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    @Magpie_in_aus said in NBA 23/24 - The Wembypocalypse:

    @ACT-Crusader said in NBA 23/24 - The Wembypocalypse:

    @voodoo it’s only preseason, but because you’re a hater I wanted to post this for ya 😉

    Ben Simmons Fadeaway | This was pretty from Simmons 😍 #NBAPreseason... Ben Simmons Fadeaway | This was pretty from Simmons 😍 #NBAPreseason...

    This was pretty from Simmons 😍 #NBAPreseason 🎥: Brooklyn Nets

    Rookie of the year race will be right now Bens back in form

    Can't wait til he goes 2-9 in his first game, bricking 2FT's early and never setting foot in the paint again. Then he'll claim a sore back afterwards, caused by a racist casino bouncer

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    And the season has its second coaching casualty, with the Sixers sacking CJ Bruton

    THey copped an awful pasting on the weekend, and i think that was the catalyst.

    The bottom four teams are all varying shades of shit

    I went to our loss to the Bullets on Friday, and we looked fucking terrible. And the late rally when Brisbane switched off didn't change my opinion (at least Sobey was shit as well. Actually Brisbane are pretty unlikable now, with Sobey, Mitch Norton, and Baynes carrying on like a fuckhead every week). Our imports looked shit, we have no perimeter shooting to spread the floor, and half the team are barely NBL standard.

    Two days later they went to Melbourne and put up the club's highest score ever, and the highest score put on Melbourne at home, with all three imports starring. We're still not a threat to play finals this year, but that's no surprise given the offseason. Tomorrow night i'll go and hurl abuse at DJ Hogg

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    @mariner4life said in NBL 2022-23:

    I call complete and utter bullshit

    Someone in Sydney was brown bagging it

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    We put a pretty good fight last night. First quarter was terrible. Our matador defence gave up 35 points. Our scoring wasn’t too bad, but we were letting very easy baskets.

    We did awesome to get back into it and got a lead, Basson was on fire in the 4th and Yanni looked like a bucket inside no matter who was guarding him. But again we lapsed on D and gave them a couple of open shots. Was an entertaining game at least unlike last weeks shocker.

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    Mulkey: Winning title at LSU 'what I came to do' Mulkey: Winning title at LSU 'what I came to do'

    Kim Mulkey said money wasn't the primary motivating factor for her move from Baylor to LSU. "I wanted an institution that I could be proud of," she explained. "I wanted resources to hire a staff to make me look good."

    Kim Mulkey leaves Baylor after over 20 years and 3 national championships for her home state LSU. Huge move

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    New signing for the Breakers


    Shame we can't get Isaac too, now that would be something

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    @TeWaio said in All-Time Favourite NBA Team/Players:

    Awesome thread.


    C - Shaq
    PF - Garnett/K.Love
    SF - LeBron
    SG - Kobe
    PG - Doncic/Iverson


    C - Embiid
    PF - Draymond Green
    SF - Durant
    SG - Harden
    PG - Kyrie/Simmons

    Jeez that hatiest team is filled with jerks.

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    Mike D'Antoni will be an assistant coach with the Brooklyn Nets, reuniting him with his former MVP point guard, Nets coach Steve Nash, the team announced Friday. The Nets announced the hires of D'Antoni, Amar'e Stoudemire and well-regarded assistant Ime Udoka, who spent seven of the past eight seasons on Gregg Popovich's staff with the San Antonio Spurs.

    This looks like a great decision by Nash and the Nets.

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    @virgil said in How an NBA GM inspired the All Blacks lethal counter attack:

    @taniwharugby said in How an NBA GM inspired the All Blacks lethal counter attack:

    Stuff posted another article about this yesterday


    Thing is NZ have always played a counter attacking style of game, and as the game evolves things are improved, and since professionalism AB coaches have not been afraid to look at other sports for an edge or way to innovate and stay ahead of the chasing pack.

    While trying to give credit to Mitchell for reinventing our attacking game, we must remember he also gave us un-contested lineouts and less rucking.

    Aaaannd thought Ben Blair was a better fullback than Christian Cullen...

    Thinking anyone is/was is fucken blasphemy.

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    @Magpie_in_aus said in NBA season 2018/19:

    @canefan yeah i heard on jalen and jacoby. Jalen was suggesting bron hits up the front office for him to get signed. I reckon bad idea. But any other team outside of the contenders couldn't do worse. What do you think about pelicans 6th man?

    I don't think he can keep up! He is a defensive liability, so a team like LA at least half makes sense. Their bigs might be able to bail him out. But if LBJ wanted Melo he could have had him already

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    Breakers roster stacking up pretty good.

    Thomas Abercrombie
    Finn Delany
    Kyrin Galloway
    Colton Iverson
    Terry Li
    Robert Loe
    Lamar Patterson
    Daniel Trist
    Corey Webster
    Tai Webster
    Jarrad Weeks

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    So Bruce Bowen got fired by the Clippers for this.

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    Tony Mitchell had some discipline issues. But jesus the Wildcats get away with a lot of shit other teams get called for in the same game. Fucking Martyn can run the length of the court leaning on a player, but mysteriously never give away a foul. Matty Knights just pushes people and the other player gets called.

    Fuck Perth. Go the Hawks.

    Oh, and the suspension is meaningless because Tony won't be back in the NBL.

  • NBA Season 2016/17

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    @act-crusader said in NBA Season 2016/17:

    @canefan he played good ball in the Summer League and is going well as an impact bench guy in the preseason. Was a natural scorer in college and with his size and shooting will be a tough cover.

    Despite the renewed optimism around the Lakers, I think it’s going to be a tough season for them.

    They are a lottery team for sure. They will hope to develop their young core and enter into the free agent sweepstakes next season

  • NBA 2015/16 thread

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    Green is such a tool, would be my hatiest player.

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    <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="mariner4life" data-cid="577048" data-time="1462410696">
    <p>With the final demise of the Townsville Crocs, the Taipans are firming as wooden spoon favourites. </p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>Our best player of last year, Tory Craig, is gone. Markel Starks wasn't re-signed (just as he started coming good). Shaun Bruce is gone (no great loss, but he wasn't the worst backup guard, he just got too much game time because Aaron Fearne loves a trier). The two biggest busts of last year in Loughton and Tragarth are still here thanks to multi-year deals. We have a couple of other important players off-contract and no guarantee to stay. </p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>We've signed the Hawks' back up backup PG. And no one else. Every fucking year we leave the signings to the very end, and they don't have time to settle into Fearne's rigid don't-you-dare-deviate-from-the-plan style, and we suck for half the season (or all the season, depending on the year).</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p><strong>Where is that thread about the deadshit sports team i support?</strong></p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>There's a whole sub-forum for one of them.....</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>Weeks is a good pick up for the Taipans. He'll bring a bit of energy off the bench.</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>Biggest move in the offseason so far has been Lisch joining Andrew Gaze at the Kings.</p>