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  • RWC Bracket Prediction

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    @mariner4life said in RWC Bracket Prediction:

    @Machpants said in RWC Bracket Prediction:

    @Duluth said in RWC Bracket Prediction:

    Everyone had Aus getting out of the pool

    Yup, tho I'm smug that I am the only one that got all the other 3 right 😉

    with all due respect, this post is exactly like celebrating getting 3 legs of a quaddie, when those 3 legs were all won by $1.85 favourites.

    True. But no one else did, I shall carry on with my smugness

  • TSF NPC Tipping 2023

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    @Higgins thanks, nice little write up

  • Links and info for Current Tipping Comps

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    NPC Superbru is live again for those who partake.

    Join Fern NPC, my Bunnings NPC league on Superbru! You can find my pool here:

    Superbru - Bunnings NPC tipping & prediction game - Tournament Closed Superbru - Bunnings NPC tipping & prediction game - Tournament Closed

    1.8m sports fans have played Superbru. Set up private leagues and win great prizes.

    or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:


  • TSF Super Tipping 2023

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    @KiwiPie ha, didn't come last and I didn't tip the last couple of weeks and missed at least a couple of rounds...

  • TSF NPC Tipping 2022

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    Thanks @KiwiPie. Excellent standard as always. And well done to the winners

  • Fernies 2022 Nominations

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    Me for comeback of the year. It was a long drawn out plan, but the only way I could see getting a gong. If this doesn't work I'm poked 😆

  • NFL Fantasy league

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    I've never done one but it looks fun. Details?

  • TSF Tipping 2022

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    Well played Hydro.

  • Tipping 2021

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    @kiwipie thanks as always KP!!

    Covid threw out some challenges, dampened enthusiasm, but yours is the only comp I do all the time!

  • SuperBru 2017

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    Wrong thread!

  • Tipping 2020

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    @Higgins said in Tipping 2020:

    @kiwipie KP, have you devised anything for this Super Season? It will be a bit difficult given there only appear to be four games each week (and only two in the first week which kicks off in just seven days time) so not sure if you can come up with a format to make it challenging given so few games are to be played each week.

    As @taniwharugby says, I ran a comp for the 10 rounds of SR Aotearoa last year where I massaged your picks into a maximum of 80 points - 20 points with the usual scoring for the result of each game. 5 points for 8 categories - pick the points for all 4 teams and the number of tries for all 4 teams. I'm happy to do that again and ignore Aus and SA. And no team tipping comp unless we get enough interest to have 8 teams.

    Last season the final top 10 was

    Winger 426
    Joan and Mary 416
    Virgil 415
    Kruse 414
    Langakali 408
    Higgins 403
    Dogmeat 402
    Paj 397
    TR 395
    Sportboy 393

    I'll start a new thread for 2021 in the coming week.

  • TSF NPC Tipping 2019

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    @KiwiPie thanks again KP, super comp.

  • TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2019

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    Thanks for the comp @KiwiPie, awesome as usual!

  • Superbru Mitre 10 Cup - Fern NPC

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    Better wrap this one up now the domestic season is done. Really close for most of the season but our champion is Boongalaulau with Higgins 2nd and Mary 3rd.


  • TSF Mitre 10 Cup Tipping 2018

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    @taniwharugby said in TSF Mitre 10 Cup Tipping 2018:

    @kiwipie I reckon me, J77, FarNorthHayden & Gunner would all have been in the 2008 squad!

    It was the fresh face of Fiamacho that helped though

    I dug it out of the archive - Northland team photo from 2008 (man, look at those hairstyles) along with their overall placing

    The Champ is Here 2
    TR 6
    Duluth 15
    D-Up 25
    J77 27
    FarNthHayden 47

    67 person comp that season. Overall winner was Brakdov with DK, BobbyDigital and Tim rounding out the top 5.

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    Thanks! @KiwiPie

  • TSF NPC Tipping - do we want it?

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    OK I set up a Superbru Pool as that takes no time at all and I am already picking for Mitre 10 Cup. Register and I will sweep up and approve later on.

    **Come play Mitre 10 Cup with me on Superbru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here:

    Superbru - Mitre 10 Cup tipping & prediction game - Old Pool Superbru - Mitre 10 Cup tipping & prediction game - Old Pool

    1.8m sports fans have played Superbru. Set up private leagues and win great prizes.

    Pool name: Fern NPC

    Pool code: armyskip**

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    @dogmeat said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2017 http://bit.do/tsfs17:

    Well done again KP

    One caveat much as I enjoy the comp I think it should end when the international break falls

    Mind you I think Super Rugby should end then too


    Thanks again KP

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    Here's you annual wrap-up of NPC Tipping Records - this was the 10th season.

