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    @Bovidae said in Highlanders 2024:

    @frugby To be accurate Faleafaga was the main 1st 5 for the NZ U19s last year. Byron Smith was the other 1st 5 in the squad. Both Kemara and Godfrey were unavailable for selection. As I've said before, Faleafaga's defence will need to improve to be a 2nd 5. Two of the tries Japan U20s scored were through his missed tackles while playing at 12.

    Could be wrong, but I remember Faleafaga playing 13. That was obviously only in a few matches. His defence has certainly improved, but at the end of the day, if you can't defend, you won't make it to the top top level whatever the position.

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    Shitty game.. move along

    Have the Blues changed up their attack in the last 2-3 matches? The backs seem to be aligned deeper and there seems to be more forwards doing pick and goes or running lines very close to the breakdown.
    As mentioned in the press conference it was working in the first half before the errors/frustration/whatever

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    @Bovidae said in Highlanders v Reds:

    Super Rugby Pacific refereeing officials believe there was indeed foul play by the Highlanders in the tackle which broke the neck of Reds lock Connor Vest, but that it wasn’t Shannon Frizell at fault, and no yellow card was warranted.


    I don't see a single quote admitting fault. Quality Stuff journalism again.

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    @Bones said in Highlanders v Rebels:

    @NTA said in Highlanders v Rebels:

    I loved how Hardwick was pulled off his feet in a neck roll, but we don't seem to penalise that any more

    I've been interested to see how much pulling there's been at the breakdown this year. I thought that was a penalty offence? Even against Australians I think.

    The neck rolls and pulling players into your side of the ruck is a blight

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    @Kiwiwomble I think the things he didn't do were the problem. It allowed the Brumbies to target their defence out wider, and you played too much at times.

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    @Stargazer said in Highlanders v Chiefs:

    @Frank I can write my opinion when I want to. Deal with it! It being a minority opinion doesn't make it more fluffing than when you read most other threads where posters say something positive about a player. I'm passionate about my team and players. I also rather look at the positives than the negatives (if present). You should try it sometimes. Much better than the constant moaning on the Fern by a bunch of GOM.

    Nah, being a GOM is way more fun.

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    @Stargazer You can add Hunt's missed touchfinders to that.

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    @Bones said in Force v Highlanders:

    @SBW1 said in Force v Highlanders:

    Surely something can be done to help them out.

    It's rugby. A couple of years ago it was the chiefs, for close to a decade it was the blues.

    We're all getting a bit too dramatic when a team has an off season, even though it's regular as clockwork.

    No helping out needed, the pendulum will swing, right?

    i get what your saying but i dont think its that simple, some teams definitely have longer or higher highs, even when it was the blues you could see the potential, it was more of a "why aren't they better" kind of deal, huge population, major city more attractive to live in even had several all blacks that just weren't firing at super level.....dunedin cant claim those things when trying to attract new players

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    @nostrildamus said in Highlanders v Hurricanes:

    @Dan54 said in Highlanders v Hurricanes:

    @nostrildamus said in Highlanders v Hurricanes:

    @Dan54 said in Highlanders v Hurricanes:

    @Bones said in Highlanders v Hurricanes:

    @Dan54 said in Highlanders v Hurricanes:

    Carlos also must of noticed him, is all I meant,

    It's worrying you find it notable a coach noticed players in his own team. But informative.

    It's worrying that you posting about teams and thinking Carlos is part of coaching group.. lol You know he's got nothing to do with Canes and lives in Hamilton don't you? Is backs coach for Blues women's team, and was tied up with MLR coaching last year.

    Lives in Hamilton? Sigh. Then he is dead to me and I can't defend his judgement..

    Lol mate he been up there for a fair while, his family was still there when he was helping at Canes, although he was keen on getting them down to Paraparaumu, but son was pretty happy at college at Hamilton.

    Paraparaumu-now that I understand.
    Hamilton is just a bit too happening for me.

    To be fair he never thought of going home to Levin.Lol

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    I think that fair, showed some spark in midfield, hope he didn;t get injured at the end there

    alt text

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    more seriously...how good were the jerseys, hoops looked great and we stuck with wearing maroon in southland, the only time i was happy for both teams to be wearing change strips

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    @Steven-Harris said in Chiefs v Highlanders:

    Dawai has been good

    His best game for the Highlanders I thought. Not a big sample size so far though. 🙂

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    @Crazy-Horse I think he still has the class, but his lack of pace is now a hindrance and wonder if he is at that point where he is making decisions based on what he used to be able to do, but his mind hasnt quite adjusted to what his body isn't able to do it now...

    I said last year I'd be surprised if his window in the ABs hadn't passed him by.

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    @mariner4life said in Highlanders v Blues:

    @gt12 said in Highlanders v Blues:

    Choat on the other side making 13

    Choat was bloody good.

    Party at the front and party at the back, he has it all going on.

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    Just want to say; I called it a good 18 months ago when I said Sam Gilbert looked a good midfield option. Dermody saying he sees him as a viable midfielder.

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    @kiwi_expat said in Preseason: Highlanders v Crusaders:

    @SouthernMann said in Preseason: Highlanders v Crusaders:

    @Stargazer said in Super Rugby 2023:

    @SouthernMann said in Super Rugby 2023:

    Jack Taylor

    He was in the NZU19 squad, but I can't remember him. He didn't play for Southland in the NPC, did he? A bit young, I guess. Good for the future.

    He would be 19 I'd reckon still. Or may be just 20. In 2021 he penned a three year deal with the Highlanders. He started in the Southland trial, de Groot played in prior to his return to the All Blacks.

    Crazy thing is that this guy isn't even slated for a professional contract until 2024/25.

    Highlanders have such a small catchment that they rarely if ever produce homegrown talent. By way of comparison NZ has 5 million people, and 250,000 of them live in the Highlanders region. The Blues have close to 2 Million.

    The last few years have been a major turnaround for them, with seven of the NZ U20 squad coming from the Otago Southland Region. Of those seven, five were offered professional Highlanders contracts, and they're the year ahead of Jack Taylor.

    He hasn't even cracked the NZ U20 team (though he has represented the NZ U19 size). Based off what we're seeing he's absolutely got the goods to be playing Super Rugby next season, as does Finn Hurley and Will Stodart the other two U19 representatives.

    Also loved seeing James Arscott have a ripper of a game today. From memory he missed out on the NZ U20 side a few years ago, and I'm stoked he's making waves. Rohan Wingman is another I've felt slipped under the national radar. Our talent identification down South is really turning this team around.

    Yeah I hope Wingham gets a good run with Otago this year. Could have a decent 1-2 punch with Abraham Pole. Then eventually the same with the Highlanders and de Groot. Going to be interesting to see how these young loose forwards are managed and given gametime. Stodart, Withy, Haig and Semisi Tupou Ta'eiloa all at Otago. While Hayden Michaels who has a fulltime for the Highlanders in 2024 is with Southland. It is quite a group of loosies. Otago also has a bit of a conundrum over its 10/15s with Miller, Hurley, Faleafaga, Ioane, Koroi and Gilbert competing for spots. Does Otago loan say Hurley and Stodart down to Southland to ensure they get gametime? A lot of the young players are focused in those positions, it is important they get a decent run to showcase their skills.

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    @Canes4life the point is, whoever replaces them isn't going to be worse.