Deloitte State of Unions Report

  • Interesting report.

    Just flicked through and pretty poor reading for harbour, especially on the Supporter and Community engagement which to be honest isnt really a suprise. Should really do much better with that population base and improved on field performance. Massive admin costs too but suspect its a classification variance given how low the team and match related costs are.

  • @jk yeah I found this comment telling, and is something i have banged on about for years as a Northland fan, we have fans up here who want to go and support the team, but many are apathetic if the results are not great (I've been at games in our dark years of continuous losses when I reckon I could count the number of people there and it wouldnt take long)

    Honourable mentions must go to Auckland (as stated above) for their increase in match related income but also to the Northland union. Northland had a $127,000 increase in >match related income in FY17. This 34.2% increase again shows the importance of performance as in the Taniwha’s case they won four more games than in 2016 and made the Championship semi-final

  • @stargazer

    While it highlights the increase in younger grades player number, I know in Northland in years gone by and I believe other provinces have had similar drop offs in participation once they get to the U13-U16 grades, for a variety of reasons.

    page 22 of the report:

    For the under 12 age group which grew
    another 1.4%, female player registrations
    have increased by 7,157 (up 111.0%) since
    2010, and male player registrations also
    grew by 5,314 (up 9.8%).

    Rugby at the grassroots
    The number of rugby players is a key indicator of the health of the game and, similar to many traditional sports in New Zealand, rugby unions face a challenge to grow the number of registered players.

    For the Mitre 10 Cup unions, collectively the number of player registrations declined
    by 178 (0.1%) from 2016 to 2017. The age group that drove the decline was the senior
    grades (21 year olds and over) as they decreased by over 2,000 registrations, a
    drop of 8.9%. Since 2010, the senior grades have decreased in size by 11.0%, driven by
    the drop in males of 13.8%, offset by the positive increase in female in the senior
    grades by 63.8% in the same period.

    The secondary school age group, in the Mitre 10 Cup unions, had an increase of
    2.5% in 2017 on the previous year, with both male and female player registrations
    growing by 0.7% and 15.5% respectively.

    2017 saw the first increase in male player numbers in this age group for the past
    three years in contrast to the seventh year in a row that the female number have
    increased. The growth in females playing rugby in the secondary school age group,
    although impressive with a gain of 78.6% since 2010, is outweighed by the decrease
    in male participation of 2,264 player registrations since 2010 (down 6.5%).

    The positive story, on an age group basis, is in the under 12 age group which grew
    another 1.4%, its sixth consecutive year of growth. On a gender basis, female
    player registrations have increased by 7,157 (up 111.0%) since 2010, and
    male player registrations also grew by 5,314 (up 9.8%). In 2017 this age group
    makes up 55.5% of all rugby player registrations of the Mitre 10 Cup unions.

    Two of the Heartland unions’ age groups grew in 2017 (under 12s up 2.3% and
    secondary school age group up 6.0%). The senior grade fell 6.7% with the male player
    registrations dropping 7.0% being offset by an increase of 7.3% in female players.

  • @JK Financially it all seems to be down to Other Revenue which in 2018 was a negative figure. Other Revenue Streams were all up and Operating Costs were down. Which begs the question. An over-accrual in 2017?

    In terms of Engagement - no real surprises other than the measurement criteria. Social Media followers and FB likes …...

    Poor old Pinetree must be turning in his grave

  • Not that cheery

  • This post is deleted!

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