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    Oh and Ramos is a turnstyle

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    having this tournament where it is so easy and cheap for away supporters to travel makes me so envious. It's almost quicker (and significantly cheaper) for Scots supporters to fly to Rome than it is for me to fly to Brisbane FFS

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    @Billy-Webb said in 6N Scotland v England:

    @Dodge said in 6N Scotland v England:

    I am so so sick of us being shit and physically unable to actually play rugby - passing and catching seems to be beyond most of them.

    Saw a tweet from Healey that summed it up for me, with all the time they’ve spent together why do they play like strangers, why is the timing so off? More simply though, why do they look as though they’re concentrating too hard to remember every action of a specific script rather than see a chance and play for it? These guys were presumably the best players at their school, the best players at their clubs, why can’t they pass and catch?!

    I get the frustration. I completely empathise with it.
    Life as a rugby fan eh?!

    Depends on your timeline, but as a Bok fan I fear England in the next RWC.
    Given the playing personnel, and importantly the coaching personnel which now includes Felix (bloomin genius) I believe England will be a real force. It will just take a bit of time to move on from Jones and learn new playing structures.
    Patience... from fans especially, and you may well get rewards.

    [Disclaimer: I hope I am utterly delusional and England sucks at RWC 2027] 😛

    Dunno about this. They will always have players, I think they are lacking real leadership.

    And I don't see the leadership coming through. That RWC winning team was chock full of them. Where is the next Johnson, Wilkinson, Greenwood or Dallaglio?

    I'm just not seeing it.

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    @Bones said in 6N 2024 England v Wales:

    @Dodge yeah but the ref shouldn't have to study Ford's kicking style. He stands and lines it up, then takes a step to the left, to what...line it up again? That's how most kickers begin their approach. If it quacks like a duck then go for it I say.

    Yep, fair point.

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    A realistic view of England's performance

    Four talking points after England's narrowest-ever win over Italy Four talking points after England's narrowest-ever win over Italy

    Steve Borthwick sure has his particular way with words. Save for the well-taken Elliot Daly try that saw the ball flash through numerous hands from one side of the Stadio Olimpico to the other, England were dull as dishwater trying to get across the gain line on Saturday.

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    Indeed. Instead they are moral high ground claiming, hard done by kants!

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    @Dodge said in RWC QF: England v Fiji:

    @booboo said in RWC QF: England v Fiji:

    @Luigi said in RWC QF: England v Fiji:

    @Bones said in RWC QF: England v Fiji:

    @Dodge said in RWC QF: England v Fiji:

    @Bones said in RWC QF: England v Fiji:

    Holy fucking shit.

    Comms pull the old "south sea islanders".

    Now they get it

    I didn’t know that was an insult.

    Really? I still remember my ex's families embarrassment when her geriatric grandfather called me a colonial. I had a laugh but many probably wouldn't. Same thing. Jingoistic slang from the early to mid 1900's.

    I used to play rugby against an Aussie team called London Colonials.

    @dodge and @Luigi ...

    ... England still in the World Cup?

    in name only IMO

    Previous RWC winners, so strong they don't even need Eddie Jones to coach them.

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    @antipodean said in RWC Week 5: England v Samoa:

    I can not believe the TMO came in after the conversion attempt to rule out that try when Itoje's hand is clearly on the ball.

    If I was Mapusua I'd blow up deluxe. It's not even like England were arguing about it.

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    Catogrande  /  Sep 23, 2023 England v Chile England v Chile

    What did we hope to learn? Well I really don’t think we were looking to learn much, maybe who will be the back up wing, next cab on the second row rank, but that was it IMO

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    @cgrant said in RWC Week 2: England v Japan:

    A win is a win but it was more a poor performance from the Japanese than a great English one. The game against Samoa should be interesting.

    Undoubtedly. We’ve been lucky two games in a row now. I’d hope that we have learned some lessons around keeping the ball in hand and in particular not kicking away possession in an attacking position. I am not holding my breath.

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    Ah! I got the wrong end of the stick. I thought you were against it in principle but you just hate Squidge.

