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    There are a ton of youtube channels, magazines, websites etc that claim to provide fast "weeknight" recipes, and I don't think that a single one has ever washed a vegetable. Watch me prep this x inspired slaw in two minutes!

    A recent trend in American sources is to add honey or sugar to dressings, braises etc, which is just completely unnecessary and downright trashy. There is so much bad cheap restaurant food that made even more dull by adding sweetness. I know that it is a restaurant trick to add a bit of sugar to a sauce etc, but it a shitty one. A lot of food in mainland China is very bad, and ruining dishes with sugar is typical of that. They even add it to kimchi before serving.

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    Crafted Oatmeal Stout Crafted Oatmeal Stout

    IBU: 16 SRM: 4 ABV: 4.5% (approx. using two cans of Oatmeal Stout) Malt: 48.7% Pilsner, 38.9 Caramalt, 5.6% Roasted 3.1% Chocolate, 2.8% Black, 0.9% Oats H...

    Latest Brew.

    Put a couple of cans of this in the fermenter. Added a bag of coffee, chocolate shavings and 200 mls of rum all mixed in a gluggy mess.

    Cannot wait to see how this bad boy turns out. Will look at leaving it for quite a few months ( meaning it will be summer by the time I drink it ) but Wellington being Wellington I’m sure it’ll turn on a few shitty, chilly, rainy, windy stout drinking days.

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    Finished The WOman in the Wall last night.

    Was a pretty good series, Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack were both excellent in thier roles.

    Started a bit slow, but was a good story, but ramped up midway through (6 ep series)

    While not based on anything, it was inspired by the Magdalene Laundries, that I had heard of, but wasnt 100% on what they were...

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    Nah Has to be Ilya Kurayakin the cool one in Man from Uncle.

    Quite radical in 60's to have a programme with dirty filthy Russkie as a good guy

    He was in several iconic roles

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    @antipodean said in Movie review thread...:

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    The Delta Force (1986) - starring Chuck Norris

    Everything you need to know is in above line
    -- It's called "The Delta Force"
    -- It was released in 1986
    -- It's got Chuck Norris in it

    If you can't figure out what this movie is, from those three facts, you don't deserve to watch Chuck Norris riding a motorcycle firing rockets from both front and rear.

    Chuck is like Derek Zoolander. He only has one look

    Chuck Norris is a testimony to the power of the internet; making him a thinking when he should've been forgotten.

    I see your Chuck Norris and raise you a Rick roll (I am not cruel enough to add a link)

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  • Star Wars VII ****contains spoilers****

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    @Kirwan yeah, its interesting seeing how theyre walking the line of not re explaining everything from Rebels....but managing to keep people just accepting some of these things like who thrawn is, why he's in a different galaxy etc

    giant ring makes sense now so i retract my previous questions

    yes, really enjoying Ray Stevenson as Baylan, kind of ominous vibes, he's a bad guys you cant help liking, whats his aim? will be interesting if Baylan dies before the end or if he survives and will be re cast

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    So my kid has been signed out of iMessages somehow, when I try to sign him back in we just keep getting this message. Have done software updates, googled lots of stuff to no avail

    Any ideas?


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    and a big patch 500m north... in the middle of the ocean

    You'll need your 5G while you're relaxing on your luxury yacht.

    and Tim has just the music for you...

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    Why is there not a standard for TV remotes, I had a presentation yesterday for work and I felt like a boomer as fuck me I could not figure out how to turn up the volume on the remote. There were two buttons, one with a plus, one with a minus. I try pushing the plus button and it changes the channel. Of course, the TV itself no longer has volume buttons so you have to use the remote. A younger person from the floor did come and try and help but they couldn't figure it out either.

    So, they had to call IT support and after a short wait the IT guy comes in "What's the problem" I said, "I want to turn up the volume on the TV" He said "Have you tried the remote?" I said, "I don't know how?" He then looks at me as if I'm retarded picks up the remote and pushes the plus button forward and it turns up the volume.

    He then turns around annoyed and walks out no doubt thinking fuck me how can the old fluffybunny not know how a remote works.

    This was the first remote I have seen or used that required you to push the button forward like a lever and not depress. Anyway, I felt like an idiot with all these people watching me and thought I would share.

    This is probably the most relatable post I’ve ever seen on this page.

    Because I very occasionally wear glasses if I need a break from my contacts people are often aghast to realise I am genuinely thick as pigshit when it comes to technology.

    What does wearing glasses have to do with anything?

    If you have to ask, you’ll never know

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    @MN5 said in Alternative needed from the absolute crap of

    What was a fucking dog doing sitting in the cabin anyway? I'd be angry too. Make the owner sit in the hold with the dog!

  • Bogans with kids

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    Erwin Schrodinger walked into a bar.....


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    I'm not a car person but I walk past a charging station on occasion (when it rains as it's in a covered car park) and am surprised by the number of Kia's I see charging. They seem to be pretty popular in my part of Oz. I've driven a BYD, VW, and Tesla and thought the BYD was the best of the lot.

    is the BYD suspension ok? I was driving behind one the other day and it seemed to wallow a lot, soft ride perhaps.

    And by Kia I assume you mean Niro? I don't see many of them and only one or two EV6s..

    I didn't notice any issues with the BYD, it wasn't an uncomfortable ride.

    As for the Kia, as I noted I'm not much of a car person (and really don't care enough to look at models), I just noticed there were more of them charging than other brands.

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    @MiketheSnow said in The hot takes and unpopular opinions:

    Floor filler

    Blink 182 meets Offspring and Green Day in a dark suburban alley and raise a lovechild in Hairgel.