TSF Mitre 10 Cup Tipping 2018

  • @crucial totally agree - every other result should be deleted

  • Second highest score in the semi finals, but up against the top scorer in @Tim!

  • dont forget your tips/guesses peoples!

  • @taniwharugby said in TSF Mitre 10 Cup Tipping 2018:

    dont forget your tips/guesses peoples!

    Like he said - super handy link below


  • It is all up to date here https://www.thesilverfern.com/tipping/ plus you can already tip the final week of tipping for the year.

    Not much variation in the scores as a few picked 8/8 and the majority had 7/8. A week when you needed to get your margins correct for the top score and Corkscrew picked 6 of the 8 margins to rake in 65 with DK, Fiamacho & Triple T also 60+.

    Fiamacho gained some ground on the leaders but is still in 4th, 8 behind leader Langakali who leads by 4 from Stargazer with Higgins in 3rd. Looks like it is between those 4 unless Tim can score huge - he is 5th 16 behind the leader.

    It was as close as it could be between Northland and Hawke's Bay in the 1st semi-final. 53-53 and both teams scored 266 points in total. There had to be a winner so I gave it to Northland due to more correct margins (16-15) or because they finished higher on the ladder (take your pick!).

    The other one was also a close battle, Wellington beating Wairarapa Bush 57-56. So Northland will play Wellington in the final, Wellington going for their first title since 2014, Northland their first since 2008.

    Finally in the TSF Cup, Crucial rose to the big occasion by posting one of the worst scores of the weekend and Tim takes a 16 point lead into the second leg.

    Corkscrew 65
    DK 62
    Fiamacho 61
    Triple T 61
    Winger 59
    Laurence 59
    Antipodean 59
    Langakali 57
    Tim 57
    Plastered Peni 57
    Stockcar86 57
    Hurrycanes 57
    Cactus Jack 57
    Propsicle 57
    Donsteppa 56
    Gunner 55
    Stargazer 54
    Higgins 54
    KP 54
    Broughie 54
    FarNthHayden 54
    Virgil 54
    Bay Imports 54
    Hydro11 52
    Victor 52
    Justin77 52
    Trooa 52
    Buck 51
    Dogmeat 51
    Phooey 49
    Smudge 44
    TR 44
    Paj 44
    Waynes World 43
    Joan and Mary 41
    Richie 41
    Unite 41
    Crucial 41
    Mikedogz 40
    Hooroo 38
    Clara 33
    Sportboy 33
    ACT Crusader 33

  • @kiwipie said in TSF Mitre 10 Cup Tipping 2018:

    Corkscrew 65
    DK 62
    Fiamacho 61
    Triple T 61
    Winger 59
    Laurence 59
    Antipodean 59

    Finally, a round where people who know rugby are rewarded!

  • @kiwipie said in TSF Mitre 10 Cup Tipping 2018:

    Finally in the TSF Cup, Crucial rose to the big occasion by posting one of the worst scores of the weekend and Tim takes a 16 point lead into the second leg.

    I have taken lots of notes this weekend on how to engineer a comeback win. Currently waiting on a phone call from Cheika before putting in this weeks tips.

  • @crucial If you're going to lose, go down in a blaze of glory and pick Southland to win twice and Otago to take the Shield.

  • It's the final week of TSF Tipping for 2018. After today, you can put your feet up until February.


    Northland v Wellington

    Crucial 41 v 57 Tim

    TOP 10
    Langakali 389
    Stargazer 385
    Higgins 382
    Fiamacho 381
    Tim 373
    Winger 369
    Gunner 367
    Donsteppa 366
    Hydro11 363
    KP, Victor 362

  • Almost everyone went Auckland 17+ so no real change - except Fiamacho tipped late and effectively has removed himself from the contest and Tim moves into 4th spot.

  • In case anyone is interested in my plan to emulate the Wobblies and mount an epic second half comeback (ie decide to start playing) in the Cup match.

    So far I am still 16 points adrift of Tim as we both had the same selections for the first three picks. I get a chance to start clawing back (or dig a deeper hole) tomorrow as we have gone opposite ways on the Northland/BOP game.
    We have also gone opposites for the Battle of the bridge and have margin differences for the Shield game and the Poo v Stags game.

