Bay of Plenty v Wellington

  • Are the Umuga-Jensens injured (again) or not developing as fast as I hoped?

  • @Crazy-Horse said in Bay of Plenty v Wellington:

    Are the Umuga-Jensens injured (again) or not developing as fast as I hoped?

    Thomas U-J, no idea, but Peter is not even in the 2017 Lions squad due to injury.

  • I see as usual they've managed to squeeze out the selection of any players from finalists HOBM for the Welly side.

  • Crikey that Aumua kid looks good. He's going out with my mates fiancees daughter so I got to meet him on a wine trail a few weekends back. Bloody nice fella. Not quite up there with @jegga s breakfast with the ABs but if he makes the team then I'll definitely have a great yarn to embellish the shit out of as the years go by.

  • Nobody wants to sponsor BOP? Front of jerseys look bare.

  • didnt see a foot out there...

  • Aumua is a freak. Pick him for the EOYT. Not as an apprentice either. He outplayed Harris who doesn't look like an AB.

    Lousi again looked really good. Could he be a future AB as well?

  • @pukunui agree. as long as his throwing is up to scratch he is a great bench option. i think you can get away with (what i assume is) his relative lack of scrummaging/tight power late in the game against tiring and/or 2nd string opposition front rows.
    and that explosive running will wreak absolute havoc against NH fatties.

  • @Stargazer thanks mate. They were spoken about on here a couple of years ago but I am hearing their names less and less now. Amazed they are still so bloody young.

  • Another very good performance by Wellington

    The Lousi, Walker-Leawere locking combination was great. I can see this as a starting combination for the Canes (hopefully the Canes have already signed IWL). It was a big, powerful combination that the Canes have lacked for years. Fifita looked right at home at 6 too. He's bulkedup and needs to focus now on this position

    Another player that I've been impressed with is Goosen. I still think his best position will be 2nd 5 (and hope he gets some game time there) but he's very good at center.

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