Chiefs 2020

  • The Chiefs' main change for 2020 will be the change in coaching staff, with Warren Gatland announced to take over as Head Coach from Colin Cooper next year, and decisions on his assistants still to be made or announced.

    While in some player positions the most crucial signings have been secured, most notably the backrow and midfield, there are still a lot of players of whom we don't know whether they've re-signed or not. Not an awful lot of players have announced to go overseas (Retallick's sabattical will have a huge impact though), but some positions definitely need some reinforcement.

    In the blog post below, I've listed players who were named in the 2019 Chiefs squad, played for the franchise, re-signed or leaving players etc to assist a discussion about the 2020 Chiefs squad. I will update this list when further signings or departures are announced.

    1. The recruitment in which position is the most urgent?
    2. Who of the players of the initial 2019 squad would you like to see signed for 2020 (or longer)?
    3. Who of the players that played in 2019, but weren't in the initial squad, would you like to see signed for 2020 (or longer)?
    4. Which other player, who hasn't played for the Chiefs in 2019, would be on your wish list?
    5. Which player, who hasn't been signed yet, but played for the Chiefs in 2019, don't you want to be signed?

    Blog post:

  • The Chiefs need to re-sign Debreczeni he impressed at the end of the season then DMac can play his rightful position FB.
    And Taukei'aho I think he's better then Polwart and maybe Harris too.If I were other franchises I would be recruiting those 2,

  • Need a decent lock. Decent first five. Decent midfielder urgently signed

  • IMO the Chiefs' need for good signings is the greatest for lock and first five-eighth. Unfortunately, good players in these positions are hard to find in NZ. I hope there will be good talent emerging from the Mitre 10 Cup, but franchises will all be fishing in that same NPC pond.

  • @Yeahtheboys What's wrong with the mid-field? ALB is some kind of god and Nankivell and Manu have been great. Manu might head north but Nankivell has 2 more years. I've spoken heaps about Quinn Tupaea so hopefully he'll be picked up, I'll be super pissed if he goes somewhere else if the Chiefs fail to sign him.

  • @Yeetyaah

    I'd hope that we keep Manu and sign Tupaea. I also didn't think that Sullivan was too bad either, he just didn't get many chances.

    At first five, Big Deb is a must signing right now, plus I'd probably re-sign the food bill HB five-eighth and try to get another young one (the other young HB guy?). The semi final showed why we should get rid of MMac - invest in trying to win in in 2021 with Brodie back.

    Beyond that, a young lock: Parkinson would be my first choice, but I can't see it. Whetton? Olmstead? Who else is there? Youngsters to target @Stargazer ?

    I think we are lacking one to two other quality flankers/8s - Seu has been disappointing and we need more class there, for the inevitable Sam Cane injury/enforced rest weeks. Jacobsen looks great, but Frizzel would be a major boost if we could get him, otherwise, again, find the best young talent and try to get them going with a view to be contenders in 2021.

    We also need to find out what's happening with our props - I assume that Hames is not returning, so we keep the current four if we can and try to find another few youngsters.

  • @gt12 I liked Sullivan too. I feel like he'd be the one that gets dropped in favour of Tupaea though, unless Manu goes north, but I'd quite like to keep him. Also regarding locks, McWhannell didn't get any opportunity this year and I'd like to see him in action, but I do like the idea of Parkinson in the Chiefs.

  • May be redundant now, but speaking yesterday to someone in the know, seems there was a view in the squad that they weren't learning anything from Cooper.

  • @Yeetyaah Parkinson has not signed with the Highlanders so it could happen one of the better tall locks around

  • I would take Nandos any day of the week

  • @Chris I wonder if he stopped getting game time because he was leaving.

  • @gt12 I reckon Jacobson will be an AB if he stays healthy. He and Papalii are great prospects.

  • @Tim said in Chiefs 2020:

    @mariner4life Who?

    Sorry, all I can think of when I hear Pari Pari is a nandos ad

    It's nuffie as fuck, but I dub the nandos

  • @Tim maybe it seems to happen players leaving to another franchise are out of favour
    I thought he was playing well then he disappeared from the playing 15

  • @Chris

    They'd be mad if they lost him; he has talent and size.

    If he came to the Chiefs, with a couple of other signings, I'd be very happy looking at 2021.

  • Highlanders are going to be absolutely gutted by the sounds of things. PPP would be a great signing if true.

  • What would we prefer? Keep building around Debrenezi or sign Barrett?

  • @Hooroo Rather keep Debs tbh. Barrett is obviously great and I wouldn't complain, but I think developing someone into a good five eight with some loyalty would be good for the club. He's a talent, and one year after leaving Australia he's already showing improvement.

  • @Yeetyaah I agree. Barrett would probably not play more than 2 seasons and then possibly head off or retire. I'd try to keep Debreczeni for the present and develop young blokes like Falcon and another young player like - maybe - Kaleb Trask.

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