MOTM v Ireland

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    Moody was great - can't remember a better game from him. Whether he was one of the best three might be a bit of a moot point because most were very good, but I'm voting for him.

    Moody looks like he may have used the month in camp to his advantage, he looked the fittest and healthiest I can recall in awhile.that week off may have done the whole squad a favour.

  • According to espn Bridge made 15 runs for 117 metres, most metres by any player, Reece had 11 for 54 but had 8 defenders beaten to Bridges 4. But combined these two young wingers were exceptional.

  • Read, A. Smith and Mo’unga.

    Next best three: Whitelock, Cane, Moody

    Close behind: Bridge, Savea, B. Barrett

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    @JK said in MOTM v Ireland:

    Had a decent MOTM bet on Smith and even though he went off after 60mins I thought he might have done enough...

    Reckon they'd pay out on a TSF poll?

    Herald poll was similar but cant trust much there

  • Without seeing the poll results or previous comments:


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    Well, Ireland kicked the ball to him enough times.

  • @mofitzy_ said in MOTM v Ireland:

    I'll just repost this from up thread, man I am still laughing about it

    This from Eddie Osullivan, pre game
    “That’s a strong New Zealand backline but it’s not the perfect backline. I’m really happy about Barrett being at 15 because I don’t think he’s going to get his hands on the ball as much. I don’t think he gets his hands on the ball as much when he’s at 15. It’s practically impossible to bring him into the game as much as Richie Mo’unga will be Joe’s got a very predictable, very solid, very experienced XV, compared to the All Blacks XV which is not as experienced and I would say not quite as solid. Richie Mo’unga has not a great kicking game. He’s not as astute at exploiting (the space) in the back field. That’s good for us. Especially, if it’s wet. It’s another weakness. It’s hard to believe we’re talking about All Black weaknesses. When you compare them to Sexton, if it comes down to a drop goal or a late penalty in a one-score game, that gives us an edge there”.

  • @Machpants That's what you say when you are playing checkers, but don't realise the ABs are playing chess

  • Smith easily MOTM. His passing is pretty much rugby porn, and he makes everyone else's job easier.
    Then Read and Goodhue I went for. Best game by Read in ages, and not many on here picking Jack to start, but he smashed it.
    Hell of a team effort though.

    Some harsh comments on Todd given what utter bullshit his card was.

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