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    Yeah some of the vision of Jones is staggering, his O-line may as well not be there. Fields in Chicago is the same.

    Whereas you watch Lamar and he could cook dinner behind his line. Same with Purdy.

    Be interesting to see which teams look to pull the pin and start tanking for the good QB class in the next draft. Could see the Raiders doing it, or Minnesota, or Tennessee.

    Surprised and happy to see the Rams doing well, Stafford is a baller. And liking the look of CJ Stroud in Houston. Arizona hanging in there as well. There are no out and out terrible teams, just a boatload of mediocre ones.

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    @booboo said in RWC Week 4: Springboks v Tonga:

    @W32 said in RWC Week 4: Springboks v Tonga:

    @booboo is fluffybunny even in the South African vocabulary? I haven't lived there in 30 years, but none of the South Africans I interact with have even heard of it.

    Just checking: you do know that "fluffybunny" is used an an automatic replacement filter for "fluffybunny" on this site huh?

    That explanation worked well...

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    @canefan said in QF - Wellington v Waikato:

    @Canes4life said in QF - Wellington v Waikato:

    @foobaNZ I mean we should be more confident than this after winning 19 games in a row but I just worry how much that loss on Saturday will dent out confidence. Hopefully they have a good training week and we get back to winning ways.

    The loss might have the contrary effect, giving the Lions the kick in the pants they need to go for the title again

    It is often the way (is it cliche or true?, who knows)... in many ways, I'd have been more confident in sticking my neck out to say Waikato would win had Wellington won last week.

    In truth, Wellington would probably rather play every other team in the comp (is that a stretch)?

    On form, Waikato are arguably looking like the comp's 2nd best side.

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    @mariner4life said in All Blacks MOTM v Italy:

    Perfect game for Ardie to show why the world loves him (also his angle for the breakout try was as good as I've seen an AB forward run in years)

    But he doesn’t watch other games…

    Mo’unga, Retallick, Savea

    HM: Frizell, Taylor

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    @Higgins thanks, nice little write up

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    @MN5 said in Beer thread:

    I was told that amount of hops would be crazy in terms of bitterness……

    depends when you add them.

    Interestingly, this recipe (which I can't find online any more) has no hops in the boil. There's a hop stand, and then a monster charge of hops after fermentation is largely completed. My mate is a mad hop head and has reset how much hops you can put into a beer ... they're damn good, but pretty expensive to brew (for homebrew prices :D)

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    @voodoo said in Iron-Voodoo:

    @Dodge thanks mate. Was a long day, but stoked to tick the box.

    And I’m embarrassed to say I’ve basically given all the training benefits back since the race 🙈

    glad to heat that. I've picked up a new nickname following a cycling weekend earlier in the year FLAB (Fat Lad At the Back)

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    I'm hearing rumblings from the CDC about further vaccinations and this could be problematic for me. All the boarding and care and assisted living facilities will follow terr guidance and I go to these facilities. I will no longer be vaccinated. 3 shots and 2 mild Covid experiences is enough.

    I just left a company and they're still talking about vaccinating children which a risk reward analysis does not support. I know Europe is not advocating this anymore.

    We will see what happens but I know there's going to be a lot more resistance in America.

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    Not that there's much difference these days....

    Oops! Tory vows to be first 'female Labour mayor'
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    @Duluth said in Registration is working again:


    Try clearing your browser cache

    Genius, you should be in IT bro