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  • post WC is not such bad news for a player of his standard .

    I probably wont be losing any sleep over this one .

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    @KiwiMurph All Blacks enforcer? I have seen this a number of times, where did this come from, the fact he has worn the 6 jersey previously occupied by Jerome?

    Leaves after a rather underwhelming AB career.

    haha we're so underwhelming at 6

    ABs Instagram had a happy birthday to an AB up today, and i had literally no idea who the fuck it was (turns out it was that Highlanders reserve blindside).

    Which one?

  • I see the Wobblies have lost Curtis Rona to London Irish

  • Miss the early days of super rugby when all the best players from SANZAR played rugby in the SH.

    Such a pity England and France didn’t centrally contract their players.

    Seems like everyday some international from one of the countries jumps to the NH ship.

  • @booboo Shannon Frizell

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    @booboo Shannon Frizell

    Ooooh. Ok

  • @Billy-Tell A massive worry moving forward. From a Canes perspective, we have lost a tone of players recently to either retirement or to the lurative $$ in their prime.

    Instead of the rabble forward pack that will run out on Saturday we could have had something like this: 1. Goodes 2. Coles 3. Uhila 4. Fatialofa 5. Broadhurst 6. Shields 7. Savea 8. Vito - This is only one example but shows how young that team still is and 10 years ago they would have probably still been plying their trade in NZ.

    Times have changed, players are now leaving in their mid-twenties which is a massive concern for NZ rugby who have always relied on that tier of players below the All Blacks to keep them rolling forward. Is our depth that strong to deal with the continious outflow of players offshore - maybe talent-wise, but in terms of match hardened players with extensive experience there may not be many options in two for three years time.

  • @Canes4life Broadhurst doesnt really fit into that narrative given he didnt leave by choice, I know he retired but he shouldnt be lumped with the few mercenaries you mention 😉

  • @taniwharugby yeah same with Goodes. But you could probably look at any NZ franchise and there would most likely be a good bunch of players in each that would most likely still be in yhe starting XVs.

  • Tonga and Magpies lock Sam Ulufonua has signed with Italian Top 12 club Verona.

  • @Machpants absolute rockstar at rugby under international level, only seen glimpses of his class in Black.

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    @Machpants absolute rockstar at rugby under international level, only seen glimpses of his class in Black.

    Good on him. We have plenty of depth and always players coming through at wing. Excellent work signing on while his stock is highest

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    Miss the early days of super rugby when all the best players from SANZAR played rugby in the SH.

    Certainly true for South Africa, but not so sure for New Zealand. The Europe option IMO is a net positive for the NZ competition and keeps the franchises stocked with players who are keenly motivated and want to be there (not unlike early Super Rugby). You can count on one hand the amount of good players that we have watched wither away at Super level because the second the body or motivation is waning they are on the plane to the south of France.

    Also depending on how you slice it UK & Aus Super League had depleted NZ/Aus stocks plenty in the lead up to Super Rugby too. At least a dozen then-leaguies would have featured in those 1996-2000 seasons.

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    SBW is one of, if not the most, physically gifted players I have ever seen in either rugby code. By all reports he is an absolute model pro off the field.

    It's a bit shit his NZ rugby time has been limited by injuries (and Ma'a) but what we have seen has been something no one else could provide.

    But for all the press, good and bad, where ever he has played I have watched, and loved. He is professional football personified.

    Good luck to him and I hope he has a massive 2019

    Apart from those that provided it of course.

    Yes I do recall seeing offloads and shoulder charges even before SBW started playing.

    I'm not sure his much vaunted athleticism is any better than others either to be honest.

  • This post is deleted!

  • London Irish must have walked into a lottery win or a generous benefactor. Rona, Naholo, O'Brien.....

    Obviously confident of winning promotion to the big boys.

  • @Crucial

    Sort of.

    Traditionally they are not one of the richer clubs and have had the smallest playing budget (well below the salary cap the big boys are spending to) when they've ended up relegated on their last two seasons in the premiership after previously being in the top flight for 20 odd years.

    They are currently highly likely to be promoted back into the top flight and recruiting for that season. All Premiership shareholders (12 GP clubs + London Irish) received a big windfall recently following the sale of a share of the league to a private equity firm. LI are also rumoured to have received additional private investment recently so are as flush as they probably ever have been cash wise for the moment.

    The prem salary cap isn't moving for the moment (and hopefully won't in the medium term), so they have a huge amount of cap space to play with in addition to two marquee player slots. Looks like they are going all out to build a far more competitive squad than they have had on the last two occasions to avoid a third successive relegation at all costs. There's growing talk of ringfencing the league, but obviously nothing is being left to chance.

    Signing wise already, Rona, O'Brien, and Phipps have been confirmed, with Naholo, Paddy Jackson and Adam Coleman also strongly rumoured. LI traditionally produce a lot of talent, but tend to lose it to bigger fish so talent retention is a constant struggle. Joe Cokanasiga and Johnny Williams both left last season when they went down.

  • In other news, Owen Franks to Northampton confirmed today

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    In other news, Owen Franks to Northampton confirmed today

    The good old 'hang around in Europe on business after the EOYT' eh?

    (He was the only one of the ABs in Rome I spotted flying to London)

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