Crusaders 2019

  • @machpants That maybe so at some Super Rugby environments but not at the Crusaders

  • @machpants Three years is about the maximum for me. That gives them sufficient time to develop into SR players and get enough experience to grow, and for the coaches to get a good idea of whether the young players really are good enough for this level. That's provided they get enough game time, which can be a problem for some players (especially if there's a queue of good players ahead of them), although the Crusaders usually give opportunities to all their players.

    Five years is IMO excessive, because if he players don't meet the expectations, it will be hard to get rid off them, unless there's some kind of out-clause in the contract that the franchises can use, or if de-listing players is a way to free up spots in the squad (like the Crusaders did with Fukofuka).

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    @machpants That maybe so at some Super Rugby environments but not at the Crusaders

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    @mariner4life Enjoy the cheap likes from all the regulars...

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  • @stargazer 5 years does seem over the top 3 seems a better bet but you have to really back your judgement and do you go as hard for your franchise if you have a 5 year deal than someone with 1 or 2 year deal I have my doubts

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    @stargazer And the 2019 title goes to the Crusaders. I think it's stronger than this year's team, going to take a big effort from other teams to pip them up again this year.

    Not sure the five newbies are better than the five guys they've replaced - Seta, Crockett, Samu, Delany, Macilai seem > Punivai, Allan, Douglas, Cameron, Faingaanuku - especially the first two. But, only Douglas seems likely to see a lot of time unless injuries strike severely.

    What is different and better - at least right now - is that Moody, Franks, Read, Dagg and Jordan are hopefully all good to go from the outset. A few others like Makalio, Strange, Ennor and Hunt are more experienced and better players than last year.

    I'm pleased to see Tim Bateman back - I wasn't expecting it and he's a good transitional option as midfield cover for Crotty and Goodhue - along with Havili and Ennor.

    Probably not surprisingly Jone Macilai the only guy to get cut (I think). Wasn't one of Razor's men and he seemed completely reluctant to use him. Made the bench for one game and that was about it, I think. Enari in for Stratton.

    After the milestone match where Crockett put in a big shift off the bench, he played very little after that. So Razor was already looking beyond.

    Samu is an interesting one. Decent enough player but I can’t recall any standout performances that others in this squad won’t be able to do on par with Pete.

    Tamanivalu is a massive loss and we don’t have a ready replacement that has the combination of his skill set, versatility and experience. I’m sure Razor will find other ways to use our backs to get go forward, but he was an excellent bail out option throughout the last two years and had improved defensively, under the high ball and an effective kicking game.

    Delany and Cameron is much of a muchness for me. And Jone was hot and cold and the emergence of Ennor will pay off next year IMO.

  • @act-crusader Pretty much agree with all that.

    We'll only miss Crockett if injuries strike - he was a huge bonus with Moody and Perry both missing the first half of the season.

    Seta definitely a massive loss - but he could be offset in a different way by Jordan or maybe even a fit and firing Israel Dagg, desperately fighting for a RWC berth.

    The big negative for the season is that there might be a bunch of first stringers more focused on RWC than winning Super rugby.