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  • Bad Boy Breakers. Club a shambles. Disgrace.


  • Yep not good signs coming out of the club at the moment either on or off the court.

    We know the Blackwells pretty well. They will be shaking their heads (from a distance) at what is going on there of late.

  • I feel a little sorry for Matt Walsh as Shamir would have been the person pushing for Rice Jr to join the team out of desperation. He (Walsh) put systems in place for Rice Jr like living with a Breakers staffer and not having a car but has been let down. Maybe this was entirely predictable based on previous behaviour but they are meant to be adults.

    Still, changes are needed as McFadden says.


  • @Bovidae A real shame considering the Blackwells ran the club with high ideals of character and family

  • @Bovidae I agree. It's a different direction but not necessarily a bad one. They got totally screwed by Rice, and the other guy made a dumb decision. Booze and sleeping pills!? Ffs
    I've heard quite a few interviews with Walsh and quite like his approach. He's pretty up front about things. I wonder if the coach has been the major force altering the culture?

  • @Paekakboyz said in NBL: Breakers and stuff:

    I wonder if the coach has been the major force altering the culture?

    I think so, if you believe some of the stories. He came with a big reputation from Israel but the results haven't stacked up.

  • As if Perth need any help, the refs are doing everything but put it in the hoop for them

    Fuck you Vaughan, shitcunt.

  • Yes! Best win in a while! 31 point 4th quarter!!

  • Lamelo Ball is really very good. a 32-point triple double last night, as an 18 year old. The massive 3 he drained to send it to overtime was a big time shot.


  • Just the news the Breakers want to hear as the Hawks are their next game.

    The Breakers are currently 2-8, their worst start since their debut season. Braswell must be laughing.

    It's going to be one of those seasons. They get one player back from injury (Delany) and lose another (Webster) on top of having 2 starters already out. The Hawks are one of the 2 teams the Breakers have beaten so far. Unlikely to count for much on Sat night unless they learn to defend.

  • Ball turned it on, but it was a damn good game from both clubs.

    Despite the disappointment of the Breakers, I’m loving the NBL this season.

  • @ACT-Crusader said in NBL: Breakers and stuff:

    Ball turned it on, but it was a damn good game from both clubs.

    Despite the disappointment of the Breakers, I’m loving the NBL this season.

    Yes, I thought the game was great. I may have slapped the wall when Oliver's 3 didn't go in...

    It's a good season. I'm watching a lot of games

  • Melo had another big one and yet the Hawks still get hosed

  • A strange game as the Breakers looked completely in control when they led by 21 pts in the 3rd Q before going cold as the Hawks got close. Then Henry took over.

    Ball did throw up 28 shots to get his points. Welcome back Delany.

    The Breakers are getting really good crowds this season.

  • Bullets v Phoenix last night was high quality, the first half especially was a scoring bonanza

    Melbourne v Sydney today should be good as well

  • @Bovidae The Breakers go all out with promotion and game experience, it's probably why they still get good crowds despite the poor results.

  • @Dice Are the ticket prices any cheaper compared to previous seasons?

    Playing most games on a Thu night isn't the best to get the crowds in, but it's working this year.

  • @Bovidae Not sure if they're any cheaper to be honest.

    Just looking at the ESPN mock draft and they have Ball going 1st and RJ Hampton going 5th. I haven't watched every Breakers game, so I'm wondering if Hampton is worth a 5th pick?

    It's kind of hard for teams to assess him because he's playing in a pro league rather than college like most of the other guys going into the draft. In college he'd surely put up better numbers. The one thing I do notice with RJ is that he plays within the system and isn't just jacking up shots or being ball dominant to improve his stats.

  • I've mainly watched the Breakers home games so I can't comment on their poor performances on the road. The one away game I did watch was when Hampton got ejected early.

    What I will say is that Hampton's defence has definitely improved from the start of the season. He was often getting caught out with poor positional awareness. Hampton is not getting as many assists as you would expect and, as you say, doesn't take that many shots.

    RJ is only playing 22:36 mins a game whereas Ball is playing 31:13 and hasn't found a shot he doesn't like.

  • Boom

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