MotM vs Australia I

  • Three votes as always.

  • Read, Crockett, Retallick. The positional switch took Barrett out of the equation.

  • Read, Barrett, Coles.
    BBBR unlucky

  • kano, smith, bb

  • BTW Cruden was awesome too

  • I put Fekitoa in the mix. Thought he came of age today, straightened the attack, got over the advantage line, only one silly pass. Was an assured and aggressive performance. BB is MoM though for me closed followed by BBBR. Awesome game, can't remember the AB's starting like this since...??

  • Banned

    This was tough. So many candidates.
    I went Barrett, A Smith and Read.

  • I picked Barrett, Coles & Read.

  • Barrett - a constant threat and creates huge space for everyone around him. Massive impact, and needs to be at 10 rather then 15 where he is less involved.
    Read - back to his best. 
    Coles - best hooker in the business at the moment. Massive threat with ball in hand and gets stuck into the tight stuff when required. Must be tough as hell to be playing with the rib injury as well.
    BBR, A Smith, Cane, Kaino, Crockett and Whitelock all outstanding. Naholo and Crotty both excellent before going off.

  • Read, whitelock and a smith.

  • Read for the standout plays, and Whitelock and Retallick because lineouts stood out for me, and their tackling, ball handling and essential tight five mentality.
    It's always the tight five that batters the Wallabies

  • Barrett, Whitelock & Read.

  • Kaino for being in Beast Mode Plus

  • BB, Read and BBBR. Always good to see the forwards dominate this poll.

  • Amazing from Coles to play that well when in truth still injured and in lots of pain. BB was also fantastic and is developing rapidly into a great All Blakcs first five. All the forwards were excellent, but I thought Kaino deserved the nod for that extra bit of Beast.

  • Hard to pick with the forwards but looking at Kaino it was like he is not that old.  Great defence and of course the charge down try combo.  Read for being in the grind and plain exceptional in all phases of the game.  Barret because he creates things and really no one could complain about his option taking as first five.  He is all that and more.  A caveat on things though was that the Aussies were shite.

  • Read, Kaino and Barrett but could just have easily been Crockett (who I focused on for a good while, ambling about being bloody useful) and both Crotty and Cane for being pedestrian and past it.

  • BB, Read and BBBR. Always good to see the forwards dominate this poll.

    Very tough to pick this week, so many standouts. These were my picks too. Honourable mentions to Cane and A Smith.
    Even the players getting a little bit of grief: Dagg and Fekitoa, I reckon went alright. Personally, I don't think Fekitoa would be playing if we didn't have so many injuries, but we did so he stepped up and went pretty good. If you play the game at 100mph, you'll make mistakes but hopefully the good outweighs the bad. I'm sure he played a big role in all the errors Aus made with his linespeed.
    I thought Dagg went well. Yep, he made mistakes... but as a result of him attacking and trying things, which I can handle.

  • I'm waiting until I can watch a replay after only seeing the game at the ground. But, got home last night and my recordings of this match and the SA v Arg match fucked up but the Warriors didn't. Stupid Foxtel box, also had to re-set it twice this morning to find all my recordings.
    At the ground I thought Retallick, Broden, and Coles were the best three but I'd prefer to vote after watching tv version. I also thought Read and Cane went well, although from the distance I was at I sometimes muddled them up!

  • So hard to select, so many options, went Retallick, Whitelock and Barrett. All 3 starting loose forwards could have been chosen here too.

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