• Yikes!! I'm too bloody impulsive.

    I got the email as I did the 1/4 last year and so I paid for the full marathon and a training guide!!!

    2 of November is kick-off!!!  Already nervous but I will conquer this and enjoy it!!!

    Ran 7 k the other night, and reckon I could have kept going for the next 35k........  IN PRISON!!!!

  • Will update on training.

    Tonight was 3 chicken legs, scalloped potatoes and Beans.  K's ran = 0  :happy:

  • Washed down with how many beers?

    Good luck, and keep up the training diary so I can figure out whether it is ever worth running further than 10kms  :happy:

  • Completely Sober!!! No idea what spurred me on to do so, except that I would like to accomplish one.  Was going to book the hlf so I could run over the bridge but then though I had 7 months to train so I would go the whole hog

  • Good on you Hooroo, that's a tough task you've taken on.

    Make sure you find out what sort of plan will get your to the end without injuring the fark out of yourself. Don't pull a Jade Goody!

  • No, I will definitely be training properly.  I have purchased a training plan especially suited for me and will stick to it.

    I'm really looking forward to it all at the moment.

  • Suggest you get some sponsorship for a charity or something to keep you going on cold, wet, long nights. Helps to have extra motivation for something like that.

  • [quote]I'M DOING THE AUCKLAND MARATHON!!!![/quote]

    Didn't you do it last year, Kerre Woodham?

  • [quote name='Kirwan']
    Suggest you get some sponsorship for a charity or something to keep you going on cold, wet, long nights. Helps to have extra motivation for something like that.


    Great idea but I can't bring myself to ask others for contributions.  Maybe I can get another motivator somehow apart from the want to complete it. Hmmmm

  • Doing a 6 week Vibra-Train course starting tonight.  can't really tell you much about it really.  Was more of a sucker for good advertising and it's nice and close to home.

    They take all your diminsions though and fat tests etc so that will be a nice comparison after 6 weeks

  • Perhaps we could change your name to 'PUSSY, the poster previously known as Hooroo' on the Fern for starters...

    Good on you though, you are mad!!

  • Didn't you like it when you tried it??  I thought it was intense.

    We'll see after 6 weeks though as they take all my measurement tomorrow and I won't be running properly until after this course.

  • 177 days to go and my first week of training has been a shambles.

    KM's ran = 0
    Food intake = Copius
    Exercise = somewhat
    Excuses = 1 (I had a cold and had a couple of days off work. Man Cold, maybe, but a cold none the less)

    I can hear the smirks of those that shook their heads when I announced I will be doing this Marathon.  Well fear not my dear readers, I have done something this week.  I have managed a full body analysis and joined a 6 week Vibra-Train course which is essentially a machine that shakes the shit out of until you figure that it is best to just go out and start running for yourself.  To be fair though, I am completely knackered after each session (I have done three sessions this week)

    Body analysis is as follows:
    Height = 189cms
    Gender = Male
    Weight = 121.1 sobs

    Total Body Water = 61.6 litres (Should be about 48.3)
    Protien Mass (read: Muscle stuff) = 16.6kg (Good for my height is 12.9kg, so that's a positive for me!)
    Mineral Mass (read: Bone strength/density) = 5.0kg. Good is 4.5kg, so that is my only other positive)
    Body fat Mass 37.9kg (Should be around 12) *sobs uncontrollably

    Measurements: (cms)

    Chest = 122
    Waist = 125
    Hips = 123
    Quad = 66
    Calf = 44
    Arm = 43

    So nothing much to write home about (So I hope Mum isn't reading this) apart from a lot of motivation to get myself up to speed, slowly but surely!!!

    I suppose a positive is that at least I have found out all this information now rather than through an autopsy!!!

    Healthy living is my motto now (with a bit of bad thrown in)

    The weekend will consist of a game of golf and a day at the races so realistically my first run will be Monday.  (I went for a 7k run 10 days ago, but wasn't thinking of doing a marathon then, so I have a wee bit of an ability to jog)

    Have a good weekend all, and if you do see a tall, blond, fat, red-faced muppet plodding along your street, give us a wave as how many of us can there really be!!


    Your Marathon Man


  • Hats off to you my friend. Good luck with the training

  • Chances of your Mother reading this have increased slightly now it's on the front page!Â

  • there is no going back for Mr Hooroo.

    I'm thinking of doing an Concept 2 Marathon in support of MegaHooroo (who will be downsized by marathon time, under 100kg I reckon), anyone else keen - Duluth, Kirwan...??

  • Hmmm, that's tempting. Be nice to have something to train for as opposed to just "being healthy".

    My challenge (besides the obvious) would be when to do it, as I'll lose my rower while it's shipped back to NZ. Are we planning to do it on the same day as Hooroo? If so that schedule could work.

    Not sure if I could take 5hours plus, or whatever it would take me on a bloody rower. Would need to row on a roids pillow wouldn't ya?

  • Sure why not?

    What time do you think you could do it in?

  • same day, or as near too as Hooroo's marathon I reckon.

    I have done a Half marathon in 1:21 and a few odd seconds.  So I would aim for the three hour mark - trying to go under of course.

    I have seen a Marathon training schedule on the concept2 website at some stage in the dim past, might see if I can find that.

    Kirwan - could you sell your Concept2 in pommyland and pick up a new one here??  They hold their value pretty well don't they?

  • It's an option, we have a shit load of stuff to go back anyway. Getting a quote for it all next week so I'll see if it's cheaper to buy one in NZ instead of ship it.

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