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    The Chiefs ask for feedback for the in-game experience from season members at the end of the season. The number one complaint for us is always the music being played during the game. They don't listen.

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    Rewatch of second half confirms Blues unforced errors and lack of composure let Chch back in.

    That said holding Rouge et Noirs out for last five minutes in their 22 was what champion teams are made of.

    Pity we have to wait to next year for a rematch!

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    @African-Monkey said in Brumbies v Crusaders:

    @Bones Well he should have removed all doubt by not punching the ball dead, and if he does it with the Brumbies player that close to the ball which he did, he left the refs with no choice. It was a complete brain explosion.

    I do agree with this. It was stupid to put yourself in that position.

    All he really needed to do was get his hand to it first and try to catch it. If he's trying to catch it and it goes dead then no big deal, it's a line drop out.

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    @Damo said in Highlanders v Crusaders:

    @nzzp said in Highlanders v Crusaders:

    Just saw the final try by the Crusaders. Interesting as was talking about it in the previous game - if refs want to call 'tackle', the ball carrier should not be able to continue forward. Players get released and crib a few metres - or in the case below, score a try.

    @Damo you reffed, thoughts on this? Looked very very weird to me; I think a comp-wide interpretation of either calling maul when the attacking player's mate joins, or cracking down hard on cribbing metres would be a good solution. Or do both!


    I think it is an unusual situation. I did not think it was a mail, because there was not a player from the ball carriers team attached (from memory - I could be wrong). The tacklers ought to have released earlier, but when they got the call to release they did so. Should the ball carrier be able to use the momentum to then go over the line and score?

    Personally I think not but per the laws it was probably correct.

    I am of view that if a player is reaching out to score the defenders should not have to release to allow the try. As per the laws as written this is not the current position.

    I add I have not reffed for 3 years so I am not up to date with the current interpretations/trends.

    I should have clicked the link..

    I think the tackle was completed before the players joined so it couldn't be a maul.

    I think it is an unusual situation but I can't fault the referee for the decision.

  • Crusaders v Reds

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    The point that DH has been moved to yet another position and was at least as good in his first go as all of the other specialists in the squad says a lot.
    Ist Five depth is not in a happy place in NZ at the moment .........but if they are all about the same it keeps things even.

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    @Old-Samurai-Jack said in Crusaders v Rebels:

    @Crazy-Horse I would start either him or Papalii at 7 if Ardie is at 8 (which he will be).

    I could be wrong but I think he’s been playing plenty at 7 in Japan. I’m intrigued to see where Razor likes him.

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    alt text

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    Fucking Reds. Losing to Moana means we're 9th instead of 8th.

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    @Old-Samurai-Jack said in Crusaders v Chiefs:

    @Nepia said in Crusaders v Chiefs:

    @Chris said in Crusaders v Chiefs:

    @Nepia said in Crusaders v Chiefs:

    @Chris said in Crusaders v Chiefs:

    @chchfanatic said in Crusaders v Chiefs:

    Hamilton just can’t beat us when it counts. I hope Hamilton plays us in the Quarterfinals.

    Yeah I thought Hamilton were poor due to the Crusaders pressure and defence or they just are not the team they were last year.
    Hamilton just got outplayed.

    I think the early try New Plymouth got meant they mentally switched off a bit, and by the time they refocused they'd let the game slip through their fingers and they couldn't run Blenheim down.

    In the ënd Hamilton and New Plymouth lost and Chch united won

    I think my post highlighted the fact that Ashburton won and Cambridge lost, didn't need the obvious stated. 😉

    Hard pressed to believe Ashtray could win anything to be honest.

    To be fair they did win the Heartland championship in 2013 and 2014.

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    @number9 said in Blues v Crusaders:

    Not impressed with my Blues, we should of killed thr Crusaders with all the possession we had.

    Blues forwards were impressive

    Blues backs are where the issue lies

    Christie is a poor 9 whose spot should be under pressure - Perofeta played better than vs Tahs but still blew a number of good opportunities - they pick a midfield that isn't built to ball play but just big and run straight (whoever they pick it's the same M.O.) Forbes actually offered a bit of difference

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    Roigard, Tucker, Walker-Leawere

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    @Canes4life but where was Chris

  • Drua v Crusaders

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    Well it's good to see the refs have dropped the favouritism. Hard.

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    @barbarian said in Crusaders v Waratahs:

    Oh come on, the Tahs were paying $8.50 with the bookies here.

    You can spin it any way you like, but a team who has consistently underperformed for the last six or seven years was up against the multiple time defending champions. I wouldn't call it David and Goliath, but maybe David and Goliath's younger brother, Hefty.

    We were 13 up with three minutes left and my heart was pounding. I was sure they would somehow come back and dust us. That's the power of the Crusaders. Because that's just they type of shit they do.

    That's ignoring the difference between the Crusaders of this year and those previous. Which was the point, I believe.

    That also doesn't take anything away from a very good Waratahs performance.

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    @cgrant said in Chiefs v Crusaders:

    I wonder why Parker warmed the bench for such a long time. He came in at the 75th minute. It's very odd since the Chiefs forwards needed more fresh legs in the second spell.

    Yeah, he should be come on with 20 to go. I thought that McMillan was very conservative with his subs.

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    I am visiting Mum's so the game was 20 minutes up the road. Went along, never seen so may cars in Methven.
    Hard to get anything from the game but Billy Harmon is a brick shithouse and he influences the game whenever he is involved. He has looked AB material to me for a few seasons now.

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    I was at the game, first time at Ashton Gate. Really nice 27k seat stadium. Nice steep stands so really good views, good facilities and really clean.

    It had been raining most of the morning but there was heavy drizzle from 10mins before kick off until about 5mins into the first half. First half handling reflected this (sometimes quite comically).

    Scrums very solid although bristols scrum isnt particularly strong without Genge (although Sinkler played). First half was just played slow. Virtually no one ran onto the ball not helped by slow arrival to rucks by Heinz with a matching slow pass. Heinz decision making was good and experience on D was also good but the ball would go to a standing still Rehana who would pass to any of 5 players around him who would remain stationary until they got the ball.
    Rush defence was rescued by some good wide scramble (Rova and Fihaki did well there) so a bit of work to do there.
    Fihaki remains a bit of a 'not sure' player for me. Good kicker, good athlete but hands and decision making still let him down too often for a guy whose been there or there-abouts for a few years now, would have liked to see more improvement in those areas by now.
    For conditions that would be ideal for someone with the size +speed of Manassa out wide I think he only got the ball once.
    I had no idea someone got a yellow card.
    Bristol used a lot of short chip kicks in the first half which was good to get go forward for them in the slippery conditions.
    Big screen and announcements of who was replacing who was poor (and not helped that I didnt recognise so many of the players names) but the second half was a different game.
    Pace really picked up. Hothams passing was lightyears away from Heinz, really quick and long and a really nice dummy and blind side run from a scrum but not tested as much defensively. So still inexperienced but with game changing skills. It got some movement forward so some momentum.
    Overall it was a game where there was a lot of dropped ball that meant a score for either side was on the cards at any point.
    Cant say I felt that we 'dominated the second half' as the stuff writer said but for a second pre-season game with new coach and systems they will be better for the experience.