    As you were then. 😀

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    Thankfully this made the crushing AB loss on the weekend a little more palatable, can't believe how far England have fallen but super pleased for Fiji who always had bucket loads of talent but not quite the forward pack to get the job done.

    Massive boost for Fiji going into the RWC, I can only but hope they continue their momentum.

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    @Stargazer said in RWC warmup - Ireland v England:

    @MiketheSnow said in RWC warmup - Ireland v England:

    @Stargazer said in RWC warmup - Ireland v England:

    6 - good record - sorry - early guilty plea? = 3

    3 - Tackle school = 2

    That’s even fucking worse

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    @Machpants said in RWC warmup - England v Wales:

    The previous panel were fucking incompetent, it was always a shoulder charge, not tackle. Therefore no mitigation allowed, useless Ozzie fluffybunnies

    Agreed. It seems to me that as a matter of consequence the three witless muppets constituting the panel should never be involved in rugby judicial processes again. Clearly couldn't understand what everyone else could read and understand regarding the law and process flowchart, and see with their own eyes when watching the footage. To have been hoodwinked into rescinding the card demonstrates they aren't fit for the role. Utterly, incomprehensibly, fucking useless.

    Almost as bad is the appeal panel tying themselves in knots to let Farrell the Fuckstick an avenue into the RWC. Amateurs running (and ruining) a professional game.

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    Looking at it short term, I sort of agree with you, in that if we made the SF it would be above immediate expectations. However, in truth, with our resources, a SF place should be a minimum. We have so much going for us, numbers, funding, support, but we seem to have this handbrake applied about 80% of the time and an acceptance that this is ok and “the done thing” 90% of the time. It ceased to be amusing some years ago.

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    Here's the decision on that red card:

    Zach Mercer red card dismissed

    The Montpellier Hérault Rugby No 8, Zach Mercer, has had the red card shown to him during his club’s Heineken Champions Cup, Round of 16 match against the Exeter Chiefs at Sandy Park, dismissed following an independent Disciplinary Hearing.

    Mercer was sent off by the referee, Andrew Brace (Ireland), in the 50th minute of the match for tackling the Exeter Chiefs back row, Christ Tshiunza, in a dangerous manner in contravention of Law 9.13.

    >Law 9.13 A player must not tackle an opponent dangerously
    Under World Rugby’s Sanctions for Foul Play, Law 9.13 relating to dangerous tackling carries the following sanction entry points – Low End: 2 weeks; Mid-range: 6 weeks; Top end: 10 to 52 weeks.

    An independent Disciplinary Committee comprising David Martin (Ireland), Chair, Gordon Black (Ireland) and Bogdan Zebega (Romania), viewed footage of the incident and heard evidence by video conference from Mercer, who accepted that he had committed an act of foul play but did not accept that it warranted a red card.

    The committee also heard submissions from the Montpellier Hérault Rugby Director of Rugby, Philippe Saint André, from the club’s Defence and Laws Coach, Alex Ruiz, from the club’s Team Manager, Tom Whitford, and from the EPCR Disciplinary Officer, Liam McTiernan. The club’s legal representative, Joris Loupien, was also present during the hearing.

    The committee decided that although Mercer had committed an act of foul play, the tackle did not warrant a red card. The sending off was therefore dismissed and Mercer is free to play.

    EPCR have the right to appeal the decision.

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    @nostrildamus said in 6N 2023 England v France:

    @Catogrande said in 6N 2023 England v France:

    Don’t assume my gender, bitch.

    Don't assume @Bones' species!

    That is far too difficult to call.

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    @Crucial said in England v France 6N:

    If he was a kiwi I definitely think he’d have a fair few supporters.

    New Zealand doesn't have a shortage of highlight reel fans.

  • Wales vs England

    Rugby Matches
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    @MiketheSnow But where to now for Wales, Mike? Ok get players contracts/pay sorted, but after that? Coaches have already been swapped out. Some older players need to be dropped but not all. Wales is a proud rugby country. Need a new direction/thought pattern and fast.