  • As Crucial has summarised the TSF Cup Final - here is progress on the rest.

    Langakali retains a slim 4 point lead but Higgins has joined Stargazer in 2nd place. Fiamacho would be level at the top if he had tipped on time - as he gained maximums from the next 2 games.

    Wellington with the early advantage due to Fiamacho turning up late but all to play for still. Interestingly all the Northland team has picked BOP to win while a couple of Wellingtonians have gone for Northland.

    Langakali 411
    Stargazer 407
    Higgins 407
    Fiamacho 401
    Tim 395
    Gunner 394
    Winger 394
    KP 392
    Victor 392
    Donsteppa 388
    Hydro11 388

    Final Northland 23 - 25 Wellington
    3rd Hawke's Bay 21 - 26 Wairarapa Bush
    Plate Harbour-Auckland 19 - 15 BOP
    7th South Island 19 - 16 Counties-Waikato

  • KP, if the double points wildcard option is still available Hawkes Bay elect to invoke our 2018 entitlement this round thanks!
    Things look pretty tight at the top with us chasers waiting for Langakali to get the speedwobbles and falter at the last moment. Guess it will all come down to margins and the BoP v Northland game which looked to be the only 50/50 game when entries closed (or was until we all saw the team Northland named).

  • @higgins a post by KP on FB says all the NOrthland lads tipped BOP and 2 Welly tippers went for Northland...

  • @taniwharugby said in TSF Mitre 10 Cup Tipping 2018:

    @higgins a post by KP on FB says all the Northland lads tipped BOP and 2 Welly tippers went for Northland...

    That's not showing much faith in you outfit there TR or did you have some inkling on who would be named in the Northland team? Still there is a championship title at stake so sometimes principles have to be set aside. Congratulations on beating us 53 all last week by the way (does that make us even for 1969 now?), hope you can do the same to Wellington by the way.

  • @higgins I knew we were carrying a big sick ward, we finished our game v Waikato with 2 hookers, 3 props and 3 loosies in our pack!

    Decent side picked, but very inexperienced particularly numbers 4-8.

  • Good luck for the game this afternoon, hope you put 'em to the sword. I've always liked the way Northland play (except for when the play HB of course), generally exciting to watch even in defeat.

  • Well no decisive move in the race for the title but the chasers lower down have all closed the gap meaning that there are 6 chasers within 10 of the lead. There isn't much difference in the picks for the final 2 games but Fiamacho could still snatch the title if Manawatu thrashes Southland.

    Higgins and Stargazer are bound together and can't really pass Langakali. Tim might still compete with a narrow Auckland win and a big Manawatu win - I think.

    The final looks like going to the wire with just a 2 point gap.

    Langakali 418
    Stargazer 414
    Higgins 414
    Fiamacho 413
    Gunner 411
    Tim 410
    Winger 409
    Victor 407
    Hydro11 405
    KP 402

    Final Northland 38 - 40 Wellington
    3rd Hawke's Bay 30 - 36 Wairarapa Bush
    Plate Harbour-Auckland 38 - 21 BOP
    7th South Island 30 - 27 Counties-Waikato

  • If Manawatu wins 17+, FIamacho wins. 9-16 and Langakali wins. 1-8 and Langakali wins by 1 from Stargazer and Higgins. If Southland wins, Langakali wins.

    Langakali 425
    Fiamacho 423
    Stargazer 421
    Higgins 421
    Gunner 421
    Tim 417
    Winger 416
    Victor 414
    Hydro11 412
    KP 409

    Final Northland 46 - 48 Wellington
    3rd Hawke's Bay 37 - 44 Wairarapa Bush
    Plate Harbour-Auckland 47 - 24 BOP
    7th South Island 37 - 32 Counties-Waikato

    Crucial 68 v 101 Tim

  • Goodness things re tight for first, and equally so for third with three tied for the bronze with Gunner's storming finish set to grab the bronze at the death with the 'Poo expected to win pretty easily. All will be revealed in about 90 minutes when the gongs will be handed out.
    Crucial will need a real miracle in the Cup. Looks like only an appeal to the IRB on some obscure point of law will be the only thing that might save him.

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