14 in a row!

  • Can't find the old thread to recycle that but having gone unbeaten since Sydney last year the ABs now have 11 wins on the trot and it's time to start thinking about whether they can threaten the Tier 1 record of 17, set by the Fred Allen era ABs, later equalled by the Nick Mallett Boks and the 2014 ABs.
    Or dare we imagine? Perhaps knocking the mighty Mofflons from top position with their 24 in a row.
    As always it would depend on going through a Tri Nations ... errr Rugby Championship ... undefeated. No mean feat even given Transformation and Wallaby result v England.
    If, and it remains a big If, they keep winning then the third Bledisloe in Auckland becomes D-day for No.18.
    If my maths is right 25 to take the outright record would necessitate a Lions series winning second test effort ...
    To those who think posting this kind of thread jinxes the possibility please get a grip on reality and fuck off with your superstitious bullshit 🙂
    By the way ... Soon to be Number One in the World England are only two behind us on 9 in a row ...

  • Our next hit out will be in Sydney.. Australia has a habit of ruining our records..
    and Game 17 will be in the republic..
    Game 25 will be the 3rd lions test.. so we would need to blackwash the lions..

  • Let's not start that shit again, we went all stoopid when we got close to the mark last time

  • In the bag I reckon! If only there was a tab option!

  • how about the game in Argentina? any chance of slipping up in that?

  • Not worried about South Africa. Only Aussie can trip us up for the 17. Confident!!!

  • how about the game in Argentina? any chance of slipping up in that?

    have to be a bit of a form reversal from the many Pumas in the Jaguares....not impossible, but I'd say unlikely, they'll be playing thier first TRC on the back of a Super seaosn with a travel schedule they have never expereinced before.

  • The RC is shaping up as a snore fest. Would happily trade it for 3 tests vs the Poms in England.
    Argentina nilled at home yesterday vs France, Aussie whitewashed, SA scraping past Ireland.

  • Well, lets beat Australia over there, for the first time in three years, before we get too cocky ...

  • Perhaps knocking the mighty Mofflonsfrom top position with their 24 in a row.

    sorry Moufflons. Spelling / typing not my strong point 🙂

  • Based on what's been demonstrated this June, then the 18th win is very doable.
    It would be a shock if NZ lost IMHO.

  • We're always unbeatable until we lose.
    Aussie will be mongrels and uber niggly in Sydney.

  • We'll lose at least once this RC, maybe twice.

  • you twat Booboo, now you've gone and done it. Here's what will happen because of you starting this thread: We'll lose at least once this RC, and England will continue on their merry roll and do what we've been unable to do, get past 17. 
    When that happens I will remind you of this ill advised thread.

  • It's a done deal....no one is good enough, we'll go through beyond the next RWC unbeaten, so by then even AB fans will be thinking a loss would be good, just for a change.

  • England will continue on their merry roll and do what we've been unable to do, get past 17.

    Everyone knows that beating 17 without playing the ABs is like winning a RWC without playing the ABs. It doesn't really count.

  • England's run to 18 ...v South Africa at Twickenham Stadium, London Saturday 12th November 2016 – Kick Off: 2:30pmv Fiji at Twickenham Stadium, London Saturday 19th November 2016 – Kick Off: 2:30pmv Argentina at Twickenham Stadium, London Saturday 26th November 2016 – Kick Off: 2:30pmv Australia at Twickenham Stadium, London Saturday 3rd December 2016 – Kick Off: 2:30pm
    Saturday 4th February 2017
    England v France
    Twickenham Stadium, London 4:50pm
    Saturday 11th February 2017
    Wales v England
    Principality Stadium, Cardiff 4:50pm
    Sunday 26th February 2017
    England v Italy
    Twickenham Stadium, London 3:00pm
    Saturday 11th March 2017
    England v Scotland
    Twickenham Stadium, London 4:00pm
    Saturday 18th March 2017
    Ireland v England
    Aviva Stadium, Dublin 5:00pm

  • Fuck that looks pretty easy/likely on paper. They'll be lauded the greatest team ever without having to even play us, genius from the (clearly) English bloke that came up with the scheduling for the next year.

  • The opposition has never been weaker, but our midfield could bleed tries at any moment against any TRC opposition. So I'd bet against it - but I don't have the foggiest who will beat us. Certainly not Aussie away, we will put at least 40 on them like England.

  • This year's slam was "easier" for England because while they only had two home games out of five, the home games were against their chief rivals Wales and Ireland. Every other year the schedule reverses, so in 2017 they play in Cardiff and Dublin. Makes for a much more deserved slam if they do it.
    Great series win over Aussie though. It was the ultimate no-win situation for an ABs fan, but I got myself up to support England. That, plus I enjoy seeing teams who play dumb rugby getting beaten. The main positive was that the loser got swept and gets a pounding from the fans and media. Cheika's press conference face looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

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