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  • I just remember Toala kicked at Hastings BHS too.

    Falcon might be off-contract at the Chiefs. He's had 2 injury-interrupted seasons and may want to go back closer to home.

  • @Stargazer said in Hurricanes 2020:

    @Bovidae He's been kicking at goal during the club rugby season, this year; I think also during the preseason games ( @Number-10 can you confirm?). I think the kicking duties for the Magpies will be shared between him and Toala.

    Yep, McClutchie kicked three conversions in both pre-season matches this year against Tasman and Manawatu.

    Was also the top try scorer for the HB Under 19 team last year with 8 - 4 in the Hurricanes tournament (3 matches) and 4 in the Jock Hobbs tournament ( 3 matches) and shared the goalkicking with Danny Toala.

  • Reports say the Canes are looking offshore at potential BB replacements also. Lima Sopoaga is one name that is around. I wonder if they might look at that Kiwi 10 playing for the Sunwolves as well? I know he can kick goals but am unaware if he is any good. Lima will have to stop eating all the pies if he wants to be back in super rugby shape

  • @canefan Hayden Parker is already under contract at Kobelco Steelers.

  • @Stargazer said in Hurricanes 2020:

    @canefan Hayden Parker is already under contract at Kobelco Steelers.

    Yeah. The report said they may be about to sign Aaron Cruden, and that might motivate them to release him. All big ifs

  • Lima Sopoaga has been dreadful for Wasps. Not worth a Super contract. Seems lazy and disinterested. He wouldn't fit into Hurricnaes team culture. Parker is locked in at the Sunwolves. Aaron Cruden coming back home would make more sense.

  • @sparky Cruden = always injured

  • @Stargazer Not always.

  • @sparky Ah, I forgot some people take things literally. Let me rephrase: Cruden = often injured.

  • Looking at all the NZ franchises, only the Blues have now filled all their first five-spots. Assuming the Highlanders will re-sign Josh Ioane, and have signed Mitch Hunt (which still hasn't been confirmed), they don't need another 10 either. The Crusaders will need at least one to replace Hunt, but I suspect they'll promote Burke to the squad (despite being unconvincing for the NZU20s).

    The Chiefs should re-sign Debreczeni, but shouldn't make the same mistake and sign Dmac as a first-five. He's a fullback covering 10 at best. So they need two more. Maybe they'll re-sign Falcon, and for lack of other options, MMac, but they might look at alternatives (they should).

    That makes the situation at the Canes the most urgent - with only a very average Jackson Garden-Bachop signed and Fletcher Smith still to re-sign as far as we know (would the Chiefs chase him?). The Canes may still have to compete with the Chiefs for a signature though. There aren't many options in NZ, other than young rookies or other players who've never made the step up.

    The Highlanders have used Hollinshead as injury cover. Maybe they'll consider him.
    Talented rookies with Mitre 10 Cup experience I can think of are Lincoln McClutchie and Willi Havili. Maybe someone can confirm, but Kaleb Trask is first and foremost a fullback, isn't he, although he can play first five? The Chiefs might already have locked him in, anyway.

    Of the other 2018 Mitre 10 Cup first fives, the Turbos have lost Jade Te Rure to Yorkshire Carnegie. Beaudein Waaka has moved to Oz and will probably play for a spot in the Melbourne Rebels (he was part of their WTG).

    At the moment, I can't think of any other first five-eighths, who may be talented or experienced enough for the step up to SR. Despite all his injuries, the Canes will be hoping Cruden is keen to return, or that Hayden Parker is released from his Japanese contract, but the pickings are slim.

    If one thing is clear, the SR franchises must put a lot of development effort in young first five-eights. That won't help them much during the 2020 season, but maybe the following seasons.

  • Danny Toala played at 10 for his club side as they won their semi-final over the weekend. He made a decent fist of it, with good tactical kicking. I would want to see him play a few games in that position in Mitre 10 Cup though before saying that was a option at Super level.

  • @Stargazer Fletcher Smith signed a 2 year deal last year so he’s locked in next year.

  • @mikey07 Do you have an (online) source for that, because I've never seen any contract duration published?

    Edit: just found an article on Stuff. Not really the kind of source I'm looking for, but since I can't find anything on the Hurricanes website, that will have to do.

    So the Hurricanes will only need to sign one experienced first five-eighth. That will have to be a damn good one.

  • @Stargazer do we try for a foreigner for 2020? I reckon we could make a reasonable case and post RWC there could be some quality options floating around.

    Snagging cruden would be gold. But seems highly unlikely. Parker would be 50/50 at best imo - better than what we've currently got, but will he ever be a top drawer 1st 5? Hmm prob not.

    I dont think JGB has had enough time to show his potential, but would agree that he's been more rocks than diamonds so far.

  • Our pack has come along nicely. We need a class 10 now

  • @Paekakboyz

    JGB hasn't had enough time. When he did get game time this year against the Blues he had a VG game. Cruden's too injury prone now isn't he. Toala I was impressed with at 2nd vs the Blues and maybe he can become an option at first. I'd still like to see Jordan Barrett tried there is he stays at the Canes.

  • The Canes have said they've talked to a few first five options who are currently overseas who have shown interest in challenging for the Canes 10 jersey. I, however, find it hard to take anything the Canes say seriously after last year's promise of attracting a monster lock to the franchise came to nothing.

    I would like them to lock up McLutchie as I think he has class written all over him. A proper game manager who knows how to use his weapons outside him. Obviously, he's had limited game time at NPC level to prove his worth so I am hoping he has a big tournament to prove he is upto the next level. Hopefully he brings his mate Fakatava along with him if he ends up signing for the Canes.

  • we've got a young but improved pack for next year. Esp at lock.

    I think we got stuffed around by that SA lock we recruited. He was a big bopper but an absolute fizzle in the end. Plumtree will learn from that episode.

  • @Winger said in Hurricanes 2020:

    JGB hasn't had enough time. When he did get game time this year against the Blues he had a VG game.

    He's 24 and played 13 games for the Rebels.

    It's pretty optimistic to regard him as untried.

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