NPC Div 2 - Final rounds

    Otago 8 29 Counties (h) Manawatu (a)
    Wellington 7 28 Manawatu (a) Taranaki (h) Waikato (h)
    North Harbour 7 19 Canterbury (a) Tasman (h) Northland (a)
    Manawatu 7 15 Wellington (h) BOP (a) Otago (h)
    BOP 8 13 Manawatu (h) Hawkes Bay (a)
    Northland 8 9 Southland (a) Harbour (h)
    Southland 8 6 Northland (h) Tasman (a)

    Semi Finals

    Harbour and Manawatu both have a relatively hard run in.
    BOP might be able to squeeze in despite having less games to play?

    Wooden Spoon

    If Northland can beat Southland this round then Southland will finish last.. but it is in Invercargill

  • @Duluth There's been some major upsets across the board so nothing is too predictable but as they stand now could possibly be how they finish but I wouldn't put money on it.

  • hopefully our win will have broken the shackles, and even if we don't tip over Southland, we get NH in Whangarei on the back of their 3 in 8 days as well, so possibly a 2nd bite at trying to get off the foot of the table.

    All bar 1 year so far, 19 points has been the 4th place

  • Ridiculously we're still in with a chance of Top 4 with a Won 1, Lost 7 record. Unfortunately it looks like we may need to win our last 2 games though. Has any side ever had 5 x 4 try bonus points for just a single win?

  • @KiwiPie yeah based on 19 points being the cut off, if we finish with 2 BP wins, we could theoretically make it too, although Manawatu & NH should both finish higher than that....the good and bad thing about a 7 team play off system I guess

  • I see the wooden spoon has actually been shared around. Last place since the two division format:

    2011 Tasman
    2012 Harbour
    2013 Harbour
    2014 BOP
    2015 Northland

  • @Duluth Yay!, that means it's Southland's turn then......

  • Dunno....could be a back to back just like the mighty harbour side of 2012-2013

  • @JK said in NPC Div 2 - Final rounds:

    Dunno....could be a back to back just like the mighty harbour side of 2012-2013

    nah, I prefer the plan from @Pepe so don't you go ruining a good plan!

  • Team Points Last Game Points Difference
    Wellington 30 Waikato (home) 8
    Otago 30 Manwatu (away) 16
    Manawatu 22 Otago (home) 0
    North Harbour 19 Tasman (home) and Northland (away) -17
    Bay of Plenty 18 Hawkes Bay (away) -18
    Southland 11 Tasman (away) -139
    Northland 10 North Harbour (home) -82
    Date Match Venue
    12-Oct North Harbour v Tasman Albany
    14-Oct Manawatu v Otago Palmerston North
    15-Oct Hawke’s Bay v Bay of Plenty Napier
    15-Oct Wellington v Waikato Wellington
    16-Oct Tasman v Southland Nelson
    16-Oct Northland v North Harbour Whangarei

    Wellington and Otago will have home SFs
    Manawatu, NH & BOP going for the last two spots

    Northland can still escape the wooden spoon. In fact if Southland get nothing against Tasman, Northland would just need two bonus points against NH

  • @Duluth At least we'll know what we have to do before our game. If both Harbour and the Turbos win then we can relax.

    Not that we should be anywhere near the top 4 with a 2/7 win/loss record. Hurrah for bonus points!

  • @KiwiPie It's it's even more bizarre that it is likely you will be in the semis with that record. (3/8) as Hawkes bay are dreadful.

    BOP has look pretty good to watch for the most. I reckon yuo're going to towel them

  • Oops! I didn't see that Harbour is also playing Northland for 5 points

  • Cruden is going to play for the Turbos v Otago.

  • Harbour's draw last night leaves both them and Manawatu within our theoretical reach as of right now!

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