Facebook - Time To Die?

  • fuck that gives me the shits seeing that, someone close to me does it a lot, and they gush over any little thing their kid does and plaster it on facebook, not to mention a husband and wife most likely sitting next to one another on the couch both replying to comments about it separately on FB...
    OK with proud parents and the like, but the sickly treacle gushing BS that you see is what winds me up no end!
    I have posted things in the exact fashion they do to see what response I get, but it must be normal in their world.
    but that's another thread all together!

    Ok, lets go there TR.  I have to admit, that lately I've really started to have a gutful of Facebook and the like.
    It just seems to me that people try to project that their life is something that it's not on there.  It's all nice and good to occasionally share a family picture or something, but if I look at my facebook feed this morning, this is what I see
    A guys announcement of his mother dying - (25 likes, 51 comments).. .likes??  WTF?
    It's sunny in Sydney today apparently, so I've got about 10 people saying they are enjoying the sunny weather (what, you guys had like 3 days of rain... )
    Veitchy - apparently Shaun Johnson has tried it on with Wozniacki...
    Uni pal posts updated pic of his daughter.
    School friend like Emirates - so therefore an advertisement for Emirates
    An Aunty has shared an old school vault - with a quote "Share this if you remember using these"
    Colleague likes a post on "Get your bulldog on coconut oil"
    White trash Cousin shares some stupid post on motorcross about how it's more awesome than anything else  (7th post of the day).
    When I joined up a few years ago, I would see about 10 posts a day, all of real status updates, real pictures and it was great.  But it just seems to be a pile of shit these days, and with people only posting either the the top 1% of their life, or the bottom 1%.  I admit, a picture of a mate driving to work or sitting at his desk would be a bit dull, but I'd rather see that than 7 of the 8 posts above.
    I should probably ditch Veitchy, but I do get a lot of fun out of posting against some of the idiots who comment there (of which some are probably members here!).
    Anyway, am I the only one who really think it's gone to shit?

  • I have recently done a cull and also blocked a lot of stuff that appears using the "Hide all from "........"
    It has helped.
    Unfortunately my ex-wifes sister has met a real good dude who dies a lot of fishing off Bluff and she posts a lot of Blue Cod/Oyster/Crayfish pics, which I like to see. This seems to irk true-love when I am constantly liking them. 🙂
    why don't you jsut go and move to southland.... heh heh!

  • You've got to be heavy on the 'mute' button I reckon. I reckon at least 40% of my friends have been muted, just for posting inane shit.

  • nah man, I'm with you on that. I would ditch, if it wasn't the best way i know to share pictures of the kids with the family back home, and facebook messenger is great for "free" messages and video calls. 
    Mine is full of fucking "motivational" shares; fucking gym memes; ads; and fucking LAD Bible shares. 
    I'm not above over doing photos of the boys playing sports, or a gratuitous selfie dressed up at the races, so i can't comment too much, but i am getting the shits with the constant fucking shares of bullshit from pages that just aggregate shit from other parts of the net.

  • yeah I have 'hidden' posts of a bunch of people, they post a lot of BS, and recently unfollowed some stuff that was initially interesting.
    I go through phases where I put pics and stuff up, other times I share BS myself.
    I have used it for work purposes before given so many of the younger generation have no idea (and/or don't care) about privacy settings.

  • I deleted my Facebook account 2 years ago and am yet to have any regrets about it.

  • It's sunny in Sydney today apparently, so I've got about 10 people saying they are enjoying the sunny weather (what, you guys had like 3 days of rain... )

    It's not even properly sunny yet - sun's out but still grey in parts and it's windy as. Nothing to like!!!
    I have a Facebook that I use only to contact people or have them contact me - and that goes to my email so I don't need to even check Facebook to be updated.

  • I don't do FB because I have zero interest in knowing when some fucker has taken a dump.
    Surprisingly my life doesn't seem empty without it.
    Plus there is the added bonus of pissing people off who tell me I really should be on it.

  • I use it for a laugh and to make people laugh and/or offend them. Also for bantering with TR, M4L, NTA and Virgil amongst others.
    I hate it when people get political agendas and I hate all the 'inspirational, motivational' shit.
    It does amuse me the double standards though. A chick will put up a picture in a pretty dress or whatever and all her female friends will go 'aw so beautiful hun' etcetcetc. The odd male will 'like' it too. I recently got a mate to do some head shots of me in a suit for work, smooth as glass if I do say so myself but I dare not put them on FB cos one of the above arseholes ( or any number of real life 'friends' ) will inform me I look like a fluffybunny. It's just how blokes are.

  • I don't need an airbrushed photo to tell you that you look like a fluffybunny

  • I don't need an airbrushed photo to tell you that you look like a fluffybunny

    True, but an extremely well dressed fluffybunny at the time I'll have you know.

  • You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter

  • posting pics of food, every single-fucking-day as they worked through a new cook book, posting to the page of the author too,and then, as people gushed over the pics, each of them commented about it as well, like one another sposts etc...I know 1 poster on here will know who I am talking about, although he probably wont read this 🙂
    anywhoo, again, I have posted the odd food pic (aimed at them) to be gushed over....

  • You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter

    You'd know all about that Sydney boy

  • To me, liking a post on Facebook also includes acknowledging the post, particularly for bereavements - it's not that we like what happened, we acknowledge the post about it.

  • I've not bothered with Facebook because I waste enough time on the net as it is without adding another way to do that.
    Took my brother in law fishing and I hooked up a kingie and passed him the rod so he could ineptly bring if in, I didn't know at the time but it was the first fish he ever caught and I took a photo of him with it. Mrs is friends with him on Facebook and showed me that he uploaded the photo of himself with the fish while we were in the water along with a fairly embarrassing amount of bragging and no mention of what actually took place . Twat.
    Someone else mentioned people showing the top 1% of their lives, the mrs has friends who live a champagne life on a beer budget , if you looked at their Facebook pages you'd think they were the Kiwi branch of the Kardashian family , pictures of holidays , restaurants , latest apple purchase for them or the kids. I know their credits cards are maxed out and their parents pay their kids private school fees . Add to that their vomit inducing expressions of love for each other.

  • Add to that their vomit inducing expressions of love for each other.

    A sure sign that things aren't right.

  • Facebook was pretty cool at the start because I could track down old school and uni mates. After the excitement of that died down my account has been pretty much dormant. Unfortunately, I've discovered it's probably the best way to get in touch with people these days. An email could take days to be answered, but a Facebook message, almost straight away. Very occasionally I'll view my feed or whatever it's called and gag at the puerile and narcissistic bullshit people post. Facebook must absolutely kill productivity at workplaces.

  • A sure sign that things aren't right.

    Oh they aren't , they certainly don't act like that in public . Unfortunately for both of them in a country of 4 million the chances of either one of them being able to find someone who could tolerate them are fairly limited so they are probably stuck with each other.

  • I've never had a Facebook account. I just don't have all that many interesting things to share with the world in general. Even the whole friends and family thing seems false to me, much like those xmas circular emails which I hate receiving and always assumed everyone else does too.
    All this constant sharing strikes me as kind of conceited and presumptuous, with quite uninteresting people assuming that they are in fact fascinating and insightful and taking for granted that everyone else is waiting to hear about them, their lives and thoughts. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm any more interesting than they are but I like to think I have the self awareness to shut up most of the time because of it.There's enough banality in the world without me adding to it.

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