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    @Dodge said in 6N 2024 : Ireland v Wales:

    The way forward passes are just totally ignored now is truly weird

    It’s not weird, it’s a fucking disgrace dressed up as ‘spectacle’

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    @Bones said in 6N 2024 England v Wales:

    @Dodge yeah but the ref shouldn't have to study Ford's kicking style. He stands and lines it up, then takes a step to the left, to what...line it up again? That's how most kickers begin their approach. If it quacks like a duck then go for it I say.

    Yep, fair point.

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    @antipodean said in 6N 2024 Wales v Scotland:

    @game_film agreed. Good leadership means having uncomfortable conversations.

    Prolly also means having your players respect you enough to listen to your "clear instructions".

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    @antipodean said in Barbarians v Wales:

    @sparky said in Barbarians v Wales:

    Aumua back on after doing this.

    Pfft. Only person who should be penalised is the bloke running at the defensive line without the ball.

    I saw that and was confused as to why Ireland were wearing Red jerseys.

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    Finished 70-7. A blood bath.

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    @Toddy said in RWC QF: Wales v Argentina:

    @Machpants Are you sure


    Looking at the process, and rewatching the incident, it seems pretty clear to me that Dickson shat the bed.

    Law 20: Dangerous play in a ruck or maul.
    A ) A player must not charge into a ruck or maul. Charging includes any contact made without binding onto another player in the ruck or maul.
    B ) A player must not make contact with an opponent above the line of the shoulders.

    So that's a clear "Yes" to the first 2 questions.

    What was the degree of danger?
    Well, it meets the direct contact, high speed, and dynamic criteria (and arguably some others). So that's RC territory.

    Is there any mitigation?
    Yup, Tompkins was falling. So that means it's downgraded to YC.

    It's a fairly well defined process (whether you agree with it or not), so how the heck they came up with no penalty is a mystery for the ages.

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    @GibbonRib said in RWC Week 3: Wales v Australia:


    I don't think that was an unreasonable decision. At the time Folau gave RA assurances that he would abide by the code of conduct and wouldn't repeat his dickishness. She accepted his word, and was happy to give him another chance. Seems reasonable to me - maybe the value of the contract was too high, but that's pretty standard for ex-league wingers going to the Wallabies

    That's an incredibly generous assessment. Completely disagree. It was a dumb thing to do and they got burnt badly. That's on her.

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    Robert Kitson in the Observer today:
    “It was against the run of play, then, when the ball was moved wide right to Rees-Zammit who chipped ahead and regathered smoothly to put Wales on the board after nine minutes. The winger cheekily marked the moment with a Cristiano Ronaldo-style celebration which, predictably, did not go down terribly well with everyone present.”

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    Eventually got through the replay. Had about 8 goes at it over the week.

    Upshot is I'm not completely pissed off at Carley.

    I do think his errors favoured Wales, but don't think it was Paddy O'Brien / Wayne Barnes level fuck ups.

    But they were fuck ups, and influenced the result.

    Still struggling with his cards or lack thereof, and Quick Draw McGraw on the Fiji one. If it was worth a tallow it was worth a PT.

    Couldn't find @MiketheSnow's knock on in that scrum that was penalised.

    Upshot is I think Fiji can feel aggrieved.

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    @SidBarret said in RWC warmup - Wales v Springboks -:

    @MiketheSnow would have a knock on in goal so a goal line kick off (based the SA v NZ game with the knock on call on Kolbe)

    (The ref was playing advantage to SA in this instance so the question is academic)


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    @Machpants said in RWC warmup - England v Wales:

    The previous panel were fucking incompetent, it was always a shoulder charge, not tackle. Therefore no mitigation allowed, useless Ozzie fluffybunnies

    Agreed. It seems to me that as a matter of consequence the three witless muppets constituting the panel should never be involved in rugby judicial processes again. Clearly couldn't understand what everyone else could read and understand regarding the law and process flowchart, and see with their own eyes when watching the footage. To have been hoodwinked into rescinding the card demonstrates they aren't fit for the role. Utterly, incomprehensibly, fucking useless.

    Almost as bad is the appeal panel tying themselves in knots to let Farrell the Fuckstick an avenue into the RWC. Amateurs running (and ruining) a professional game.

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    Looking at it short term, I sort of agree with you, in that if we made the SF it would be above immediate expectations. However, in truth, with our resources, a SF place should be a minimum. We have so much going for us, numbers, funding, support, but we seem to have this handbrake applied about 80% of the time and an acceptance that this is ok and “the done thing” 90% of the time. It ceased to be amusing some years ago.

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    I'm not sure how feasible individual insurance would be for these guys. Going back to my days working in risk the issues with income replacement would be the work undertaken - ie how likely is an injury going to be and what are the potential consequences of an injury. For a rugby player the answers would be high and high. Add to that the payout would be linked to immediate pre-injury earnings and dictated by the length of contract, then for someone like Hawkins there would be no real safety net. Group risk - ie employer sponsored for the squad as a whole is much more feasible as the risk is spread - not everyone is going to get a career threatening injury. However this would again be limited to paying out the contract. A short term contract or no contract at all represents a huge risk for the individual. Less so for the club/region.

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    Wales best game of the tournament, but not enough to beat a strong and confident French team. N'tamack was sublime. Is he the world's best 1st Five ? Russell can be brillant but is rocks and diamonds. You rarely see N'tamack make blunders.

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  • Wales vs England

    Rugby Matches
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    @MiketheSnow But where to now for Wales, Mike? Ok get players contracts/pay sorted, but after that? Coaches have already been swapped out. Some older players need to be dropped but not all. Wales is a proud rugby country. Need a new direction/thought pattern and fast.

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    @MiketheSnow said in Scotland v Wales 6N:

    @pooler-fan said in Scotland v Wales 6N:

    @Catogrande not seen anything of Jenkins but Costelow at the Scarlets also has serious potential at 10.
    Not sure what position Bristol player Ioan Lloyd or his brother Jac will end up playing but are also very talented.
    Wales haven't blooded enough new talent since the last RWC & it's now coming back to bite us.

    Costelow is this year’s Colin Stephens

    Now THAT is a brutal insult.

  • Wales v Ireland 6N

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    @Bovidae said in Wales v Ireland 6N:

    @mariner4life said in Wales v Ireland 6N:

    Garlands old men were fucking average too. AWJ, Tipuric and Faletau were liabilities, too slow of foot. They also aren't fit enough

    I'd include Owens and North as well. But are the next tier any good? The Welsh scrum is still a liability.

    Gatland's biggest mistake of this selection was not having Tompkins inloved

  • Wales v Georgia

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    @booboo said in Wales v Georgia:

    @Catogrande said in Wales v Georgia:


    Just what is wrong with having the traditional colours with ONE back up change?

    England have gone from white unless a clash, in which case black, to all the colours of the fucking rainbow including purple FFS and for no real reason at all, save for trying to milk a few quid. If ever there was an example of the law of diminishing returns better than that, I’d, well I’d cheer on Wales!

    Why would England's change strip not be red? Or maybe blue?

    Why would it?

    Traditionally it was always black, though hardly ever used. Not sure why black but there you are, it is what it is. Until the marketing fluffybunnies get involved.