like Collins where he is not good enough to be a starter.

    Blues also need to use their squad more - you can't be playing your team into the ground like they did this year.

    As for the 9-10 axis I think the best hope is Nock staying fit. He has by far the quickest service so will give whoever is 10 some time and space on the ball.

    They could also help themselves a lot by improving their exit game (multiple kicking options anyone?) and their general discipline which has been bad for years - stop giving away cheap penalties!

  • @KiwiMurph I still don't think you can turn shit to gold strange recruitment Christie.
    Hooker,Lock,,First five and FB are the areas that need bolstering.The Blues look strong in the Propping, Loose Forward and Wing positions..

  • Interesting stat Of the 39 All Blacks selected this week, more than a quarter ran out for Auckland schools.
    Even though the Blues is our most populated SR area Of the six uncapped players, four of New Zealand's five Super Rugby franchises are represented, with only the Blues failing to promote a new player into the squad.

  • @Chris said in Blues 2020:

    @KiwiMurph I still don't think you can turn shit to gold strange recruitment Christie.
    Hooker,Lock,,First five and FB are the areas that need bolstering.The Blues look strong in the Propping, Loose Forward and Wing positions..

    Not so much if Ofa T leaves for the Crusaders. Depth in the TH position is a worry IMO.

  • @cgrant yeah if he leaves true I posted this before
    The Ofa Rumour

  • Stargazer reports that Jed Brown has signed with Kintetsu Liners in Japan. Hoping that opens up the backup openside spot for Adrian Choat.

  • @Daffy-Jaffy I reckon Waimana Reidlinger Kapa will be on the books next year as a 6/8.
    I think its time for Papalii to be our regular 7 with Blake Gibson as the bench option.
    He (Papalii), would even be my choice for the captaincy.
    He's going to be captain some day anyway.....why not now!?

  • @Nogusta I thought Reidlinger Kapa may get Jimmy 'food bill' Tupou's spot next year. He has experience covering lock from the bench although is much more suited for 6/8. I prefer Papalii at 6 rather than 7, however they will likely still pick a 3rd 7 which is were I hope Choat gets a chance.

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  • @Jaguares4real F*ck off with your trolling. The Blues had a disappointing season but that's nothing to laugh about. And that clip belongs in the Blues 2019 thread, not this one.

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  • Getting this thread back on track....

  • I suspect Beauden will put on weight and lose a bit of fitness at the Blues. Every other player there seems to.

  • @sparky Beaudie has chosen the four year sabbatical....

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