Predictions time

  • Right, rugby season starts tomorrow, who are you picking?

    Conference winners
    Overall winner
    Top try scorer
    Breakout player

    NZ = Hurricanes
    Aus = Reds
    Saffers = Bulls (fuck their two groups, Bulls to have most comp points in the Republic)

    Winner = Crusaders (based on them making the finals, and their ABs all being primed for June, meaning they will be humming in July/August).

    Try Scorer = Folau

    Breakout Player = One of the young Blues backs that are on the cusp, like Nanai, or Ioane

    Of course, with my record of tipping, i have just cursed everyone above

  • Blues to finish 2nd in the NZ conference. One of the Highlanders or Chiefs to miss out.

  • NZ - Crusaders
    Aus - NSW
    SA1 - Bulls
    SA2- Juguares

    Winner - Crusaders

    Try Scorer - R Ioane

    Breakout player - Gibson

  • I reckon the Crusaders are buggered for the same reason M4L is suggesting they'll win. Our forwards will be knackered after the Lions and like last year will fade.

    I reckon we'll be pretty good up till then.

    NZ - Canes
    Aus - Tahs
    SA1 Bulls
    SA2 - Lions

    Lions to top the log this year - by a significant margin.

    Chiefs, Crusaders, Brumbies and Sharks to make up the eight.

    Canes to win a final in SA.

    Tryscorer - James Lowe (Tasman)

    Breakout player - Jack Goodhue

  • @Chris-B. said in Predictions time:

    Tryscorer - James Lowe (Tasman)

    Shit! When did the Makos get admitted to the comp?

  • @NTA Sticks in the craw to predict good things for the Chiefs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Chris-B. Bloody Cantab-lite ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @Chris-B. said in Predictions time:

    Breakout player - Jack Goodhue

    Change of heart there Chris? I remember last season you didnt rate him at all (I think you called him Fonotia's bitch after a certain Canterbury v Tasman game)

  • @SammyC

    Yep - I'm hopeful that he's got better!

    He looked to have when I watched him closely at the back end of the NPC.

    A little bit of wishful thinking in that if he really is the breakout player of the season we'll probably go close - since hopefully it will also mean that the inside backs are going well and we'll have options in the threequarters! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'll get on the Canes bandwagon and pick the surprisingly tall Jordie Barrett as a breakout player @Canes4life would have him at 7 least. Would actually have to watch more Super rugby to pick anything else above and beyond that

  • @Chris-B. said in Predictions time:

    Breakout player - Jack Goodhue

    Really liked what I saw of him last year. Will be interesting to see how he goes.

    But, I have to go with @MN5 . JB excites the hell out of me. If he becomes a better, taller version of Beauden then I'll have to put some kind of protective covering over the TV.

    The Canes won unexpectedly last season and the team this year looks even better. They should kill it, but they are still the Canes and, as always, I am wary of their chances.

  • NZ - Hurricanes
    Aus - NSW
    SA1 - Bulls
    SA2- Sharks

    Winner - NSW
    Try Scorer - Folau
    Breakout player - Dempsey

  • NZ - Highlanders
    OZ - Waratahs
    SA1 - Bulls
    SA2 - Sharks

    Winner: Highlanders

    Breakout: I don't know but I think Warrick Gelant, Kobus van Wyk & Daniรซl du Plessis will have standout seasons.... and then not all get picked for the Springboks.

  • Bump

    Only a handful bothered to stick their necks out..

    So people were confident NSW were going to do well. Also people were fooled by the Bulls pre season form

    Surprised only me and @mariner4life picked the Crusaders to win the whole thing

    @Chris-B was the closest on top try scorer - Lowe was tied for 3rd with 11. Rieko Ioane was 5th with 10

  • Chris B did well picking Goodhue as the breakout player of the year. Can't think of anyone else (newbie) that stood out over him.

  • @Crazy-Horse i don't know, you miss J Barrett's name and you might get lynched on here

  • @Crazy-Horse think if you go back and read most of the threads when JB signed with the canes, a number of Cantabs were less concerned about losing JB and more with retaining Goodhue.

  • @taniwharugby said in Predictions time:

    @Crazy-Horse think if you go back and read most of the threads when JB signed with the canes, a number of Cantabs were less concerned about losing JB and more with retaining Goodhue.

    Yeah - Sammy for one deserves more credit than me for identifying Goodhue as a prospect.

    I'd tend to say Jordie, Laumape and Goodhue were probably the breakout players of the year - Laumape not an absolute rookie, but I didn't see many picking him as an AB at the start of the season.

    Jordie had already been flagged as an apprentice AB so his breakout was a bit more predictable - but, bigger and faster than I, at least, would have expected.

    Who else? Havili and Samu and maybe Bedwill-Curtis at the Crusaders. Not to the extent of Goodhue.

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