    Most Points

    Donsteppa 4009 10
    Justin77 3998 10
    TaniwhaRugby 3961 10
    Hooroo 3872 10
    Joan and Mary 3841 10
    DK 3808 10
    Dogmeat 3808 10
    Sportboy 3731 10
    Winger 3729 9
    Crucial 3676 10
    Cactus Jack 3625 9
    Higgins 3606 9
    Unite 3522 9
    KP 3495 9
    Chaz's Raiders 3443 10

    Best scoring average (5 or more seasons)

    Victor 5 41.84
    Triple T 6 40.37
    Cactus Jack 9 40.28
    Higgins 9 40.07
    Plastered Peni 6 39.93
    Langakali 5 39.89
    Winger 9 39.67
    Unite 9 39.13
    Donsteppa 10 38.92
    KP 9 38.83
    Justin77 10 38.82
    Voltman 6 38.49
    TaniwhaRugby 10 38.46
    Bay Imports 7 38.08
    Hurrycanes 9 38.01
    Corkscrew 6 37.82

    Most Top 3 finishes

    Cactus Jack 9 3
    Victor 5 3
    TaniwhaRugby 10 2
    Higgins 9 2
    Unite 9 2
    Donsteppa 10 2
    Winger 9 2

    Most Top 10 finishes

    Winger 9 8
    Higgins 9 7
    Cactus Jack 9 5
    Plastered Peni 6 4
    Hooroo 10 3
    JK 8 3
    TaniwhaRugby 10 3
    KP 9 3
    Unite 9 3
    Triple T 6 3
    Victor 5 3
    Donsteppa 10 3

    Most Top 20 finishes

    Higgins 9 9
    Cactus Jack 9 9
    KP 9 8
    Winger 9 8
    Justin77 10 7
    Donsteppa 10 7
    Hooroo 10 6
    JK 8 6
    TaniwhaRugby 10 6
    Triple T 6 6
    Dogmeat 10 6
    Bay Imports 7 5
    Unite 9 5
    Hurrycanes 9 5
    Plastered Peni 6 5

