• Otago v Counties

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    ok...seeing Hurley actually bump off someone much bigger than him to set up that last try was a lot of fun

    frustrating as that game showed everything thats right and wrong with us, dominant forwards...some good tries...we should have done better this year

  • Waikato v Otago

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    @cgrant said in Waikato v Otago:

    Parker has the physique of a SA forward.

    He is definitely one of the larger no.8s in NZ.

  • Otago v Taranaki

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    Perofeta is still a frustrating player to watch. He makes a break and then throws a terrible pass.

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    @Kiwiwomble for large patches I thought Otago played well

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    @akan004 I think that's correct. The residency period of 5 years starts running from the age of 18 years, unless a player was already financially independent from his parents/caregivers before that age or the parents have moved here as well before the player turns 18. These exceptions don't apply in case of Fabian Holland. He turned 18 in 2020.

  • BoP v Otago

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    @ARHS said in BoP v Otago:

    @bayimports yes had his best match today. Was disappointed by his erratic kicks in earlier matches.

    Geeze the BOP locks do a lot of work.

    Definitely - Selby-Rickit and Sangster have been huge as a pair for us.

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    @Steven-Harris said in Otago v Southland:

    Finn Hurley must have put a bet on the drop kick option last play

    i know right...was weird, southland already needed to score twice, if the guys are spent sure plug the corner, take a breath setting up the lineout, make the exit, drop goal really just gives them the good chance to counter from broken play

  • Hawke's Bay v Otago

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    @Number-10 said in Hawkes v Otago:

    Magpies player of the day went to Devan Flanders.

    Magpies currently three props down - Farrell (ribs - 3 weeks), Salmon (HIA) and Hintz (HIA).

    And Joe 'Apikotoa named in the Tonga RWC squad.

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    @Stargazer this is gold aye. I could be wrong but I think Peter has had the better of Thomas in all the games they've faced each other in professionally. I wonder if we'll ever see them on the same side again.

  • Tasman vs Otago

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    @SouthernMann said in Tasman vs Otago:

    If he's 5'9 then so am I. That has him the same as Mckenzie, taller than Kolbe, Weber and Smith. I think that would be a very rough estimate.

    5"7 at best with Hurley. I've seen him in the flesh.

  • Otago 2023

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    @SouthernMann said in Otago 2023:

    I can't think of players who have either. Ben SMith went the other way, from a halfback at school to an outside back. I just believe there is some thinking outside of the box required with Hurley. The talent ceiling is high, the height ceiling is very low. You're right with Arscott, he is serviceable. Will do an adequate job.

    The next guy who it will be interesting to watch is Dylan Pledger out of Kings. Also an absolute midget, but is a proper halfback.

    It is good that they told him early he is a halfback, and not a 10. My understanding is that he has signed as part of the Highlanders High Performance Programme, so they obviously see a future for him. May take him a couple of extra years to develop.

    You don't really see them, but you can get away with midgets at halfback, that Viljoen who played for the U20s this year is very small.

    On the topic of halfbacks, being positive, I can now see why the Highlanders/Otago went with Hastie over Hotham. I'm not necessarily saying Hastie is better, but can see the clear quality he possesses, add in the fact he is a local guy, and I get it.

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    @ARHS Was that Nareki's first game back? He had some good touches, loved the kick that lead to the try.

  • Manawatu v Otago

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    @FakatavaAllBlack said in Manawatu v Otago:

    By the way @Chris-B just want you to know I will be supporting Tasman next week like my life depends on it๐Ÿ™‚

    me too, definitely calling on the fact dad played for Nelson Bays...always been a fan of Tasman ๐Ÿคจ

  • Otago v Waikato

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    Commanding performance from Fabian Holland in the LO. He is also very mobile. With a few additional kgs of muscle, he could be well in the mix for an AB selection after the RWC. I also liked what I saw of young McClea. He looks to be a good prospect. I would start him ahead of Parapara who is rather slow.

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    A late watch. As a neutral, I have found Mr Williams' refereeing very harsh for the Southern men, particularly at scrum time.

  • Otago v BOP

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    @Kiwiwomble if we don't defeat wellington this upcoming weekend then our quater final aspirations basically die๐Ÿ˜ก

  • Auckland v Otago

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    @KiwiMurph said in Auckland v Otago:

    @FakatavaAllBlack was impressed by Withy and Holland for Otago.

    Was coming into thread to say exactly that about Holland Kiwi, I have been watching hin for a while liking what he does, and although only saw first half hour of this game yesterday, he impressed the hell out of me. For a 19-20yo kid he even got a great build for a lock to go with his height. But his workrate really impresses me, he works well in mauls as well as lifting, jumping in lineouts . Looks a pretty complete package for a kid! And to top it off he caught AJ Lam from behind after he made a break.

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    @taniwharugby I don't even know who they're playing but let me guess it's Northland? If so that'll be a great watch

  • Otago v Hawke's Bay

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    Amazing how they managed to make a highlights video of 12 minutes from such a low-scoring and pretty average game.

  • Otago v Tasman

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    @Crucial Jokes can and will be killed! ๐Ÿ™‚