Building myself back up

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    Been AWOL from TSF for a few weeks. The reason for this is that my beautiful wife passed away suddenly. We'd had high hopes for immunotherapy, but unfortunately the damage had been done and fluid collected around the heart. She'd been so incredibly strong up until then, but even she couldn't fight it.

    I always thought if there was nothing more to be done, we'd at least have a few months to prepare. Sadly it was all over in about a week. To say it was devastating is an understatement. Having to tell my boys was just horrific. I was and still am absolutely crushed.

    We are slowly getting back on our feet, but it will take time. The boys have been incredibly brave, but I constantly worry about how they'll adjust. Do you ever really get over something like this?

    Personally, I have to pick up the pieces both mentally and physically. When all this started, I developed a shocking chest infection which I couldn't shake. I coughed so much that I tore a muscle in my back. I also barely ate or slept. think I lost about 5 kilos. I dragged myself back to the gym for a couple of light sessions last week and that helped. I'm eating and sleeping better as well. The drop from where I was before has been dramatic, but Im in a much better state now than I was. I realised before how important exercise was to my mental state and I'm more conscious of that than ever.

    I'll continue to take it fairly easy the first few weeks and hopefully get the desire to gradually ramp things up.

    This morning:

    BP: 20,15, 10, 10
    Incline BP: same
    Superset: 15 cable crossovers plus 10 cable pushes
    500m on rowing machine plus 20 pushups x 4.

  • Fuck mate, that's dreadful news. Hope the exercise helps.

  • Shit mate, I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself and yours

  • Dude! For crying out loud man that's devestating news.

    I'm not big on the Oversize forum. Long story (to do with stents and shit and a rather unhealthy life style) which I won't bore you with.

    And I've had a number of life changing moments in my recentish (last 10 years) life.

    But nothing quite so dramatic. Well maybe as dramatic but in a different way.

    So anything we can do to encourage you, us weirdo pseudo friends on the the interweb, let us know.

    Chin up, and cuddle your lads. And let them cuddle you.

  • @rancid-schnitzel So sorry to hear that mate. Can't even comprehend what you must be going through. You've got the right attitude with getting the exercise in to improve mental state, its been a non-negotiable of mine the last few years more so for the mental well being than the physical. Keep it up even when its the absolute last thing you feel like doing, sometimes even just commiting to only 5 mins can make all the difference often you'll end up doing a full workout from there anyway. All the best mate.

  • Wow so sorry to hear mate.

    Really hope you and the boys are doing ok

  • So sorry to hear the news @Rancid-Schnitzel. Big aroha to you and your boys, and the rest of your whanau. Really hope you and your boys can find some solace in keeping moving and exercising. Hollah if you ever want a yarn, and I fully endorse Booboo's call on the cuddles and hugs. Kia Kaha mate.

  • All the best Ranc. A timely reminder to all of us about what's important in life, thanks for writing mate.

    I'm starting to realize that the more sophisticated this world seems to get, life is increasingly about the simple things - decent food, exercise and time with loved ones.

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    Thanks so much for your kind words fellas.

    I think the best thing is to have lots to do and to stay busy. No point in just sitting at home dwelling over this. I promised my wife that this wouldn't break us and that we'd do her proud. I intend to keep that promise.

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    Pretty good session this morning and good start to the day.

    Presses, side raises, front raises, and shrugs

    Finished off with the rower.

    Not feeling like a cripple any more which is nice. Not seeing as much of a wraith in the mirror either.

  • Absolutely feel for you mate @Rancid-Schnitzel.

  • @rancid-schnitzel Much love to you and yours. A couple of weeks ago I lost two family members in the space of a few days, both unexpectedly, both healthy, active men. Just reinforces the idea to focus on what really matters, which is who you love. I'm glad that exercise is offering a little comfort at this incredibly tough time. All the best.

  • Really sorry for you RS. I can only try to imagine how difficult that situation must be. Condolences to you and yours.
    Great to see you are determined to fight through.

  • Condolences pal. Not much I can add except keep the pheromones active with exercise. It truly does help.

  • @Rancid-Schnitzel my condolences RS, keep strong!

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    Thanks again girl and guys.

    It's all very up and down. You think you're past it or turning a corner but small things can set you off. But just coming on TSF helps out, so I appreciate you all putting up with my shit for the past few years. You're a great bunch of human beings.

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    Wednesday: Son had gymnastics so had 1h30 to kill. Hit legs for first time in weeks. Went OK initially, but suddenly went to jelly. Sensibly moved on to other things.

    Did 500m row, 20 push ups x 4
    and also 15 burpees plus 20 crunches x 4.
    Also went for a 2km run and was good to discover that I can now run without back pain.

    Still a long way from where I was but getting better faster than expected.

    Today: Back
    Latpulldowns, seated rows, Incline rows, back extensions.

    15 burpees, 20 crunches x 4.

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    Friday: Arms
    Started with 2km row.
    Barbell curls, hammers, concentration curls
    Overhead tris, pushdowns

    Felt OK.

    Was hungry so smashed a chicken parmagana for lunch and a proper Wiener Schnitzel for dinner.

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    Was a nice weekend at the beach which included a little ceremony for my wife. We'll have to go up more often.

    Today: Chest

    Started with some abs and burpees then:

    Flat bench: 20, 15, 10, 10, 6
    Incline: 20, 15, 10, 10,
    Cable crossovers crossovers plus cable pushes 15 x 3.
    100 push-ups.

    Did the job.

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    Tuesday: shoulders, very nice


    Wednesday: leg day,

    I managed to fark up my shoulder. How is that possible on leg day? Well was just finishing up with some burpees and bam, the pain. Hurt just raising my arm.

    Feeling a bit better today and hope itll be OK after the weekend. I Absolutely freak out about shoulder injuries, particularly anything that might involve the rotator cuff. Really pissed off it happened on farking leg day.

    Might try some cardio tomorrow. Have to do something.

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