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    The Home Office does very important work with the youth:

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    @sparky It's all happened so quickly too. 5 years ago, we were in the championship and on the brink of going bust after our dodgy Chinese owner at the time failed to pay the tax bills, and now here we are!

    Happy days currently.

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    I thought Cashmore was impressive in the NPC before getting injured. I was really pleased the Blues got him, as I thought that he would get a better offer elsewhere.

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    Finally, a politician who is smart enough (and brave enough) to know it's all a hoax.

    Well done to Vivek. BTW climate change is caused almost 100% by that big bright thing in the sky. Not by a very small increase in CO2

    Vivek was dropping bombs tonight there is no denying that. Who do... Vivek was dropping bombs tonight there is no denying that. Who do...

    Vivek was dropping bombs tonight there is no denying that. Who do you think won the debate and why? Let me know in the comments 👇👇👇👇👇 @therobprimo. therobprimo · Original audio

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    Morgans name mentioned as a first. Not a good start

    I just hope Laidlaw and his team don't make idiotic selections like the last lot did. And also, the Lions did this year too under super coach Ellison. Captains a big decision too.

    There's a huge difference between a head coach and assistant coach. Neither Holland nor Ellison had it. And both teams suffered as a result.


    The loss of their captain and star player is huge, but Laidlaw believed he had inherited a talented squad that was well-placed to combat the usual post-Rugby World Cup exodus.

    The Hurricanes moved quickly to replace Savea by luring former captain Brad Shields back to Wellington, while Brayden Iose and Peter Lakai give them options across the experience spectrum at No 8.

    “All the teams have lost experience, which is natural. It happens every four years, but in key positions we do have some experience and young talent that has had game time already.

    “If you look at 9-10 we genuinely think we have some really good players there. BC [Brett Cameron] and Aidan [Morgan] started every week for their NPC sides and both played Super Rugby.

    “We’ve got a couple of All Black halfbacks and we have two players backing them up who have started NPC

    “In big positions it feels like we have got good experience and we’re still quite young, which is a nice balance. They’re young, hungry and on the way up with a bit of experience behind them.”

    Once he has everyone’s names memorised, one of Laidlaw’s next jobs will be to appoint a new captain to replace Savea.

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    @Bones said in Stupid shit you see on the internet:

    Really disappointed to discover that's a breed of cattle.

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    Women's Cup SF:
    1:34am: BF7s v France

    Men's 5th place play-off:
    3:52am: AB7s v South Africa

    So the rules are different from what I thought, because I expected us to play France for 5th place, but the WR website says we're playing South Africa.

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    Polling must have been terrible. Newman has a lot to answer for.

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    Today I saw a Toyota Tundra for the first time. They had to park it in a temporary space outside our hotel because it didn't fit in the carpark.

    First impressions: obscenely large. Would fit 5 adults easily, sure, but how often will you be doing that?

    Land Cruiser is smaller! This thing is quoted at nearly 6.5 metres... 🤔 depending on config.

    I see a few of these around now - Dodge RAM 1500, Chevy Silverado, and of course the F150. The staple trucks in our back yard are getting bigger too in terms of the Hilux, Triton, Ranger etc.

    Short of needing to tow an obscenely large caravan or horse trailer, I'm not convinced anyone needs that much truck in terms of the Tundra.

    "But rural people" I hear from some who have lifestyle blocks (because they need a fucking huge shed to park in). Yeah doesn't always add up - you can get more tray for less money and better performance on dirt and the farm.

    When I see that the height + width of this is nearly the same as my dream Rivian R1T, I start to question my choices, having seen it in the metal...

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    TW: 0

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    @Snowy said in Black Caps - Bangladesh tour:

    @MN5 said in Black Caps - Bangladesh tour:

    @nzzp said in Black Caps - Bangladesh tour:

    Also, some context

    BAN vs AUS, BDESH v AUS 2017, 1st Test at Dhaka, August 27 - 30, 2017 - Full Scorecard BAN vs AUS, BDESH v AUS 2017, 1st Test at Dhaka, August 27 - 30, 2017 - Full Scorecard

    Get cricket scorecard of 1st Test, BAN vs AUS, BDESH v AUS 2017 at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur dated August 27 - 30, 2017.

    Edit: saying it's hard to win over there! And low scoring thrillers are more normal

    Yeah we whinge if it’s a road thats easy to score on, then we whinge if runs are hard to come by.

    Put simply, NZ fans are whingers.

    Speak for yourself. See my post above. I thought it was “great”.

    Don’t want that every time out, but it’s good to see batsmen struggle occasionally. Also it was pretty consistent throughout so it was fair to both sides.

    Speaking for fans mostly. In this day and age a grafting 50 in tough conditions is no where near as appreciated as it should be.

    Due to 20/20s and the evolution of ODIs people want to see huge scores. I will admit that there seems to be far more results than in the past on account of quicker scoring rates but the finish to this test was certainly pretty compelling stuff.

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    @Machpants said in Aussie Rugby:

    News rumours that Lyin' Eddie Jone is soon to be announced as new Japanese coach, on the back of obviously only one interview 🙄

    fucking SUPRISE
    Full of shit is Mr Jones.

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    @Crazy-Horse said in What are you listening to, right now................:

    Flowers is the only song of that bunch that I have heard of. The song is so good I watched the video over and over again.

    I love Katy Perrys music too

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    The NBA in season tournament final is on at the moment. The Lakers and Pacers are playing a good game right now, lots of free scoring

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    @taniwharugby IIRC the players have quietly voiced concerns about the length of schedule, and prize money for some time. The PGA did nothing, which opened the door for LIV. Funny that many of the innovations introduced by LIV have been taken up in some form or another by the PGA

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    @broughie said in MLB thread:

    @canefan said in MLB thread:

    @broughie said in MLB thread:

    @KiwiMurph And the meme is make the playoffs and exit the first round. Good for him. At least the Dodgers are there and abouts. Anaheim just does not have the mentality across the board to win.

    Mike Trout must be thrilled. You would think he would get the hell out of there at the next available chance

    Well he has underwhelmed and is injured often so if the Angels could trade him I wouldn't be opposed. When he came into the league he was slimmer, contract and power hitter and moved around the bases. Now he strikes out in important situations, has power, lost some speed and declined in general with batting percentage etc.

    Unfilled potential

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    Leave the World Behind (2023) ⭐ 6.7 | Drama, Thriller Leave the World Behind (2023) ⭐ 6.7 | Drama, Thriller

    2h 18m | R

    A solid effort from Netflix

    Great cast, good acting, interesting storyline

    3.5 Friends out of 5 foes