Which team is going to win the South African conference

  • This is the most interesting conference which team is the best One minute I think the Bulls then the Lions but is it the Sharks or the Argies I have no idea now or the Stormers with that big pack

  • No idea because the form has been all over the place.

    The table is so close.. However the Bulls, Sharks and Jaguares have not travelled to NZ yet

    Maybe it'll be a two horse race between the Lions and Stormers? Lions favourites.

  • Impossible to predict.

    If the Jaguares travel to Oz and NZ as well as they did last year (beating the Rebels, Brumbies, Blues and Chiefs), and continue their recent winning run, I give them a good chance of a spot in the finals again.

    The Lions are currently last in the conference and are going into their second bye, but you never know with them. They haven't been as good as previous years, but still have some quality players that can lift the team.

    The Bulls and Stormers can still expect a visit from the Crusaders, and the Sharks and Lions still have to battle the Hurricanes at home. Slightly less daunting, but still no easy feat, are the home games of the Lions and Stormers against the Highlanders.

    The Sharks are currently touring and will play the Crusaders on Friday, and the Chiefs the following week.
    The Bulls will be the last to tour Austalasia, including visits to the Blues and Highlanders.

  • In February, in another thread, my prediction was the Jaguares. I am maintening it despite their oncoming schedule. The SA teams are a bit shitty (actually, all teams are, with the notable exception of the Crusaders).

  • @cgrant Canes are starting to turn it up. Wouldn't call that performance last night shitty.

  • I am not sure if the Canes were really good or the Chiefs were really shit
    Those first 2 tries the Canes scored the Chiefs didn’t really compete

  • It's very even. And that's great for the NZ teams, because it means that the NZ conference winner is unlikely to finish behind the SA conference winner. This means a better chance of home advantage throughout the finals, and less chance of having to fly across the Indian Ocean during the post-season. Playing a final in SA, especially at altitude, isn't an ideal outcome.

  • The Paw Patrols.

  • The Avengers

  • @Machpants said in Which team is going to win the South African conference:

    The Avengers

    Those Marvel jerseys are a fucking abomination

  • @mariner4life Agree they are so shit

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