Damian Mckenzie

  • He has been getting a lot of positive press, Cullen giving him a big wrap saying he should be an AB,
    Curious to know what people think, is his lack of size an issue?

  • Bit of a non issue for me, if he's good enough, he's big enough.

  • He's not scared in the tackle, so that's good enough for me.

  • he certainly plays bigger than the 81kg he is listed as, plus hes only 20, that gives him another couple of years to 'become a man' and get a bit more size without losing the pace

  • Certainly has some silky skills.  His size is not a positive to me.  I would not make room for him as I would leave Ben Smith at FB and DMac is not a winger.  Cruden has managed to play despite his size although he has had his share of injuries.  Players are getting bigger, stronger and faster.  Football nous and speed competing against size and power.

  • If Cruds can dominate at that level then so can McKenzie.

  • Looks very much like he could fit in the 10/15 super sub role like Barrett. Will be interesting to see how he develops over the next few years. Would he be the 4th First five in line?

  • Mentioned in dispatches by Shag on Veitch's show yesterday.

  • The phrase "playing above your weight" is appropriate for McKenzie, but there is only one way to find out.  There are plenty of examples of players who have had the physical attributes to succeed for the ABs and didn't.  I know which type of player I'd prefer!

  • I like Shags line. "He has plenty under the left nipple"
    I've said before. AB selectors don't ignore freak talent. They will take him into camp and see how he can fit a gameplan.

  • I'd be shocked if he didn't get an AB cap at some point this year. On top of his fantastic performances this year, Wayne Smith is a big fan of him and the last I heard, his voice has a bit of weight within the setup.

  • I'm sure he'll get a run in the June tests somewhere.

  • Skill trumps size in several positions (why does everything I say sound so damned dirty) and first five is one of them.
    If Dave Rennie and Wayne Smith rate him, Shag has him on the radar, he's got a hefty strike rate with the boot and doesn't shirk from tackles or a sprint, then that is good enough for me.

  • So why couldn't he play wing? Seems a great replacement for NMS to me.

  • So why couldn't he play wing? Seems a great replacement for NMS to me.If Colin Slade is good enough to be an All Black winger, then sure as shit D Mac is too!

  • I swear, if Danger Mouse doesn't become an all black this year, Kirwan will eat his hat!

  • Or does he play fullback and smith slots onto the wing?
    i know smith is the number 1FB , but he is probably the number 1 right wing as well with NMS out

  • I think Shag mentioned they dont see him so much as a winger - I agree I think his skillset is better suited to fullback. Shift Ben to 14.

  • I swear, if Danger Mouse doesn't become an all black this year, Kirwan will eat his hat!

    Where is Kirwan these days?

  • Good to see lots of manlove for DMac.
    I agree with everything said above - What I like particularly about DMac is the positive energy he brings, and the creativity to try something new. Intuition and work ethic; you can't coach. It is infectious however, and the team as a whole benefits. The ability to make something out of nothing cannot be underestimated. 
    I would be interested to see him given a stint in the 10 shirt, to see how he can shape a game, especially when the team is under pressure.

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