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    <p>Morning all,</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>Before I kick off NPC, here are some all-time stats for Super Rugby tipping.</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>Most seasons played in order of total points scored - Donsteppa's good season sees his lead up to 150 now.</p>
    <p> </p>
    <div>Donsteppa<span> </span>7104<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Winger<span> </span>6945<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Crucial<span> </span>6753<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Dogmeat<span> </span>6703<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>DK<span> </span>6488<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Joan and Mary<span> </span>6469<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Chaz's Raiders<span> </span>6454<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Hooroo<span> </span>6324<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Paj<span> </span>6281<span> </span>11</div>
    <div>Justin77<span> </span>6277<span> </span>10</div>
    <div>JK<span> </span>6246<span> </span>10</div>
    <div>Hurrycanes<span> </span>6156<span> </span>10</div>
    <div>Virgil<span> </span>6094<span> </span>10</div>
    <div>TaniwhaRugby<span> </span>5953<span> </span>10</div>
    <div>Sportboy<span> </span>5618<span> </span>10</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Most seasons in the top 20</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Donsteppa<span> </span>11<span> </span>10</div>
    <div>JK<span> </span>10<span> </span>9</div>
    <div>Justin77<span> </span>10<span> </span>9</div>
    <div>Winger<span> </span>11<span> </span>9</div>
    <div>Cactus Jack<span> </span>8<span> </span>7</div>
    <div>Unite<span> </span>9<span> </span>6</div>
    <div>Virgil<span> </span>10<span> </span>6</div>
    <div>Hurrycanes<span> </span>10<span> </span>6</div>
    <div>Dogmeat<span> </span>11<span> </span>6</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Most seasons in the top 10</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Justin77<span> </span>10<span> </span>6</div>
    <div>Donsteppa<span> </span>11<span> </span>6</div>
    <div>Winger<span> </span>11<span> </span>5</div>
    <div>Cactus Jack<span> </span>8<span> </span>4</div>
    <div>Unite<span> </span>9<span> </span>4</div>
    <div>JK<span> </span>10<span> </span>4</div>
    <div>Virgil<span> </span>10<span> </span>4</div>
    <div>Tim<span> </span>4<span> </span>3</div>
    <div>Quo Vadis<span> </span>6<span> </span>3</div>
    <div>KP<span> </span>9<span> </span>3</div>
    <div>Hurrycanes<span> </span>10<span> </span>3</div>
    <div>Crucial<span> </span>11<span> </span>3</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Most seasons in the top 3</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Donsteppa<span> </span>11<span> </span>5</div>
    <div>Cactus Jack<span> </span>8<span> </span>3</div>
    <div>Langakali<span> </span>5<span> </span>2</div>
    <div>Quo Vadis<span> </span>6<span> </span>2</div>
    <div>KP<span> </span>9<span> </span>2</div>
    <div>Justin77<span> </span>10<span> </span>2</div>
    <div>Winger<span> </span>11<span> </span>2</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Average weekly score (minimum 3 seasons)</div>
    <div> </div>
    <div>Langakali<span> </span>5<span> </span>41.14</div>
    <div>Donsteppa<span> </span>11<span> </span>41.06</div>
    <div>Cactus Jack<span> </span>8<span> </span>40.89</div>
    <div>Winger<span> </span>11<span> </span>40.14</div>
    <div>Justin77<span> </span>10<span> </span>39.98</div>
    <div>Higgins<span> </span>7<span> </span>39.92</div>
    <div>JK<span> </span>10<span> </span>39.78</div>
    <div>KP<span> </span>9<span> </span>39.76</div>
    <div>Unite<span> </span>9<span> </span>39.28</div>
    <div>Hurrycanes<span> </span>10<span> </span>39.21</div>
    <div>Buck<span> </span>4<span> </span>39.21</div>
    <div>Rico#1<span> </span>7<span> </span>39.12</div>
    <div>Crucial<span> </span>11<span> </span>39.03</div>
    <div>Virgil<span> </span>10<span> </span>38.82</div>
    <div>Quo Vadis<span> </span>6<span> </span>38.77</div>
    <div>Barbarian<span> </span>6<span> </span>38.77</div>
    <div>Dogmeat<span> </span>11<span> </span>38.75</div>
    <div>Sitka Spruce<span> </span>5<span> </span>38.65</div>
    <div>Victor<span> </span>5<span> </span>38.63</div>
    <div>Triple T<span> </span>6<span> </span>38.60</div>
    <div>Voltron<span> </span>3<span> </span>38.56</div>
    <div>Broughie<span> </span>3<span> </span>38.53</div>
    <div>RugbyGal<span> </span>5<span> </span>38.47</div>
    <div>Stockcar86<span> </span>7<span> </span>38.42</div>
    <div>Mokey<span> </span>5<span> </span>38.40</div>
    <div>Plastered Peni<span> </span>6<span> </span>38.36</div>
    <div>Crusher<span> </span>5<span> </span>38.31</div>
    <div>TaniwhaRugby<span> </span>10<span> </span>37.92</div>
    <div>DK<span> </span>11<span> </span>37.50</div>
    <div>Joan and Mary<span> </span>11<span> </span>37.39</div>
    <div>Chaz's Raiders<span> </span>11<span> </span>37.31</div>
    <div>Paarlbok<span> </span>6<span> </span>37.29</div>
    <div>Mainlander<span> </span>8<span> </span>37.23</div>
    <div>Lise<span> </span>7<span> </span>37.19</div>
    <div>Midge<span> </span>7<span> </span>37.14</div>
    <div>LA Kiwi<span> </span>3<span> </span>37.12</div>
    <div>Kev<span> </span>3<span> </span>37.11</div>
    <div>Chiefy<span> </span>6<span> </span>37.04</div>
    <div>Tim<span> </span>4<span> </span>37.02</div>
    <div>Asia Davies<span> </span>3<span> </span>37.00</div>
    <div>Corkscrew<span> </span>5<span> </span>36.91</div>
    <div>Bay Imports<span> </span>6<span> </span>36.85</div>
    <div>North!and<span> </span>3<span> </span>36.78</div>
    <div>Voltman<span> </span>7<span> </span>36.65</div>
    <div>Waynes World<span> </span>7<span> </span>36.63</div>
    <div>Hooroo<span> </span>11<span> </span>36.55</div>
    <div>Richie<span> </span>7<span> </span>36.32</div>
    <div>Paj<span> </span>11<span> </span>36.31</div>
    <div>Antipodean<span> </span>3<span> </span>36.04</div>
    <div>afalker<span> </span>4<span> </span>35.95</div>
    <div>ACT Crusader<span> </span>8<span> </span>35.83</div>
    <div>Sportboy<span> </span>10<span> </span>35.78</div>
    <div>RustyCruiser<span> </span>8<span> </span>35.62</div>
    <div>The Champ is Here<span> </span>9<span> </span>34.92</div>
    <div>Bullethole<span> </span>6<span> </span>34.87</div>
    <div>cd_wilson<span> </span>9<span> </span>34.86</div>
    <div>Taffyjoe<span> </span>3<span> </span>34.86</div>
    <div>FarNthHayden<span> </span>6<span> </span>34.07</div>
    <div>Gibbit<span> </span>7<span> </span>33.60</div>
    <div>Bones<span> </span>6<span> </span>33.54</div>
    <div>Scorz<span> </span>6<span> </span>33.36</div>
    <div>VV<span> </span>4<span> </span>33.27</div>
    <div>HB<span> </span>4<span> </span>32.85</div>
    <div>D-Up<span> </span>7<span> </span>32.80</div>
    <div>BobbyDigital<span> </span>4<span> </span>32.77</div>
    <div>Xpat<span> </span>6<span> </span>32.12</div>
    <div>FredDagg<span> </span>4<span> </span>31.86</div>
    <div>Wildman<span> </span>3<span> </span>31.60</div>
    <div>The Gambler<span> </span>5<span> </span>30.78</div>
    <div>Canerbry<span> </span>5<span> </span>30.14</div>
    <div>K1w1<span> </span>4<span> </span>29.00</div>
    <div>Billy Webb<span> </span>7<span> </span>28.70</div>
    <div>BSG<span> </span>9<span> </span>27.99</div>
    <div>Bart<span> </span>7<span> </span>26.05</div>
    <div>Cyclops<span> </span>4<span> </span>25.81</div>
    <div>WtW<span> </span>4<span> </span>19.81</div>
    <div> </div>