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    @dogmeat said in Recipes, home grown goodness, BBQing and food stuff:

    @Tim XO improves most things Have you tried the GoodChow Paua one?

    Speaking of paua, our not so local chippie does creamed paua wontons and they are simply fantastic.

  • Beer thread

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    @MN5 said in Beer thread:

    ( pro tip. Be sure to soak the bags of kit and brewing sugar in boiling water to make it easier to pour )

    I put mine in the boiler cupboard overnight. I've also been told some people freeze them and peel the bags off, but I'm sceptical of any damage ice crystals might do.

  • Tesla Roadster

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    Hopefully, the demo goes better than the bullet proof glass or the AI robot

  • Movie review thread...

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    @MN5 said in Movie review thread...:

    @Virgil said in Movie review thread...:

    @MN5 said in Movie review thread...:

    Great feedback on Dune. Will go and see it with the girl on Sundee night I think.

    Movie series NEVER stop at two so a trilogy was always a given.

    Dune Parts 1 and 2 complete the first book.
    Theres still several more books in the saga to go. Though i doubt they will all make it to the big screen
    They get very weird..
    Sounds like Denis Villeneuve does plan to make at least 1 more movie but has talked about that been several years down the track.

    Did you see the double feature ?

    ( next statement probably belongs in the GOM thread )

    Was there a break between “innings” ?

    i did, having watched Part 1 several times at home it was great to see and hear it on the big screen
    feeling a bit tired this morning given Part 2 didnt finish till nearly midnight.

    Yep there was a 15mm 'Intermission'/innings break between the 2 films.

  • Memes

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  • Stupid shit you see on the internet

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    This sort of appeasement of "the mob" is what is most distressing about all of this.

    The best response I've seen was this on twitter:

  • Chat GPT

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    It's all going swimmingly well.... 🙂

    Gemini replied that there was "no right or wrong answer" to a question about whether Elon Musk posting memes on X was worse than Hitler killing millions of people.

    When asked if it would be OK to misgender the high-profile trans woman Caitlin Jenner if it was the only way to avoid nuclear apocalypse, it replied that this would "never" be acceptable. (BBC)

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    @nzzp said in Tech Questions:

    Comparison: Kobo are fine. They access libraries more (at least in Auckland), but harder to manage your own DRM-free ebooks - Calibre doesn't transfer, you have to export books and then copy them across manually.

    Nah - I've had Kobos for years... and exclusively use Calibre. 99% of my ebooks are DRM-free, pulled out of the raging rivers of the WWW.
    (Well - bit of a headache the first time setting it up - need to download the correct driver, and tweak some config - but not TOO much effort, and once it's running - it's all good.)
    I've never tried a Kindle - I've got a perverse obsession with never supporting the biggest brands for any particular product. Cutting off my nose, in a lot of cases, I suspect.
    But Kobo has always done the trick for me... I'm on about my third or fourth. Which suggests that yes, they do break down - but it's generally been after many years of heavy use and blatant abuse.
    My current one is the (discontinued) LIbra H2O - waterproof, but I think they all are nowadays?... and all the other standard features one would expect. It's slightly too big to fit in some of my pockets - Swanndri inner chest pocket, and motorcycle jeans back-pocket... I'm kinda hoping I break it, so I can buy one of the new models - they've finally started producing smaller sizes again. But... it just takes all the abuse I throw at it.

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    I did not know this ...

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    The Church, did he claim that he saw you in another life?

  • Favourite Comedians

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    @Kruse said in Favourite Comedians:

    I reckon we could well have a decent back/forth with that vs my criticism of the cum-town crowd.

    I suspect so. Although, it's more suited to a few pints in a loud and "tolerant" pub ... 🙂

  • Bad/Lame Jokes

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    “You’re nothing but treble_”.jpeg

  • Grumpy Old Man

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    Twinned with Beirut

  • Star Wars VII ****contains spoilers****

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  • Good podcasts

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    @Tim said in Good podcasts:

    If you want to get into laptop general mode, the War on the Rocks podcast is pretty interesting.

    War On The Rocks Archives - War on the Rocks War On The Rocks Archives - War on the Rocks

    Join Ryan Evans as he speaks with soldiers, spies, officials, and scholars on a range of issues related to strategy, defense, and foreign affairs. Often recorded at bars in Washington and other world capitals, the original War on the Rocks podcast is for people who want to stay informed, with a...

    ‎War on the Rocks on Apple Podcasts ‎War on the Rocks on Apple Podcasts

    ‎News · 2024

    This is excellent, just the free one on Apple.

    Enjoyed the more recent ones with the head or US Marines, US Air Force and US Deputy Secretary of Defense.

  • The Future of Protein?

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    @Windows97 said in The Future of Protein?:

    The economics of the plant based "meat" may just never stack up, not so much as in plant based meat v normal meat but in that it's simply much easier and profitable to turn your peas, corn etc. into other products that have an existing market you can so easily sell to than to go to all the effort and expense of turning into plant based meat.

    At the end of the day economics and economies of scale always wins...

    WE could all start eating bugs (grasshoppers) say. As per Klaus Schwab and his WEF 'own nothing be happy, eat the bugs', solution.

    Grasshoppers are a very nutritious food source12. They contain about 40% protein, 43% fat, and 13% dietary fiber1. Grasshoppers have higher protein content than many other animal and plant sources like chicken, eggs, and beans1. They are a great food source for chickens, especially during the winter months when other sources of protein may be scarce2. Besides protein, grasshoppers contain high levels of calcium, magnesium, and iron2.

  • Electric Vehicles

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    Interesting modifications lol

  • TV Serieseseses

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    Make sure you watch or rewatch Loudermilk on Netflix, get those streaming numbers up and they'll have to plump for a 4th season.