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  • I remember Tucker as the "square" guy with a bow-tie on a show called Crossfire which Jon Stewart destroyed. I used to be more liberal. But I think this was just because I was politically ignorant and getting my opinions from a lot of liberal popular culture.

    Now Tucker is a voice of reason. Case in point today about Kayne West and the Democrat assault on family values.

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    It still blows be away that I quite like Tucker now..and that I actually have some time for Fox news. My former hero Jon Stewart must be rolling in his (relevance) grave

    It's a pretty amazing turnaround considering how Stewart made him the subject of absolute ridicule back in the day. I viewed that clip recently and realised that as absurd Tucker looked with his bowtie and scowl, Stewart's argument was pretty ridiculous. It was basically "You guys are destroying political commentary. I'm not because I'm just a comedian." That was always his excuse: "I'm just a comedian." It was complete bs of course but just a convenient way for him to pretend he was above it all.

  • Bowtie-era Tucker Carlson was a buffoon, but the new Tucker Carlson is something closer to a National Treasure, at least as far as anything you see on American national cable TV news programming. What made Tucker a buffoon 15 years ago is the same thing that makes him Great today: The Iraq War. Back then he served as a CNN GOP propagandist stooge to sell the aluminum tubes and yellowcake. He believed in it and he sold it like an obedient servant. But almost uniquely on American newsers now, he’s about the only one to fess up and own it, apologise for it, ask forgiveness and promise he’ll never again meekly accept whatever BS his network shoves under his nose. He carries The Shame and doesn’t shirk from it. He Owns It. He got Mugged by Reality. It’s why he hasn’t bought Rooskiegate from Day One: Because it’s all smoke & mirrors and mass hysteria without any actual evidence, just more cartoon shows.

    Anyway, Tucker was back at it tonight, defending Kanye and slamming hard headshots to Don Lemon. (Must admit, kinda funny how the youtube Play button makes his nose look like a clown.)

  • This a long and complete overview of 'Spygate', outlining all the players.

  • Welcome to Portland

  • More on Portland. Unbelievable the cops just ignored it all. Do people need to die before they do anything?

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    More on Portland. Unbelievable the cops just ignored it all. Do people need to die before they do anything?

    That's fucking insane. No doubt the "true population" are appalled by this but can anyone honestly believe that this situation will change or improve anytime soon?

  • The Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren DNA test is a hilarious backfire. She’s maybe 1/1024th indigenous native — or maybe Mexican — and now she’s exhorting Trump to pay up a million dollars. Whadda phony!!

  • She actually believes in her self-delusion that the test vindicates her horsefeathers (or is that eagle feathers?). She’s gonna have a hard time living this one down. Even libs are groaning, grimacing and laughing at her.

    Ripped from a twitter thread:

    Every Time Elizabeth Warren Has Lied About Her Native American Heritage:


    1. Elizabeth Warren self-identified as a "Native American" in the The Association of American Law Schools Directory of law professors in every edition printed between 1986 -1995.

    2. After becoming a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Warren demanded the University change her faculty listed ethnicity from “white” to “Native American.”

    3. Warren was identified by Harvard Law as a “woman of color.” Harvard promoted Warren’s hire as expanding their campus diversity by hiring a woman with "minority background" onto their faculty.

    4. Warren claimed that her mother and father had to elope due to her mom’s obvious Indian heritage and the white bigotry of her father’s family. Here is a photo of Warren's mom:

    alt text

    1. Warren submitted multiple recipes for the Indian cookbook “Pow Wow Chow” and signed her name, “Elizabeth Warren - Cherokee”

    2. Warren used offensive, racially charged language to defend her claims of Native American heritage, declaring that her family had “high cheekbones” like “all the Indians do.”

    3. Warren has now claimed that she may have 1/1024th Indian DNA. This is equally problematic since DNA science proves that the average white American has .18% Indian DNA, far more that Warren's .098% (lowest estimate according to study)

    4. Multiple members of Warren's direct family have disputed her claims of a "proud Native American heritage." They deny the Senator's Indian heritage stories fervently.

    5. Warren's DNA report did not measure actual Native American DNA. The report actually measured Colombian, Mexican and Peruvian DNA. Of which Warren may have a tiny, tiny fraction - possibly.

    6. It is very difficult to argue that Warren did not commit racial fraud. She used the advantages in the system to advance her career with no evidence (to this day) that she is actually Native American. Democrats defending her behavior on this point is dubious - at best.

    [End thread]

  • More #winning:

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  • More #Tucker:
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  • Not sure if this was posted during the Kavanagh shit show:

  • If anyone wants to review how, really, not much has changed in the USA, I'd highly recommend watching 'The VIetnam War' by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick (currenly avialable on Netflix).

    It's a scary watch in that it highlights 1) that Americans see themselves as much better than they really are, and 2) the steps to which politicians will take to get elected (Episode 7 is the one to watch here).

    It's a great watch, regardless of your position on the current culture wars.

    alt text


    Elizabeth Warren proven to have done a Christian Cullen

  • @jegga You know 99% of the time I think the term 'cultural appropriation' is absolute bs. This is not one of those times.

  • Interesting Stuff. Delving into Trump's media mastery.

  • @rembrandt said in US Politics:

    @jegga You know 99% of the time I think the term 'cultural appropriation' is absolute bs. This is not one of those times.

    Ripped of the French and the Cherokees. Good skills.

  • Consequences are starting to been seen from senior Democrats calling for violence.

    How long before someone dies?

  • The Honduran "refugees" fleeing "oppression" and "persecution" continue their march toward the US border just in time for the MSM photo-ops of the cruel Trump government "separating families" from each other right before the midterm election.

  • Some dare call it coincidence but I don’t think so. A day after Scott Adams tweets to Trump and the GOP to run their mid-term campaign with the slogan “Jobs Not Mobs” Trump does exactly that, running it as a hashtag and cutting a new promo. If sold right it could be very effective.

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