More proof that life isn't fair

  • Ex-Silver Fern Tania Dalton had her life support machine turned off after failing to survive a carotid aneurysm. She will pass when she is ready, she is 45 years old and will leave a husband and kids

  • 3 kids.

    Poor babies.

    Thats shit huh?

    Been following that news all weekend but it never looked good.

    Thoughts, prayers for the family.

  • Not fair, all right. Just awful.

    Lots of love to the Dalton family in what must be the shittest of times.

  • Awful and sad. Playing touch, minding her own business. She wasn't even involved in the action when it happened.

    She was on life support over the weekend and the family were waiting for her brother to fly back from the UK to say goodbye before ultimately turning off life support.

    NZ Netball ought to name the new ANZ Championship trophy in her honour.

  • That's incredibly sad, the family must be in complete shock, just cannot imagine what they are going through.

    Makes you realise how fragile life is and how you have to make the most while you've got the chance. Dalton certainly did that.

  • Very sad indeed. We know the family via the kids through sport and a few of the other parents are quite close to them. Everyone was very much in shock last Thursday evening, quite disturbing for those down at the ground but oh so tough for the family and the kids in particular

    Yep life is unfair alright

  • It's official. RIP Tania, my heart bleeds for your family

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